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Chapter 816: Class 7 Magical Beast

“The illusions here really are powerful,” Jian Chen mumbled gently. His emotions, affected by the illusions before, had already calmed down slowly.

“The illusion wasn’t strong; your mental state is just weak. The illusion sucked you in so easily. It originates from your heart and mind; if your heart and mind are flawless and free from worries, how would a mere illusion affect you? This illusion can be considered as the weakest type; there’ll be even more powerful ones once you enter the Fantasy Star Ocean.” The Heavenly Enchantress spoke coldly.

“Looks like I’m overestimating you. You may have become a Saint Ruler, but your mental state is just too horrible. You’re probably the Saint Ruler with the weakest mind in the entire continent. Perhaps coming to the Fantasy Star Ocean with you was the wrong decision.” The Heavenly Enchantress spoke coldly.

Hearing that, Jian Chen immediately felt pained. He was a Saint Ruler, but he was, after all, still too young. Even with his two lifetimes combined, he was less than a hundred years old. Meanwhile, all the other Saint Rulers were people who had lived for centuries, or even millennia, with enough descendants to form a large clan. Jian Chen completely overwhelmed them in terms of talent, but he was nowhere close in terms of life experience.

The most severe part was his bonds with his parents. Jian Chen treated it with too much importance, practically viewing it with more important than his own life. He had clearly known that the images in the mist before were illusions, yet he still could not help but fall for them; Jian Chen still was unable to endure the things happening despite knowing it was all fake.

If any other Saint Ruler had witnessed something similar, they would definitely not have fallen for it as easily as Jian Chen. Saint Rulers who had lived for centuries, or even millennia, had plenty of descendants. They probably have witnessed some of them dying of old age themselves. As a result, they would no longer treated the bond of family as importantly and would have resisted the illusions easily.

Illusions originated from the mind and heart. If there were concerns or obsessions, the mist would create illusions accordingly, displaying your weakest point right before you.

Illusions did not test a person’s strength, but a person’s heart and mind. Jian Chen seemed to be decisive on the outside with a rock-hard heart, but this was only what he would display before his opponents. In actuality, there was still a soft area in his heart that his relatives occupied.

Jian Chen’s mind became much more resolute after experiencing what had happened before. He stared into the mist before him. The mist continued to surge, tossing about and changing around, as if there was something ready to come out. However, Jian Chen’s state of mind immediately became like still-water—free of any ripples. He did not think about anything, nor did he guess about anything, so, naturally, there was nothing.

The next part of the journey was extremely peaceful. After over two hours of slow flying, he and the Heavenly Enchantress finally passed through the region of fog. The misty-white blanket had finally disappeared from before them, replaced by deep blue seawater.

“Haaaaa,” Jian Chen breathed out loudly. He felt much more relaxed after passing through the mist. He looked around, but only saw that the surroundings and sky were all a surface of white. They were enveloped by a layer of dense, yet odd, mist, as if it formed the edges of a separate world.

Below him was deep blue sea water. The water was smooth, like a mirror, and without any ripples—stagnant. It was extremely strange. In the center of all that was a huge island. Ithad an extremely large surface area and did not seem like it could be called an island, but rather a small continent. The island was mountainous, littered with trees and was entirely blanketed by a thin layer of fog. It was hazy, adding on a layer of mysteriousness.

Jian Chen stared brightly at the huge island before him and asked, “Is this perhaps the Fantasy Star Ocean?”

The Heavenly Enchantress looked towards the island before her. She was rather stern, and she said, “Correct, this is the Fantasy Star Ocean, as well as the holy land of the former Dragon clan, Dragon Island. It is said that Dragon Island was not originally like this, but became the current Fantasy Star Ocean after some unknown reason caused it to change.

Jian Chen could not help but think back to the scene back in the City of God, when Class 8 Magical Beasts fled from the saint artifact. There seemed to be a member of the Dragon clan among them.

“It’s said that the Dragon clan was one of the four great clans of the magical beasts, and have disappeared along with the Divine Phoenix clan since the ancient times. Would their disappearance have anything to do with Dragon Island? Or, in other words, did they all die on Dragon Island?” Jian Chen asked in doubt.

The Heavenly Enchantress shook her head gently, “I do not know much about what happened in that age either. The very limited information on this matter all originate from rumors, or those ancient records in Mercenary City. However, not a lot is recorded regarding Dragon Island.”

“Alright, let’s stop guessing about this, there’s no point. We’re currently in the outskirts of the Fantasy Star Ocean. The fog was not the true danger in coming here; the dangers are on this island. When we enter the island, you have to be extra careful. The hundred-thousand-year Dragon’s Saliva should be in the very centre of the island.”

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress both flew towards the island, landing on it soon after.

“In the ancient times, the Dragon clan filled Dragon Island with formations. These formations automatically absorb energy of the world to replenish themselves. Although it’s been countless years since they were first laid down, a few that were set by remarkable experts still remain. They may not be as powerful as before, but you still need to be on guard.” The Heavenly Enchantress explained to Jian Chen in detail about some areas that he needed to be aware of on Dragon Island.

Jian Chen observed the island as he listened to the Heavenly Enchantress talk. They had already passed through the region of mist, but his presence was still suppressed by a mysterious power and was unable to be used at all. However, his sight, no longer obstructed, was much clearer now.

The two of them slowly walked forwards, both extremely careful as they traveled.

At this very moment, the ground suddenly began to violently shake. Four earthen walls rose from the ground, forming a jail-like room and trapping the two of them inside. The earthen walls radiated with a faint, golden lustre. An extremely powerful and pure energy vaguely radiated from the earthen walls.

Soon afterwards, earthen spears coated in golden light began to appear from the walls. With whistling sounds, they shot towards the entrapped Jian Chen and Heavenly Enchantress at lightning speed.

Dense clusters of spears shot from all directions, locking the two of them out of any paths for escape. There was only the misty-white sky left for them to flee.

“Remember, you must never fly above ten meters in the sky in the Fantasy Star Ocean. The dangers in the sky is several times greater than on the ground.” The Heavenly Enchantress’s cold voice appeared in Jian Chen’s mind as she faced the spears calmly and unperturbed. Shortly afterwards, she gently struck a string with her finger, and a zither note rang out. It spread out in all directions as a visible wave of sound.

The sound wave contained an unbelieveable power. Wherever it passed by, the earthen spears disintegrated, turning into a pile of dust in the air.

The visible sound wave cut through the surroundings like a hot knife through butter before colliding forcefully with the earthen walls that ensnared them in. With a rumble, the walls trembled violently before disintegrating as well.

The confining earthen walls could only be used against Heaven Saint Masters; it was nothing to Saint Rulers. However, if a Heaven Saint Master had been trapped by it, it would be almost guaranteed death.

Breaking out of the earthen walls, Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress continued on their way, walking directly towards the general region of the island.

In the following part of the journey, they both experienced constant attacks from various traps. However, these attacks were clearly only prepared for Heaven Saint Masters and were unable to pose much of a threat at all to Saint Rulers. The journey was frightening, but not very dangerous.

Roar! Suddenly, a loud beast roared in the distance. Soon afterwards, the ground began to shake gently. A humanoid giant of over three hundred meters in height ran towards them from afar at great speeds, constantly roaring along the way.

“That’s a warbeast!” Jian Chen narrowed his eyes and growled to himself. The warbeast ahead had already reached Class 7 as a magical beast, and was equivalent to human Saint Rulers.

The Heavenly Enchantress stared coldly at the warbeast. Her finger moved gently on the zither string, and a sound wave immediately shot out towards the incoming war beast in the shape of a sharp arrow.

Shwit! The arrow formed from sound pierced through the warbeast’s chest. The warbeast’s overwhelmingly powerful defense was akin to tofu before it, and the arrow punched a head-sized hole with no difficulty. However, no blood flowed out.

The warbeast seemed to feel no pain, continuing onwards towards the two of them with great steps as it roared mindlessly along the way.

The Heavenly Enchantress remained the same as before. Her white, elegant hands constantly danced around on the zither, producing beautiful sounds from playing it. With each note, a powerful sound wave shot out with lightning speed and struck the warbeast’s body.

The warbeast did not dodge at all and continued in its charge towards the two of them in a straight line. Meanwhile, its huge, three-hundred-meter tall body was now riddled with holes while its head was already smashed to smithereens.

But even with all that, even with its head missing, the warbeast did not die. It did not even bleed, much less show pain. It continued charging at the two of them without any pauses.

Witnessing something so strange, Jian Chen was overwhelmed with shock and horror. He found it unbelievable.

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