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Chapter 805: Gathering at Changyang Manor (Five)

Tears poured uncontrollably from Changyang Zu Yeyun’s eyes. She sobbed, “Kong’er, Kong’er, just where are you? Do you know how much mum misses you?” Changyang Zu Yeyun’s voice was filled with sorrow. Changyang Zu Yunkong was her only son, and even she no longer knew how much she had cried for him. It was so bad that even her strength remained at a standstill, stopping at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler for hundreds of years. It prevented her from breaking through.

This was because her son had already become a mental obstruction, one that was extremely difficult to overcome. If she could not overcome it, she would never be able to reach Saint King. She would only have three thousand years to live.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao arrived beside Changyang Zu Yeyun. He too was heavy-hearted, and upon seeing his wife’s sorrowful figure, he could not help but secretly sigh. He comforted, “Yeyun, don’t feel too bad. I believe there will be one day where we find Kong’er. Didn’t Kong’er found this Changyang clan? He’ll return some day.”

“Senior Changyang Zu Yunxiao, does that mean that Jian Chen is also a member of the Changyang clan?” A forceful voice sounded from above. It was the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union, who eyed the couple fixedly. A gleam of light flickered in his eyes. He was thinking of something.

“Jian Chen?” Changyang Zu Yunxiao mumbled as a sliver of doubt appeared in his eyes. He naturally did not know about Jian Chen as he did not participate in the elder’s discussion back at the clan.

“Old master, Jian Chen’s original name is Changyang Xiangtian. He’s the fourth young master of our Changyang clan, and is also an unprecedented genius of the continent. He’s twenty-four this year, and is already a Saint Ruler.” Chang Wuji explained on the side.

Hearing that, a gleam of light flashed across Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s eyes. A sliver of disbelief appeared on his face, and he exclaimed with a deep voice, “Reaching Saint Ruler as a twenty-four year old? How is that possible?” What Uncle Chang said had shocked Changyang Zu Yunxiao greatly. For someone to reach Saint Ruler at such a young age, terrifying could no longer be used to describe the person’s talent. This was definitely unprecedented in all of history on the Tian Yuan Continent.

The president continued, “Senior Changyang Zu Yunxiao, Jian Chen’s taken away the saint artifact that had existed in the union for countless years. We’ve only come this time to take it back, and we have no other intentions. I hope that when Jian Chen returns, he can return the artifact to the union.” With that, the president paused. After a slight deliberation, he continued, “And, according to what I know, the Winged Tiger God is with him.”

Hearing that, Changyang Zu Yunxiao was no longer able to remain calm. He immediately cried out, “What!? The Winged Tiger God is with Jian Chen!?” However, a sliver of wild excitement appeared on his face soon after. Jian Chen was a member of the Changyang clan. Since the ancient beast god followed Jian Chen, didn’t it mean that the Winged Tiger God was already in the Changyang clan’s control? This was an absolutely huge piece of news to the Changyang clan.

Changyang Zu Yeyun also suppressed her sorrow, revealing an expression of shock. The ten protector clans had utilised the entire continent to search for the Winged Tiger God, yet it actually turned out to be with a descendant of the Changyang clan. This was extremely significant.

The older members and guards of the clan were also stunned by this. In the past few days, the news of the Winged Tiger God had spread through the Gesun Kingdom like wildfire. The news of the search for the Winged Tiger God was everywhere, but they had never even considered that the Winged Tiger God was with their fourth young master Changyang Xiangtian.

Suddenly, the space above the Changyang clan began to ripple violently. A multi-colored Space Gate condensed extremely quickly, and many figures shot out from it one by one. In the blink of an eye, another several dozen people, all in the same attire, appeared above the manor. Although they carried no aura at all, they all floated in the air without using the energy of the world. They had all clearly reached Saint Ruler.

A gleam of light flashed across Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s eyes. He slowly scanned past all the people, and finally became grim once again. He said gruffly, “I’d never have thought that the people of the Yangji sect would also appear here.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao understood all ten protector clans very well with his status, and with a glance he could tell that the Yangji sect had basically sent everything they had. Other than the invasion of the Beast God Continent, only the Winged Tiger God could make the Yangji sect dispatch so many people.

“I’d never think that one of the seven great elders of the Changyang clan, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, would be here. Greetings, earnest greetings.” A ruddy old man eyed Changyang Zu Yunxiao calmly as he smiled slightly.

He was one of the great elders of the Yangji sect. He was called Chun Yangzi, and he was the most powerful person in the sect both in strength and authority.

A burly, middle-aged man stood forwards from beside Chun Yangzi. He stared expressionlessly at Changyang Zu Yunxiao and said, “Changyang Zu Yunxiao, have you also come for the Winged Tiger God?”

At that moment, Changyang Zu Yunxiao completely believed what the president said. The Winged Tiger God was indeed with a descendant of the Changyang

clan. After a period of silence, Changyang Zu Yunxiao said, “This is a branch clan established outside by my Changyang clan. Fellow friends of the Yangji sect, I hope you will not interfere with matters of our branch clan.”

“Hehe, naturally we will not be interfering. The main reason we’ve come this time is to capture someone called Jian Chen, who is also called Changyang Xiangtian. He wiped out an outside branch sect established by us. He cannot be forgiven, or would the dignity of the Yangji sect still exist?” Chun Yangzi smiled.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s face darkened. He said, “Changyang Xiangtian is a member of my Changyang clan. You still don’t have the right to take him.”

“Brother Yunxiao must be joking. Your Changyang clan only has the three branches of Zu, Yun and Qing. There is no Xiang branch. How can Changyang Xiangtian be a member of your Changyang clan? And this Changyang clan does not have anyone with Zu, Yuan or Qing in their name. How is it possible for them to be a part of your protector clan?” Chun Yangzi remained smiling. At the same time, he secretly cast a secret technique searching for Jian Chen’s presence. However, when he searched through the entire kingdom he could not feel the presences of any other Saint Rulers than the ones gathered at the manor.

“Perhaps Jian Chen isn’t here? Or did he use an extremely profound method to conceal his presence? How would it be possible for him to escape my search?” Chun Yangzi thought before waving his hand. He said, “Take all those close to Jian Chen back to the sect. There must be an explanation for wiping out a branch sect of my Yangji sect.”

“I want to see who dares!” Changyang Zu Yunxiao roared. He immediately shot into the sky, meeting the people of the Yangji sect. A sky-surging presence radiated from his body.

Chun Yangzi’s complexion darkened slightly. He was slightly angry, “Changyang Zu Yunxiao, do you intend on declaring war with my Yangji sect?”

“This Changyang clan was founded by my son, Changyang Zu Yunkong. All the descendents in there are members of my Changyang clan. You don’t have the right to take away any of them. If you really do insist, so what if a battle erupts?” Changyang Zu Yunxiao said with a deep voice, and his aura increased abruptly.

“Changyang Qing Yun’s not here. You’re not my opponent.” Chun Yangzi’s voice became cold. For the Winged Tiger God, he would not let up at all.

At that very moment, the surrounding space began to ripple violently once more. Space Gates appeared at the same time in the surroundings, and people of different attires began pouring out of them in a continuous stream.

At that very moment, all the people of the ten protector clans had gathered. Even the other six great elders of the Changyang clan had come, leading many Saint Rulers.

The ten protector clans had sent everything they had. One reason for this was to us an absolute superiority in power to suppress the clan and attempt to steal the Winged Tiger God first. The other reason was to prevent the experts of the Beast God Continent from breaking their agreement and intruding the Tian Yuan Continent to take the Winged Tiger God from them after they had found it.

As a result, the forces the ten protector clans had brought were not any weaker than when they had repelled the Beast God Continent’s invasion earlier.

“Yunxiao, Yeyun, why are you here?” From the Changyang clan group, an old man discovered the couple and a sliver of surprise immediately appeared in his eyes.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao immediately revealed an expression of respect; this old man was the most senior member from the Zu branch, as well as his great-grandfather, Changyang Zu Xiao

“Great-grandfather, this Changyang clan does not just have the same name. It was originally founded by Kong’er.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao said. He knew very well that the ten protector clans had all received some information. If he wanted to protect the clan established by his son, he could only bring up the origins of it.

“What? That kid, Kong’er, established a clan outside?” Changyang Zu Xiao was slightly surprised. Before he came he had known that there was a Changyang clan in Lore City, but he had thought it was just a clan with the same name. He did not think too much about it.

Closely afterwards, Changyang Zu Xiao seemed to think of something. He immediately asked, “Yunxiao, then what’s Jian Chen’s identity?”

“Great-grandfather, Jian Chen’s original name is Changyang Xiangtian. He’s also a member of our Changyang clan,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao answered.

All the people from the Changyang clan were shocked. Immediately, someone could not help it but speak out with a low voice, “This Changyang Xiangtian is actually a member of our Changyang clan. Doesn’t that mean the Winged Tiger God is with a descendent of our Changyang clan?”

The great elders all looked at each other. This piece of news was just too shocking to all of them. None of them had ever thought that the Winged Tiger God that they painstakingly searched for would be with a descendent of their own clan.

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