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Chapter 831: The Artifact’s Monster Cores

“You dare!”

At this very moment, an angry yell sounded out of nowhere. It instantly froze the surroundings space, as if it had turned into extremely tough ice, trapping the Crow King tightly and cutting off all its mobility.

The Heavenly Enchantress’s eyes immediately narrowed when she saw the Class 7 Crow King being trapped. She could already tell that the Crow King was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer. It could be imagined just how powerful the person who struck out in secret was, as he had actually trapped such a powerful magical beast mid-air. It was at least a supreme Saint King.

The artifact spirit slowly appeared beside Jian Chen. He did not even glance at the Crow King, directly bowing at Jian Chen. “I greet master.”

She immediately became astonished when she heard the spirit say master. She stared at Jian Chen and the artifact spirit in the shape of a middle-aged. She was extremely shocked.

Meanwhile, the trapped Crow King had also heard how the artifact spirit had referred to Jian Chen. Its reactions were even greater than the Heavenly Enchantress; the shock it experienced had reached the absolute limit. It was closely followed by deep dread and disbelief. It was born and raised in the artifact space, so it knew the artifact spirit’s identity and strength extremely well.

“Release that crow,” Jian Chen said.

“Yes, master!” The artifact spirit replied courteously, before immediately returning the frozen space to how it was before. The Crow King also regained control over its body as a result.

However, the Crow King no longer dared to attack Jian Chen. It immediately transformed into a short, black-robed old man, kneeling on the ground. It said extremely courteously, “Mo Yu greets sir artifact spirit.”

The artifact spirit glared at the Crow King and said coldly, “How dare you actually disrespect master.”

The Crow King trembled all over and its eyes were filled with deep fear. It said with a shaking voice, “Please do not be angry, sir artifact spirit, please do not be angry. Before, Mo Yu did not know he was the master of sir artifact spirit. If I have done any offense, please forgive me.”

Seeing this, the Heavenly Enchantress became more and more astonished. A powerful Class 7 Magical Beast was actually begging the artifact spirit for forgiveness on its knees. This was extremely rare. After all, Class 7 Magical Beasts were equivalent to Saint Rulers and were naturally arrogant, let alone the fact that the Crow King had even reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer. Even before Saint Kings, they would just act more courteously at most. They would never be so shaken.

The Heavenly Enchantress could not help but guess at the artifact spirit’s strength once again after she witnessed the events before her. However, what made her even more astonished was that such a powerful artifact spirit actually took a Saint Ruler as its master. This was an extremely great piece of news.

“How are you related to the Class 6 crow that I killed initially?” Jian Chen inquired.

With that, the short old man hesitated slightly. Originally, it did not want to answer Jian Chen’s question but as soon as it remembered Jian Chen’s relationship with the artifact spirit, it could only reply obediently, “That was one of the eight disciples I took, as well as the most outstanding disciple of the eight. He had an extremely great chance of breaking through to Class 7.”

Jian Chen became relieved and said, “You can go. In the future, if you still want to take vengeance on me, I will be here.”

The short old man hesitated slightly. It did not say anything and instead looked toward the artifact spirit.

The artifact spirit said indifferently, “Since master does not intend to pursue your disrespect from before, I will let you off the hook for now. You can go.”

The old man bowed deeply at the artifact spirit before turning and leaving.

Afterward, Jian Chen, the Heavenly Enchantress and the artifact spirit arrived at the palace in the center of the space. She did not ask too many questions about this location, quietly leaving after choosing a hall. She planned to go into seclusion for a while.

After dismissing the artifact spirit, Jian Chen also chose a quiet hall to go into seclusion. He wanted to recover his Chaotic Force.

In an ice-cold and empty hall, Jian Chen sat cross-legged in the center, currently sorting the monster cores in his Space Ring. He had already planned to refine all these monster cores into Chaotic Force. Around him, the cores of various classes were already stacked up like mountains, radiating with great energy ripples.

After sorting through all the monster cores, Jian Chen finally stopped. He used his thoughts to communicate with the sword spirits who were absorbing the Multi-colored Stone, to get them to assist him in the refining.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo immediately appeared above Jian Chen’s head. With a flick of their hands, a small pile of monster cores immediately flew up between them, before being refined into strands of Chaotic Force.

The mountainous piles around him were constantly decreased, refined into Chaotic Force by the sword spirits and entering Jian Chen’s dantian. The chaotic neidan in Jian Chen’s dantian slowly began to grow at a visible rate.

After two days, all the mountainous monster cores around him were consumed without a single left. Meanwhile, Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan had grown from the soybean-size to the size of a thumb. The Chaotic Force he gained was extremely limited, less than a hundredth of the energy he absorbed below Mercenary City.

This was because the vast majority of the cores were Class 3, 4 and 5. He had already used up some of the Class 6 Monster Cores before, so there were extremely few left.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed from worry. Currently, he had consumed all the monster cores on him. Other than the Ruler Armament and the Dragon Slaying Sword, he had nothing else he could refine into Chaotic Force.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jian Chen’s head. He murmured quietly, “There seems to be quite a few Class 7 Magical Beasts in the artifact space. I wonder if the magical beasts who passed from old age had left behind any cores. If they have…” Slowly, Jian Chen’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter, before he abruptly stood up from the ground, rushing out of seclusion.

“Artifact spirit!” Outside the hall, Jian Chen directly summoned the artifact spirit.

“Master, how may I be of service?” The artifact spirit appeared before Jian Chen soundlessly.

“Artifact spirit, don’t many magical beasts exist in the artifact space? When those magical beasts die, do they leave behind monster cores?” Jian Chen asked hurriedly. His heart was filled with a powerful anticipation.

“There are quite a few monster cores. The cores can only be absorbed by humans, so they’re completely useless to magical beasts. However, after the deaths of their ancestors, many clans of magical beasts would consecrate them. If master needs them, this one can go collect them immediately,” The artifact spirit said.

Jian Chen was ecstatic. His heart could not help but begin thumping heavily. He said urgently, “Artifact spirit, I need large amounts of cores. Collect it for me immediately.”

“Yes, master!”

Afterward, all the clans of magical beasts in the entire artifact space fell into a commotion. The monster cores consecrated in their ancestral halls that were left behind by their ancestors, all flew away. Their halls, which used to be filled with various high class monster cores, had become empty.

This occurred to all the magical beast clans in the artifact space of ranging sizes. All the monster cores kept by those magical beasts flew away under the attention of countless experts, whether high class or low class. There were even several powerful Class 7 Magical Beasts who went to prevent the cores from leaving but as soon as they moved, they were immediately met with the suppression of the artifact space. In the end, they could only watch on helplessly as the monster cores left behind by their ancestors disappeared into the distance.

“It’s sir artifact spirit. Sir artifact spirit has taken away all the monster cores left behind by the ancestors.”

The powerful Class 7 Magical Beasts understood very quickly. Even though there were many beasts who were absolutely infuriated, they did not dare to grumble too much. This was because in this space, the artifact spirit was like a god. He was absolute.

Other than this, several monster cores buried deep within the ground broke out. They all flew towards the central palace. The cores had been accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years. The amount had already reached an extremely terrifying level; other than the tiny portion that was taken by the competitors from the Radiant Saint Master Union, the remaining were all left behind in the space.

Inside the hall, Jian Chen stared blankly at the floor before him. He only saw countless monster cores flying in from outside in a steady, unending stream. They all piled on the ground neatly and in just a few seconds, the monster cores had already formed a small mountain, blocking up the corridors.

“Master, I am currently collecting all the monster cores in this space. There’s no more room here, so I’ve placed the remaining cores in another hall. If master needs them, master can go take them whenever.” A while later, Jian Chen heard the artifact spirit’s voice.

Looking at the surroundings, he saw mountainous piles of monster cores. Jian Chen gulped with some effort. If the cores here were an elephant, the monster cores in his Space Ring would basically be an ant. It was incomparable.

“Artifact spirit, how many high class monster cores are there here in total?” Jian Chen asked with some difficulty.

“Master, in the past hundreds of thousand years, there has been over two thousand Class 8 Magical Beasts and fifty thousand Class 7 Magical Beasts that have appeared in the artifact space in total. Other than the Class 8 Magical Beasts who left a few days ago, the remaining monster cores have all been preserved. As a result, there are over two thousand Class 8 Monster Cores, over fifty thousand Class 7 Monster Cores and an uncountable number below Class 7,” the artifact spirit said.

Jian Chen was completely stunned. Currently, any thought processes in his mind had stopped. Only what the artifact spirit had said echoed through his head.

“Over two thousand Class 8 Monster Cores, over fifty thousand Class 7 Monster Cores. Over two thousand Class 8 Monster Cores, over fifty thousand Class 7 Monster Cores…”

Jian Chen muttered mindlessly; his voice trembled. Currently, euphoria had drowned Jian Chen’s entire spirit. He was drunk in endless joy, unable to return to his senses even after a great period of time.

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