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Chapter 828: Dragon Souls

The Heavenly Enchantress sat cross-legged on the white tiger while she held her zither. Her back was toward Jian Chen, maintaining a distance of around half a meter from him. She said nothing.

Jian Chen could clearly smell a faint fragrance from her body despite the distance. Jian Chen could even feel a slight warmth from the fragrance, as if it was the Heavenly Enchantress’ body heat.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and dismissed the random thoughts. He slowly calmed down, before patting the white tiger’s back. “Xiao Bai, let’s go.”

The white tiger produced a growl filled with discontent and aggrieve. It seemed to be extremely unwilling for the Heavenly Enchantress to sit on it, but the white tiger did not do anything excessive. In the end, it began to leave the area since it had no alternative.

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress sat on the tiger’s back in silence. The atmosphere was rather awkward, with only the whistling of wind to be heard.

The white tiger ran through forests and mountains quickly, never going above an altitude of ten meters in the air. It passed through many formations and directly made way for the depths. Whenever they encountered the pursuit of living corpses, they would immediately lead them into formations to trap them.

Half a day later, the white tiger finally passed through the general region with the two of them, to the depths. Jian Chen and the white tiger did not just do nothing along the way; they collected all the heavenly resources they came across in the journey, increasing the heavenly resources they possessed by quite a lot once again.


Suddenly, an earth-shaking dragon roar resounded from the depths of the Fantasy Star Ocean. The sound carried an extremely great dragon aura that viewed the world with contempt, as if all beasts needed to submit themselves to it.

A red figure appeared in their sights soon afterward. It was above the ten meter threshold, in the forbidden region of the sky. However, nothing was triggered, as if the ten meter threshold had no effect on the red figure.

The white tiger came to a screeching stop. Its bright eyes instantly narrowed, staring closely at the red figure that shot over from the distance. It growled deeply.

The eyes of both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress narrowed abruptly, concentrating on the red figure. As it approached, it gradually became clear to the two of them; it was actually a three-hundred meter long red dragon, just like the dragons in the absolute killing formation.

The Heavenly Enchantress’s expression changed greatlyy. She stared at the dragon which quickly approached them in disbelief and immediately struggled to remain calm. She exclaimed involuntarily, “That’s a dragon soul. How is that possible? Why would a dragon soul appear in the Fantasy Star Ocean?”

“Dragon soul?” Jian Chen murmured softly when he heard this. He immediately asked, “Senior, are dragon souls very powerful?”

The Heavenly Enchantress became extremely grim. She said with a deep voice, “Although dragon souls only appear in the form of souls, they’re much more powerful compared to living corpses. Not only do they maintain all of what they’ve learned in their former lives, they also have an extremely great potential for battle, and they even retain their innate abilities. They’re known to be invincible among magical beasts of the same class. Even beasts of antiquity are unable to contest with it.”

“It’s just that several tens of thousand years ago, all the dragon souls were sealed into the dragon’s necropolis. It’s impossible for them to come out. Yet, a dragon soul actually appeared here. Has the seal been lifted?”

Jian Chen also became rather stern. Dragon souls that maintained what they learned in their past lives, as well as their innate abilities, could not be compared to the mindless living corpses. Even if it was against a Saint King corpse, Jian Chen at least had the ability to dodge or avoid them, or even use the ten meter threshold to kill them off. However, Jian Chen would struggle very much against the dragon souls that maintained their abilities from their past lives, even if it was just a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

“Quick, find a place to hide. I’m guessing that there’s not just one dragon soul. It’s very possible that all the dragon souls from the necropolis have been freed,” the Heavenly Enchantress said. She was extremely serious.

Jian Chen showed no hesitance, immediately getting the white tiger retreat quickly. However, the dragon soul had already discovered them. It produced an earth-shaking roar as it charged at them threateningly.

“We need to finish off this dragon soul as soon as possible!” Jian Chen bellowed. The Dragon Slaying Sword had already appeared in his hand. Casting the Illusionary Flash, he turned into a blur that shot toward the dragon soul.

Roar! The dragon soul produced another roar, opening its mouth and spitting dragon flames that surged towards Jian Chen with a terrifying heat.

Jian Chen dodged the dragon flames with the Illusionary Flash immediately. Radiating with an aura of destruction, the sword filled with Chaotic Force stabbed into the rather-illusory belly of the dragon soul.

Jian CHen could only stab its lower abdomen due to the ten meter threshold and the size of the dragon.

Chaotic Force seemed to be extremely effective against the dragon soul. The dragon soul roared out in pain and its belly dulled immediately. It suddenly opened its great mouth at Jian Chen and a terrifying suction force appeared, as if it wanted to suck Jian Chen past the ten meter threshold.

Jian Chen began to shake immediately; his two feet had already begun to leave the ground slowly. However, Jian Chen then jolted. Chaotic Force surged out from his body, blocking the suction from the sky, where he then moved slightly. He used the Illusionary Flash to leave the area and appeared on another side of the dragon.

A red flash suddenly appeared. The dragon’s thick tail forcefully struck Jian Chen with lightning speed.


Jian Chen’s clothes immediately turned into shreds, revealing the golden silkmail inside. The silkmail glowed with a hazy gold light to block the dragon’s tail but Jian Chen was still sent flying into the distance by the powerful force.

The dragon soul maintained all of its abilities from its former life. Not only was it extremely powerful in battle, it also possessed an extremely rich battle experience. The mindless corpses were incomparable to it. The dragon soul had already caught up to Jian Chen with a red flash. Its claws glowed with a layer of scarlet haze as it quickly swiped toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and the dragon soul fought intensely. The dragon soul was Class 7 and of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, but it was no weaker than Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers when it used its various secret techniques from the Dragon clan. It was even powerful enough to battle with a Class 7 Saint Ruler. Jian Chen struggled greatly to deal with it.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Dragon roars began to fill the sky one after another at this very moment in the distance. The sound carried the great aura of dragons.

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress immediately revealed ugly expressions. From the roars, they could already tell that there were at least a dozen or so dragon souls, and they were all Class 7 Magical Beasts.

“Crap, the dragon souls that were originally sealed into the necropolis by the ten protector clans really have escaped.” The Heavenly Enchantress was astounded. She showed no hesitance, immediately placing her zither on her knees. She warned, “I’ll use the zither to control the souls. You need to disperse them as fast as you can or we’ll probably be doomed. The formations on the island are useless against dragon souls, so don’t think about using the method you used with the living corpses.”

As soon as she began to play the zither, the dragon soul’s movements slowed. Its eyes became dull, affected by the zither music.

Jian Chen immediately struck out without holding back. He slashed at the dragon soul with Chaotic Force in the Dragon Slaying Sword, finally extinguishing the soul and causing it to disappear.

Before it disappeared, the dragon soul produced a mournful cry, causing the dragons flying over to become even more aggravated. A dozen or so roars that were filled with hatred rang out immediately. They approached them quickly. Jian Chen could even feel a tremendous aura from within these roars. It was a Class 8 dragon soul.

Jian Chen used the Illusionary Flash with no sign of hesitance, turning into a blur and returning to the white tiger’s back. He bellowed grimly, “Xiao Bai, let’s go!”

The white tiger immediately unfurled its wings, turning into a white streak of light. It currently fled with its full speed. However, the dragons were extremely fast, especially the Class 8 dragon soul. Its speed had even exceeded the white tiger’s. Jian Chen could already see that it was an azure dragon, slowing drawing closer and closer to the white tiger.

“It’s a Class 8 Wind Dragon. It’s impossible for us to outrun it. Quickly find a cave and hide in it,” the Heavenly Enchantress said grimly.

“We’ll be safe if we hide in a cave?” Jian Chen asked urgently.

“Although these dragon souls have the abilities of their past lives, they don’t have intelligence. We only need to flee to beyond their range of vision and hide in a cave, before blocking up the cave with a boulder. It’ll conceal us completely from the dragon soul’s senses.” The Heavenly Enchantress’s voice was rather frantic. She knew quite a lot regarding these dragon souls. They were actual Class 7 or 8 Magical Beasts and could not be so easily handled like the living corpses.

Behind them, the Class 8 Wind Dragon drew closer and closer. Currently, it was less than five kilometers away. With this current speed, the dragon soul would probably catch up before they could even enter the outskirts of the Fantasy Star Ocean.

“Xiao Bai, quickly find a cave to hide in.” Jian Chen immediately told the white tiger.

The white tiger had also sensed danger. It flapped its wings frantically, flying at extreme speeds along the ground. Travelling around a mountain peak, they finally discovered a cave, immediately hiding in it.

Jian Chen pulled out the Dragon Slaying Sword, collapsing the ceiling of the entrance. Countless pieces of rocks fell, tightly sealing the entrance. He used the mountain rocks to cover the entrance of the cave, cutting off their presences.

As the entrance was sealed, it also cut off all light, causing the cave to become pitch-black. However, both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress did not dare to make any sounds, concealing their presences and standing there unmovingly. The white tiger had also sensed the great danger, copying the two of them and standing there quietly. It did not make any sound, though all its hairs were already standing on its end.


Several seconds later, a great dragon roar echoed from outside the cave. It caused the rocks that sealed the cave to constantly tremble.

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