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Chapter 822: The Forbidden Air Ten Meters Above

Jian Chen shot backwards like a cannon ball, flying higher and higher. Blood spurted wildly from his mouth; he was already heavily injured.

Very soon, Jian Chen passed the ten meter threshold in the sky. The surrounding space began to twist violently as soon as that happened. Jian Chen felt a violent pain throughout his entire body as he was in the centre of all of it, as if he was being cut at by countless sharp blades.

Jian Chen immediately remembered the Heavenly Enchantress’s warning, where he definitely could not fly above ten meters in the sky. The altitude at which the Saint Ruler living corpses flew at appeared in his mind at the same time; they actually all hovered rather close to the ground, never surpassing the ten meter threshold.

“Oh no, there’s danger!” Shocked, he ignored his injuries and used all his strength to regain control of his motion. Afterwards, he used the Illusionary Flash and became a blur immediately, lowering himself beneath the threshold.

Just as Jian Chen descended, the space ten meters in the sky shattered instantly. It turned into a region of darkness, crisscrossed with cracks in the space. They were like pitch-black, sharp blades, constantly chopping at something.

He stared blankly at the space in the sky as some residue blood hung from the corner of his mouth. His eyes began to flicker as he thought up of something.

A Saint Ruler living corpse flew over from the distance during that moment, directly hurling a fist towards Jian Chen.

A gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes, as if he had thought of an idea. He dodged the punch with a slight movement and when he reappeared, he was already behind the living corpse. He grabbed the Saint Ruler directly with his arms and tossed him upwards towards the ten meter threshold with some force.

Jian Chen possessed the Chaotic Body, so his physical strength was extremely great. With just that, the living corpse was sent a hundred meters up and the space surrounding immediately began to distort violently. The space there quickly darkened, and countless pitch-black cracks crisscrossed it, like sharp blades. They passed through the corpse, dicing it into a million pieces.

Jian Chen watched on closely at what was going on in the sky. All he found was that the diced corpse did not fall back down; it had been sucked away by those spatial cracks instead. It was gone.

A gleam of light immediately exploded in Jian Chen’s eyes as he realised it, a method to completely finish off these corpses. Their indestructibility had always his most troublesome problem, but now, he had finally found a method to deal with it.

Ahead, the only Saint King corpse present rushed towards Jian Chen once again, striking out with its palm and sending a surge of energy towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was heavily wounded, but this also present the power of his Chaotic Body perfectly. Not only did it prevent his injuries from aggravating, they were quickly healing. They did not affect him very much.

Jian Chen had a deep understanding of the Saint King corpse’s strength. He was unwilling to even come close with the Saint King corpse. He dodged its attack with all his strength; Jian Chen was unwilling to take it head-on. But to Jian Chen’s rejoice, the living corpses had no intelligence and could not use battle techniques despite their great strength.

Otherwise, even just a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler would probably be enough to incapacitate his abilities to dodge, let alone a Saint King. They would only need to freeze the space around him, and that alone would be enough to immobilize him completely.

The surrounding Saint Ruler corpses surrounded him once again. This time, Jian Chen put the Dragon Slaying Sword away, moving through the Saint Rulers as he dodged the Saint King’s attacks. Whenever he had the chance, he would mercilessly knock those Saint Ruler corpses high into the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

The sound of colliding flesh constantly rang out. As Jian Chen moved about between over a hundred Saint Rulers, he constantly threw his fists, knocking Saint Rulers into the air one by one. They would be diced into countless pieces by the crisscrossing spatial cracks in the end and their body parts would be sucked away to somewhere unknown.

The living corpses that attacked Jian Chen decreased quickly as they were shredded into countless pieces in the sky one after another,. Very soon, the number dropped from over a hundred to the fifties.

During that time, a few Saint Ruler corpses had also flown over due to the commotion. However, Jian Chen no longer feared them now that he had already found a way to deal with these Saint Ruler corpses. What really made him fearful was the powerful Saint King corpse.

The Saint King constantly rained Jian Chen with attacks, without paying attention to those nearby. It obliterated many Saint Ruler corpses, which then rebuilt their bodies. They were indestructible, even to the Saint King corpse.

Jian Chen could only dodge against the fierce attacks of the Saint King. He devoted all of his efforts to dealing with the Saint Ruler corpses.

The battle lasted for an entire hour. All of the hundred-odd corpses were finally knocked into the sky by Jian Chen, dying to the spatial cracks. Only the Saint King corpse was left.

During the hour of tough battle, Jian Chen consumed an extremely great amount of energy. He had used Chaotic Force to cast the Illusionary Flash the whole time—he did not pause at all. It caused the already-tiny chaotic neidan to shrink even more, now the size of a mung bean. Lesser and lesser Chaotic Force remained.

Jian Chen stared at the remaining corpse and thought, “I need to find a way to deal with it. Not only will I lose my defence from the Chaotic Force if I drag it out and expend all of my Chaotic Force, I’ll lose the source of my power. I won’t even be able to use the Illusionary Flash.”

Jian Chen dodged the Saint King corpse’s attack, appearing beside it like a ghost with a streak of blurs. He directly threw a punch at the corpse’s crotch, attempting to knock it ten meters into the air.


Tthe Saint King immediately trembled violently following a muffled sound. However, it was not sent high up into the air like the Saint Ruler corpses, rising up only by half a meter. On the other hand, the corpse had already struck out with its palm, striking Jian Chen’s left shoulder with lightning speed.


With a clear bone-breaking sound, Jian Chen’s left shoulder turned to mush. He lost all feeling in his left arm.

Jian Chen could not help but grunt from the violent pain, while pea-sized droplets of perspiration had covered his forehead. However, he had no intentions of retreating. He appeared behind the Saint King as he endured the great pain, hurling another fist into the Saint King’s crotch just like before, causing it to rise up by half a meter again.

The Saint King corpse possessed no intelligence; it had no idea what Jian Chen was trying to do. The only thing in his mind was to exterminate all foreign entities. There was nothing else beside that.

It immediately turned around, throwing another palm strike at Jian Chen just like before.

Jian Chen had anticipated it. Just as the Saint King corpse raised its arm, he arrived before it with a flash once again, throwing another punch into the same region and making it rise up by another half a meter.

This was repeated several times, where he had finally knocked the corpse past the ten meter threshold after around a dozen punches. The originally-calm space immediately began to twist violently, while the pitch-black spatial cracks appeared once again. With their criss-crossing, they obliterate the Saint King’s head.

The corpse felt nothing as it lost its head, continuing like before to constantly attack Jian Chen.

Jian Chen threw another punch at the Saint King’s crotch, sending more than half of its body past the threshold. Instantly, the upper torso of the corpse turned to smithereens from the spatial cracks. It had even lost its arms, only leaving behind its waist and its two legs.

A gleam of bright light flashed violently across Jian Chen’s eyes as victory entered his eyes. He threw one more punch without taking a breath, completely knocking the remaining corpse beyond the threshold.

The remaining legs of the Saint King corpse also entered the threshold. Immediately, the pitch-black cracks appeared once again, dicing the Saint King’s legs into pieces like sharp blades before sucking it all into the spatial cracks.

Over a hundred Saint Ruler corpse and a Saint King corpse had finally been sent to their end in the forbidden air by Jian Chen’s efforts.

Jian Chen stared at the pitch-black, forbidden region in the sky in exhaustion and produced a long sigh. He slowly descended to the ground soon afterwards, laying down powerlessly, panting.

Jian Chen was also extremely tired after battling for so long. It had already been a long time since he was this tired.

“The only reason why I survived that group attack of corpse was all because I relied on the Illusionary Flash. It saved my life. Looks like I need to devote some more time into researching this movement battle skill. I can only rely on the Illusionary Flash to keep myself alive in case I ever enter another odd area where Saint Ruler abilities are suppressed,” Jian Chen thought. He had gained a proper understanding for the power of the Illusionary Flash, treating the disused movement battle skill importantly once again.

Jian Chen rested for a while on the ground before standing up again. He concealed any presences of him and carefully left the region. He knew that he might have already attracted all the Saint Ruler corpses in the region, but the battle was just too intense. He still did not want to risk staying there for too long, fearing that there would be many Saint Ruler corpses heading over there at this very instance.

The night of the Fantasy Star Ocean was different to outside. Jian Chen was already powerful enough to completely see in the dark outside, yet it was different in the Fantasy Star Ocean. The limits of his vision was only a few hundred meters away, and it was all blurry and unclear. Jian Chen did not dare to walk around blindly as a result. He stopped after travelling just ten kilometers, deciding to continue on his way during the daytime. That way, he would be able to detect the many unknown dangers beforehand.

Jian Chen sat down on the ground and crossed his legs. He circulating Chaotic Force through the body to make his wounds heal faster. Staying like that for a whole two hours, he finally recovered completely.

If it were other Saint Rulers, or even Saint Kings, it would have been impossible for them to make a complete recovery in such a short amount of time from wounds as heavy as Jian Chen’s They would need at least a couple of days.

If there were Saint Rulers who suffered a strike from a Saint King, the time needed would be even longer. It would take at least a dozen or so days, or even half a month, maybe even years or decades. Only Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body possessed such a great recovery rate, exceeding that of Radiant Saint Force.

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