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Chapter 825: Blood of the War God

Roar! The three-hundred meter long blood dragon produced an roar that shook the sea of blood. Opening its mouth, scorching-hot dragonbreath shot out, surging directly for the corpses.

The blood dragon did not seem to exist to the living corpses; all they had in sight was Jian Chen and the white tiger. They did not avoid the dragonbreath at all, only wanting to reach Jian Chen and the white tiger.

The enormous dragonbreath directly engulfed over ten of them. It ate away a large portion of the corpse’s bodies as Jian Chen watched on in shock. However, their indestructible bodies came into play soon afterwards; they returned to how they were before, continuing their charge at Jian Chen and the white tiger.

The white tiger seemed to know the strength of the Saint Ruler corpses as well. It quickly ran over the sea of blood with Jian Chen on its back, pulling far away from the corpses.

The blood dragon seemed to feel seriously challenged after seeing how its dragonbreath did absolutely nothing to the corpses. It roared angrily and swung its front claws at the living corpses.

The blood dragon was extremely powerful. The Saint Ruler corpses were like tofu before the dragon’s claws, directly ripped in half.

The blood dragon did not stop with just that. It suddenly turned its great head towards the white tiger and Jian Chen, raising its claw once again and swinging it as a blood-red blur at them.

The tiger’s fur suddenly stood up. Its small eyes became unprecedentedly grim and it produced a low growl. It disappeared from the sea of blood with a leap, which lead to the claw sweeping through thin air.

Just as the white tiger disappeared, another twenty-odd Saint Ruler corpses appeared within the sea of blood. Their arrival immediately drew the blood dragons attention. Its claws swept out once again, towards the living corpses with time with a roar.

The white tiger departed from the sea of blood with Jian Chen, appearing among the mountains once again. The formation did not seem to ensnare the tiger.

Jian Chen stared at the white tiger uneasily. An unbelieveable thought appeared in his head as he connected it to what had happened in the formation of starry skies. Perhaps the formations of the Fantasy Star Ocean had no effect on the white tiger at all?

Beast-like roars constantly resounded in the surroundings. Several dozen Saint Rulers had already appeared, all charging towards them.

A vast presence that completely exceeded that of Saint Ruler corpses appeared far away at this moment. It shot towards them several times faster than the Saint Ruler corpses.

Jian Chen immediately became stern. He cried out, “Crap, that’s the presence of a Saint King.” Another vast presence appeared on the other side as soon as he finished with what he was saying, it too approaching Jian Chen rapidly.

“Two Saint Kings have actually come!” Jian Chen’s face paled slightly.

This was not the end. Up ahead appeared another abnormally vast presence. It was actually another Saint King.

“Three Saint Kings!” Jian Chen exclaimed. His face had become completely drained of blood. He would still be able to dodge and keep it busy if it was just a single Saint King, or even knock it beyond the ten meter threshold for it to be ripped to pieces by the spatial cracks, but he probably even struggle to escape against three Saint Kings. After all, they did fly much faster than he could travel with the Illusionary Flash.


Not only did the appearance of the three Saint King corpses fail to frighten the white tiger, the white tiger even roared at the sky. The wings on the tiger’s back suddenly unfurled, and its speed immediately exploded. It turned into a white blur, flying off into the distance with an unbelievable velocity, on-par to the Saint King corpses.

Jian Chen pressed his body against the white tiger’s back. He had reached a vague understanding regarding some matters; since Xiao Bai was bold enough to attract all those living corpses, it definitely would have a method to deal with them. He placed all his hopes onto the white tiger.

The white tiger quickly shot through the mountains and forests, triggering formation after formation. Jian Chen’s surroundings to constantly alternated between illusions and reality, but the white tiger remained unaffected. Not only did they fail to stop the white tiger’s advance, it passed through them with great ease. Behind them, the three Saint King corpses remained close, pursuing them and unwilling to let them escape. They all flew just below the ten meter threshold.

Suddenly, the white tiger’s speed began to decrease, which immediately allowed the three Saint Kings to pull up closer. The nearby space suddenly began to twist when the three Saint King corpses were only a thousand meters from them, changing greatly once again in the blink of an eye.

It was a bleak wasteland, completely barren of any greenery. It stretched as far as the eye could see.

A towering battle intent suddenly appeared far away, so powerful that is was far beyond Jian Chen’s reckoning. It was filled with a condescending aura, as if nothing in the world seemed significant to it, where he was the overlord of the world.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, booms began to resound from afar. The land trembled rhythmically. Jian Chen paled as he heard the sounds; every boom coincided with his heart beat. It seemed mysteriously connected, causing his heart to ache painfully every time it sounded out, like someone grinding their foot on his heart. His heart felt like it was going to explode.

Jian Chen clenched his chest in some pain. He had already become pale-white, while his forehead was already wet with a layer of sweat droplets. He was astounded, “Just what is this formation? It’s so terrifying. Just the sounds from it is enough to suck away my ability for battle.”

A golden figure slowly appeared in the distance near the horizon. He walked over slowly, step by step, causing the ground to shake violently every time his foot fell. It seemed to be like stepping on Jian Chen’s heart as well, causing his pain to become more intense.

The figure seemed to advance slowly, but the few steps he took covered great distances, appearing several hundred meter from Jian Chen.

He was a person completely clad in golden armor; only a pair of eyes burning with surging battle intent could be seen. He was extremely burly, three meters in height, wide and stocky. He stood there like a hill and on his shoulder carried a giant, four-meter-long axe. The axe was completely golden in color, as if it was forged out of pure gold, shining with a golden light.

Jian Chen became even paler after seeing the figure. For the first time ever, he had lost all courage for battle in front of the golden giant. The man’s battle intent seemed to be able to destroy worlds; just his aura had collapsed Jian Chen’s last psychological line of defence.

Jian Chen had never experienced this feeling where an opponent was just too powerful not even when he faced up against Saint Kings.

“Who’s this person? Is he a Saint Emperor of the Dragon clan?” Jian Chen’s emotions tossed and turned.

The white tiger seemed to remain unaffected. It stared at the golden giant with a weird gaze, currently stunned.

Another three figures appeared in the bleak wasteland at this moment. The Saint King corpses had also entered the formation in pursuit of Jian Chen. They charged towards Jian Chen as soon as they appeared.

At the same time, the golden giant moved. He slowly raised the golden axe from his shoulder, and a heavy voice boomed in the surroundings, “Death to those who dare intrude the land of Aergyns!” The huge, golden axe was raised high up and a devastating battle intent immediately exploded from the person’s body. The entire region began to seemed so weak, so fragile before the man’s axe; simultaneously, time seemed to completely stop. Only the axe in the man’s hand moved.

In this instance, the three Saint Kings as well as Jian Chen all felt that they had lost control of their bodies. They could only watch on blankly as the dazzling golden axe descended.


The white tiger did not hesitate. It immediately leapt into the distance with the frozen Jian Chen on his back, disappearing from the empty wasteland. The white tiger was unaffected by the frozen time in the region.

Jian Chen finally regained control of his body after he left the formation space. His forehead was littered with soybean-sized droplets of sweat, while his heart tossed and turned. He was extremely perturbed.

“Aergyns, Aergyns. Is that golden giant the war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns?” The heavy voice boomed through Jian Chen’s head again and again. His entire body began to tremble slightly.

The war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, was an existence that surpassed Saint Emperor. He was a god-like figure.

Jian Chen immediately turned around to look back. All he saw was the three Saint King corpses standing blankly several hundred meters away. Shortly afterwards, they turned into dust and disintegrated. They showed no signs of reforming even after a lengthy time.

A droplet of golden blood floated nearby that glowed slightly, three meters above the ground.

“Perhaps that’s the blood of the war god? Was his body from before transformed from the blood?” A thought appeared in Jian Chen’s mind as he stared at the golden droplet of blood. He could not help but imagine a scene from the ancient times at the same time.

In the ancient times, the Hundred Races and the magical beasts went to war with one another. The war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, killed his way into Dragon Island, angering the ancient Winged Tiger God who then slaughtered him. This droplet of blood was left behind from that age.

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