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Chapter 807: Holy Maiden of the Ice God Hall

With tears pouring from her eyes, Yu Fengyan staggered out from the crowd step by step. Her eyes towards the girl were filled with fond memories, and she said with a trembling voice, “Yue- Yue- Yue’er.”

With that, the white-dressed, white-haired lady immediately jerked violently. Shortly afterwards, her gaze focused on Yu Fengyan, who had stepped out from the crowd, while her tears began spilling from her eyes uncontrollably.

“Mother!” The young lady gave out a call of emotion, turning into a white strike of light and shooting towards Yu Fengyan. She opened her arms and tightly hugged Yu Fengyan.

The female was Changyang Mingyue, the second young lady who had originally run away from home. After being gone for several years, there must have been a great change between the past her and the current her. Although she did not change much in appearance, her originally-black, long hair was now white, a whiteness like snow.

Not only was her hair affected but even her eyebrows were white, while a certain whiteness appeared on her rosy skin. She was very different from ordinary people.

“Yue’er, Yue’er, is it really you? Is it really you?” Yu Fengyan was extremely emotional. Her voice trembled, as if she could not believe the current sight of her daughter, who had disappeared without a sound years ago, having returned.

“Mother, it’s me, I’m Yue’er. Yue’er’s come to see you.” Changyang Mingyue threw herself into Yu Fengyan’s bosom, crying aloud. In these years of being apart, she missed her own mother and her family too much.

“Yue’er, Yue’er, you’re really Yue’er. My daughter’s returned, my daughter’s returned, my daughter’s finally returned. Yue’er, you’ve made mother miss you so painfully.” Yu Fengyan’s voice had already become inaudible with her sobs. She originally thought that her daughter was no longer in this world anymore, and had already prepared for the worst-case scenario. Yet right now, Changyang Mingyue’s sudden return had revived her despaired heart.

Several great, serendipitous occasions had occurred so suddenly, to the point where the unexpecting Yu Fengyan had begun to doubt whether she was dreaming or not, whether everything happening was real or not.

The two of them wailed together like no one was present, essentially releasing all the suppressed yearnings from over the years.

The ten protector clans and the Radiant Saint Master Union, who had still had not left, floated silently in the sky. All of them, without any exception, focused on the group of people from the Ice God Hall and the wailing pair. Gleams of light flashed across everyone’s eyes, revealing a doubtful expression. They were all trying to guess just what relationship Changyang Mingyue had with the Arctic Ice God Hall for it to descend here.

To the ten protector clans that had some understanding of the Ice God Hall, this was an unprecedented event.

At that very moment, a Space Gate suddenly formed in the middle of the sky. The grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian, walked out with several old men. As soon as they arrived, they directly focused on the huge divine hall floating a thousand meters in the sky. They were astounded.

“This is the Arctic Ice God Hall. Why has it descended here?” Tian Jian asked with a deep voice, while his face had become extremely stern. Shortly afterwards, he seemed to sense something that caused him to look down. In the end, his gaze fell on the sobbing daughter and mother, and gleams of light immediately began to flicker through his eyes. He too became doubtful.

At the same time, a white-robed, malevolent-looking, middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere dozen kilometers above the manor. He stared at the huge divine hall in surprise and murmured softly, “Why has the mysterious Ice God Hall appeared here? Don’t they never interfere with anything in this world? Is everything because of that girl? Just who is that girl to be able to make this divine hall leave the arctic and descend here?” The middle-aged man became rather stern, something he rarely showed. There was even a sliver of fear in the very depths of his eyes.

Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunxiao looked at each other. They both saw the joy in each other’s eyes. They could already tell that this young lady was a member of the Changyang clan and was close with the Arctic Ice God Hall, which caused the two of them to become extremely happy. With this, didn’t it mean that their Changyang clan had a connection to the ever-mysterious Arctic Ice God Hall?

The six other great elders of the Changyang clan clearly noticed this too. They looked at each other, and a sliver of vague joy was present in all their eyes. Excluding the people from the Pure Heart Pavilion, who did not react much at all, the other eight protector clans all became ugly in expression, all secretly swearing. The clan established by the expelled Changyang Zu Yunkong was actually very extraordinary; not only did it produce an unprecedented genius, Changyang Xiangtian, that happened to get the Winged Tiger God to follow him on its own, it even produced a lady who had a connection with the Arctic Ice God Hall.

“Holy maiden, your Profound Ice Body has yet to fully awaken. You must not leave the divine hall for too long.” At that moment, an old man who also came from the divine hall spoke courteously to Changyang Mingyue.

“Holy maiden!”

Hearing how Changyang Mingyue was referred to by the old man, the people from the protector clans were all astounded, and their gazes towards her immediately underwent a great change. They did not know what position a holy maiden held in the Ice God Hall, but they knew that the old man was a terrifying Saint King. This was the only time someone had ever been referred to as a ‘holy maiden’ by a Saint King so respectfully on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even powerful Saint Emperors perhaps would not be able to make Saint Kings carry such an expression of respect.

The people from the protector clans all looked at each other in the sky. They were all extremely curious with what was happening below them, as they could naturally tell that Changyang Mingyue was a fighter who had just become an Earth Saint Master. How was such a weak existence able to make a Saint King behave so courteously? They could not understand, no matter how much they thought.

After the series of venting, the mother and daughter pair also slowly calmed down. Changyang Mingyue pulled away from her mother’s bosom and wiped away her tears. She said, “Old man Zhou, it’s rare for me to go home. Just let me stay for a little longer. Also, this piece of land has already been turned into a region of extreme cold. The effect shouldn’t be too big if I stay here.

The old man referred to as Zhou hesitated slightly before saying, “Holy maiden, you can only stay here for half a day at most. After half a day, this old one will take the holy maiden into the divine hall, even if this one offends the holy maiden.”

“Thank you, old man Zhou!” Changyang Mingyue understood her current situation very well, and spoke to old man Zhou gratefully.

“Yue’er, just what is this about?” Yu Fengyan stared at her daughter in astonishment. She felt extremely doubtful with why the old man was so courteous to his daughter, as well as why she was referred to as the holy maiden.

Changyang Mingyue said, “Mother’s it’s a long story, and there’s many things that’s still very unclear for Yue’er herself. I’ll explain the Ice God Hall to you in detail later. Oh right, where’s father? Why haven’t I seen father?”

Thinking of Changyang Ba, Yu Fengyan’s complexion darkened. A sliver of deep sorrow appeared on her face and she said, “Yue’er, your father’s already dead!”

Changyang Mingyue jerked violently. She stared at Yu Fengyan in disbelief and said in surprise, “Mother, what did you say? Father’s already dead?”

Yu Fengyan nodded painfully, “Not only your father, your fourth aunt, Bi Yuntian, is also dead. They were killed by a few Saint Rulers pursuing your youngest brother.”

Changyang Mingyue began to shake. She immediately became sorrowful and said, “Mother, then how is my youngest brother? Is he fine?”

“Yue’er, your youngest brother’s fine. You might not know yet, but your youngest brother’s already a Saint Ruler.” A sliver of pride appeared on Yu Fengyan’s face when mentioning Jian Chen.

“What!? Already a Saint Ruler!?” Changyang Mingyue was slightly astonished and could not help but smile happily, but it was soon replaced by sadness. She turned around to face old man Zhou, “Old man Zhou, I know your abilities are powerful. I want to find the murderers of my father. I want to avenge my father!”

Old man Zhou became troubled, “Holy maiden, our Ice God Hall can’t interfere with any matters of the continent. This old one really can’t do anything for this. I hope the holy maiden can understand my pains.”

“Old man Zhou, you can’t even search for the murderers of my father?” A sliver of anger appeared on Changyang Mingyue’s face.

Old man Zhou shook his head, his expression both bitter and helpless.

“Sister, you’ve finally returned!” At that very moment, a deep voice sounded from behind. It was the burly Changyang Hu, walking over slowly with a faint smile hanging on his face.

All the people of the manor looked towards the origin of the voice. When they saw that Changyang Hu’s missing limbs had regrown miraculously, they all revealed astonished expressions.

“Ah’Hu, you- your legs, how did your legs…” Changyang Hu’s mother immediately cried out in surprise.

The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion seemed to sense something. She looked towards Changyang Hu as if she had suddenly realised something and her eyes, which had always remained plain and dull, exploded with a light. She cried out, “This is the state of Great Liberation!”

Hearing that, several experts of the Pure Heart Pavilion looked towards Changyang Hu at the same time. They all cried out in surprise, “This really is the Worldly Transcendence realm of Great Liberation. The state of Great Liberation is a supreme level recorded in the Pure Heart Sutra, while Worldly Transcendence is the first realm of Great Liberation.”

The pavilion master was no longer able to maintain her calm. With a flash, she arrived beside Changyang Hu and asked urgently, “Are you willing to become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion?”

Changyang Hu eyed the pavilion master peacefully. Without any change in expression he asked, “You want to take me in as your disciple?”

The pavilion master shook her head and said excitedly, “No, I don’t want to take you in as my disciple. No one in the Pure Heart Pavilion has the right to accept someone at the state of Great Liberation as a disciple. I only want you to become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion and practice the Pure Heart Sutra. This is a path extremely suitable for you. As long as you become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion, you’ll be able to reach the Great Perfection of Great Liberation.”

“The Pure Heart Pavilion. The Pure Heart Sutra.” Changyang Hu murmured, before slowly closing his eyes. He muttered, “I never thought my premonition would be right. I can become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion, but my Changyang clan must be safe and sound.”

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