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Chapter 800: Leaving the Tian Yuan Continent

As soon as she heard that Jian Chen would be leaving, Xiao Ling immediately became frantic. She said, almost in tears, “Where are you going big brother? Are you going to find master? Big brother can’t abandon Xiao Ling.” Reaching that point, Xiao Ling’s expression suddenly changed. She carefully sniffed Jian Chen and her eyes became shrouded in doubt. She said, “Weird, big brother, the smell of master on you has become much fainter. Ah, Xiao Ling knows, big brother must have been separated from master for too long, causing master’s smell to grow faint. Haha, Xiao Ling is so smart.”

‘Hmm?” Suddenly, Xiao Ling gave soft interjection of surprise. She closely observed Jian Chen as disbelief appeared in her eyes. She then pursed her lips and said, “Big brother, you’re so wasteful. You absorbed so much energy from Xiao Ling’s place. Why is there only this little left? Xiao Ling spent a long, long time gathering this energy. Big brother is too unappreciative.”

Jian Chen smiled bitterly. Back then, against the eight clans in the City of God, his terrifying strike had indeed consumed too much Chaotic Force. The originally thumb-sized amount had already shrunken to the size of a soybean. He had consumed a large portion of his Chaotic Force.

“Xiao Ling, it’s not that big brother wants to be so wasteful, but when big brother was caught up in a situation of life-or-death he had no choice but to,” Jian Chen said in apology. After all, the reason why he could achieve the Chaotic Body so quickly was all because of Xiao Ling.

Nubis and Tian Jian both stopped walking. They looked at Jian Chen, wondering just who he was conversing with. However, when they glanced over they saw Jian Chen smiling at empty space and talking to himself like an insane man.

At least Tian Jian understood. He knew that Jian Chen must be talking to the ghost-like barrier spirit. The barrier spirit was extremely peculiar; if she did not want anyone to see her, no one would be able to discover her. Even with Tian Jian’s abilities, he was currently unable to detect her.

However, Nubis did not know about this. His gaze towards Jian Chen immediately became extremely weird. It was definitely the first time such an interesting expression had appeared on his face.

“That’s fine, that’s fine, as long as big brother is safe and sound. Big brother, Xiao Ling will definitely beat up all the bastards who bully big brother. But Xiao Ling can’t help big brother power up. The seal’s been budging. Xiao Ling needs to devote all her power into maintaining the seal.”

Jian Chen smiled, “Xiao Ling, big brother doesn’t need you to help him strengthen up. Big brother will think of his own ideas.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a hand began waving in front of Jian Chen’s face. It was Nubis, currently staring at Jian Chen with an extremely weird expression. He asked worriedly, “Jian Chen, are you fine? You say Xiao Ling and then big brother, just who are you talking to? Why’re you talking to yourself there?”

Jian Chen’s current behavior caused Nubis to worry slightly. He thought, “Goddammit, Jian Chen’s currently being forced off the continent by the protector clans. His burden must be huge. Has he become insane because the burden’s too big? There’s some problems with his head.”

Jian Chen glared at Nubis before looking back at Xiao Ling, “Xiao Ling, big brother will be leaving. When big brother returns, he will definitely come and see you.”

Xiao Ling looked at Jian Chen tearfully, “Big brother, you are promising Xiao Ling that you will definitely come back to see Xiao Ling. You can’t be like master, disappearing without coming back. Only on big brother does Xiao Ling feel the presence of master. Big brother is the closest to Xiao Ling after master.”

“This is it, this is it. We still haven’t even left the continent and Jian Chen’s already become like this. Once we leave, Jian Chen’s situation will definitely worsen. What do I do?” Currently, Nubis had already confirmed his thoughts. Jian Chen had already gone mad. He was actually talking to the air. The situation was extremely bad. Even he had started worrying for Jian Chen.

After bidding farewell to Xiao Ling, Jian Chen walked towards Tian Jian. He said, “Senior, let’s go.”

Tian Jian nodded, leading Jian Chen towards the depths of the palace.

“Jian Chen, are you fine? Have you recovered?” Nubis walked in front of Jian Chen and turned around, eyeing him doubtfully. He seemed to be unable to tell if Jian Chen had really gone mad or not.

When Jian Chen saw Nubis’ grimness, he could not help but smile slightly, “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Then who were you talking to before?” Nubis asked weirdly.

“That was the barrier spirit of Mercenary City. You can’t see her.” Jian Chen did not hide it because he knew that the existence of the barrier spirit was not a secret.

“The barrier spirit, is that so?” Nubis suddenly came to an understanding.

Jian Chen and Nubis followed behind Tian Jian and they entered a square in the very center of the palace. The square was elevated around the edge, forming a platform. A Space Gate flowing with five different colors floated on the platform with a radius of 1.5 meters. Through the gate was a clear blue ocean, connecting the place to the palace.

“After you pass through the Space Gate, travel for a few tens of kilometers. There you will discover an island. Find the mistress of the island and learn about the Sea race from her. She stays there all year and should know quite a bit of detailed information about the Sea race. Her island is extremely close to the sea abyss.” Tian Jian stood at the Space Gate, eyeing Jian Chen as he spoke.

“Yes senior!” Jian Chen clasped his hands at Tian Jian in gratitude before leaving through the Space Gate with Nubis. With just a single step, he left the Tian Yuan Continent and arrived in the sky above the great blue ocean.

Jian Chen and Nubis floated at an altitude of several hundred meters, looking at the distant water. The Space Gate had already disappeared behind them.

“Is this the ocean? We’re already a distance so far that even I don’t know where we are compared to the continent. Even the edge of the continent can’t be seen.” Floating above the ocean, Jian Chen mumbled to himself. His expression was a very complicated mixture of many emotions.

Nubis was the exact opposite of Jian Chen. He looked around the surroundings excitedly, at the deep-blue and calm ocean surface. He laughed loudly, “I, the great Nubis, have finally left the continent to see the ocean. Sea race of the sea abyss, I, the great Nubis, am coming. Allow me to see the mysterious Sea race that even the seniors of my species have yet to completely understand. I, the great Nubis, am destined to add to the inherited memories of us Silver Striped Golden Snakes with this trip.”

With that, Nubis pulled Jian Chen along urgently. He said, “Jian Chen, let’s quickly find that island mistress mentioned by the grand elder.”

Just as Jian Chen left the continent, Ming Dong had already bid farewell to everyone at the distant Flame Mercenaries before personally going into seclusion in the depths of mountains.

“Jian Chen, it’s always been you who has selflessly helped me these years, while the help I’ve given you is almost non-existent. From now on, I, Ming Dong, will spend all my time cultivating here until your return.” Ming Dong sat down with his legs crossed in a pitch-black cave. His eyes shone with an unprecedented determination and, shortly afterwards, he pulled out several Class 6 Monster Cores and a white skeleton from his Space Ring. He mumbled, “Jian Chen, the Class 6 Monster Cores you’ve left behind will be the energy I use to reach the Sixth Cycle, while the Saint Ruler’s skeleton we obtained in the space of that trials back at Mercenary City will be my hope for becoming a Saint Ruler. By the time you return, I will definitely have become a Saint Ruler, or even a Saint King.

At the same time, the Radiant Saint Master Union president gathered with several elders in the union headquarters. They all sat around in distress.

“Have you found Yang Yutian’s whereabouts?” After a long period of silence, an old voice finally broke it. It was the president of the union, speaking with a darkened expression.

Jian Chen had taken away the saint artifact of the union. That was equivalent to destroying the entire union, because the saint artifact was just too important. They could not afford to lose it.

“I’ve already launched all the forces of the union, and even gotten the Kara clan and Kazda clan to help find Yang Yutian. There should be news soon,” a white-robed, purple-badged elder said gruffly. Losing the artifact had sucked all the elders into a bad mood.

At that very moment, a black-clothed, middle-aged man walked in. His arrival immediately attracted the attention of all the elders seated.

“Have you found Yang Yutian’s whereabouts?” The president immediately asked. He stared fixedly at the man, his anxious feelings already clearly leaking onto his face.

“President, Yang Yutian has not been found, but we have found out about Yang Yutian’s identity.” The man said.

“Tell me!” The president was rather impatient. No one was more worried about the saint artifact than him, because not only was it the treasure of the union, it was also his only hope in reaching Class 8.

He did not have much time left. He could only live another hundred years at most. If he still failed to breakthrough, then death would be knocking on his door.

The president had completely ignored the threat of the Zaar family. Currently, the entire continent was in a mess because of the Winged Tiger God. The ten protector clans had emerged. The Zaar family absolutely did not dare to begin the infighting at this time. Otherwise, the protector clans would severely punish them before they could even begin moving

“Yang Yutian was Jian Chen, the previous King of Mercenaries and the fourth young master of a small clan from a small kingdom. His name is Changyang Xiangtian, and he only broke through to Saint Ruler not too long ago,” the man said expressionlessly.

The president was overjoyed. He immediately stood up from his seat and said, “Good. No matter who this Yang Yutian is, it’s enough as long as we know where he lives. Elders, please quickly make preparations. We will head to that small kingdom at once. We have to recover the saint artifact.”

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