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Chapter 852: Saint Tier Battle Skill

Watching Bi Jian fly toward Three Saint Island, Jian Chen began to panic. He cried out, “Bi Jian, if you disturb my grandfather’s breakthrough, I, Jian Chen, swear that I will pursue you for your life to the end of the world.”

However, Bi Jian’s mind was currently full of matters about the Heavenly Enchantress. Why would he pay any attention to Jian Chen’s threats? He continued onward with no decrease in speed. Instead, he sped up even more.


At this very moment, the gentle sound from a zither resounded through space, sending a visible sound wave at Bi Jian with lightning speed.

“Heavenly Enchantress, you dare to attack me!” Bi Jian became even angrier. He roared out as he poured his surging Saint Force into his Saint Weapon. He then directly swung it at the sound wave.

With a great rumble, the violent ripples of energy knocked Bi Jian back very far away. This time, he flew for close to ten kilometers before he came to a halt.

“Heavenly Enchantress, I didn’t think your strength would become so great. Why do you stop me? Why? Why do you do this? Why can he enter the island while I cannot? Tell me why!” Bi Jian roared loudly. The envy he experienced became stronger and stronger, almost to the point where he would faint. In Bi Jian’s heart, he had already imagined the Heavenly Enchantress as his partner. Even though she had never shown any agreement, he believed that it was only a matter of time before he became a couple with her thanks to his mad pursuit and his father backing him up.

Yet now, the Heavenly Enchantress treated an unknown man like this right before him. Bi Jian struggled to accept this, especially because the person was also extremely outstanding, no weaker than himself in strength or appearance. Moreover, the Heavenly Enchantress just seemed to treat this unknown man extremely closely; some other thoughts could not help but spring up in Bi Jian’s head.

“Bi Jian, you and I are strangers. Why must I explain so much to you? As the mistress of the island, I have the right to restrict the entry of certain people. Leave. In the future, do not ever return.” The Heavenly Enchantress’s cold voice boomed in the sky. It was filled with mercilessness, without signs of any emotions.

“Strangers. Stranger! You say strangers! Heavenly Enchantress, so my place in your heart is only that. Whatever, since you’re unwilling, I’ll go find my father. I’ll go get father to propose the marriage!” Bi Jian breathed heavily, about to leave.


The Heavenly Enchantress’s gentle sigh resounded mid-air. A purple figure appeared on the island shortly afterward. With a single step, the figure traversed over ten kilometers and appeared before Bi Jian.

“Bi Jian, you should give up on that thought. Even if you get your father to come, it’s useless,” said The Heavenly Enchantress expressionlessly. She was veiled, standing over a hundred meters in the sky with the Zither of the Demonic Cry in her hands.

“Heavenly Enchantress, you’re finally willing to come out.” Joy appeared on Bi Jian’s face. He looked toward her in infatuation. Afterward, his expression changed abruptly, staring at her in disbelief. He said with a trembling voice, “Heavenly Enchantress, you- you- you… you- you’ve lost your chastity. Impossible, this is impossible!”

The Heavenly Enchantress’s expression became downcast. She glanced at Jian Chen nearby and her eyes contained misery in pain. Afterward, she turned around and flew back toward the island. Only a voice with inconspicuous emotion appeared in Bi Jian’s head.

“Bi Jian, you should go. Don’t pester me in the future.”

Bi Jian stood there stunned. He became senseless; he was unable to accept it and unwilling to accept an outcome like this.


A long while afterward, Bi Jian roared at the sky. His expression was filled with pain. Before, when he still looked like a middle-aged man, he fell in love with the Heavenly Enchantress at first sight. Afterward, he had used a secret technique to turn into his current appearance, just to have an additional edge when courting the Heavenly Enchantress. Although he hit many dead ends in these years, he never gave up. He believed that as long as he persevered, he would definitely succeed.

Now, all his hopes and fantasies were shattered. The goddess in his eyes, the Heavenly Enchantress, was no longer a virgin; he found this difficult to accept and it even broke his heart.

Bi Jian’s eyes were bloodshot. A powerful killing intent radiated from his body and he stared at Jian Chen with hatred and resentment. He ground his teeth. “It’s you, it’s you, it must be you! That person must be you! I, Bi Jian, will obliterate you!” Bi Jian charged madly at Jian Chen and attacked him wildly.

“Bi Jian, you struggled to even injure me heavily with your strength. I want to see how you obliterate me,” Jian Chen said as he received Bi Jian’s attacks. His voice was extremely cold.

“I want you to die!” Bi Jian was like a raging lion right now. With a roar, he immediately pulled back and began to charge up his Saint Tier Battle Skill once again.

“Then show me just the strength of a legendary Saint Tier Battle Skill. Bi Jian, I’ll give you the chance to cast it,” Jian Chen said coldly.

A familiar yet frigid voice appeared in Jian Chen’s head. “The power of a Saint Tier Battle Skill is not as you imagine it to be. With Bi Jian’s strength as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, a Saint Tier Battle Skill from him can heavily injure a First or Second Heavenly Layer Saint King. It is even capable of killing them.”

“What!? A Saint Tier Battle Skill is this powerful?” With that, Jian Chen immediately became shocked. The power of a Saint Tier Battle Skill was far beyond anything he had anticipated.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately charged at Bi Jian who was in the middle of charging up the battle skill. Jian Chen yelled, “Bi Jian, so what if you know a Saint Tier Battle Skill? I want to see how you’re able to cast it!”

Learning about the power of the battle skill, Jian Chen gave up on his original idea where he wanted to see its power. No matter how confident he was in himself, he did not want to receive a battle skill that could even kill Saint Kings so easily. This was because he knew that even if he did not die after taking it on, he would become heavily injured as a result. It was not worth it at all.

Jian Chen arrived before Bi Jian. Without giving him any more time to charge up the battle skill, he directly threw a punch that struck toward Bi Jian’s chest with lightning speed.

Spurt! Bi Jian vomited a mouthful of blood, immediately flying backward. His charge-up for the battle skill was also forcefully disrupted.

“I will definitely kill you!” Bi Jian was stubborn. He was extremely determined to kill Jian Chen; forcefully enduring his injuries, he retreated several kilometers with a flash and cast the battle skill once again. It was much faster than last time too; instantly, gusts of wind appeared and the clouds began to churn in the surroundings. A huge, dark cloud floated over him, flashing with lightning from time to time. The seawater under him flowed in reverse and pushed up blue water spouts to connect the sky and the earth right in between the two of them.

Jian Chen became grim. He pulled out the Dragon Slaying Sword from his Space Ring and stabbed out three times. Three powerful sword Qi shot out, cutting through the obstruction of the sea water with a devastating aura as it directly headed for Bi Jian.

As Bi Jian was amidst the charge-up for his Saint Tier Battle Skill, he was unable to divert his attention and block the three sword Qi. He could only dodge. He avoided two of the sword Qi, while the final one shot through his chest and destroyed his heart.

Bi Jian produced a groan. His Saint Weapon was raised high up in his right hand as he grit his teeth and hung on. He had arrived at the final stages; he only needed to hang in there a little longer and the Saint Tier Battle Skill would be successfully cast.

The sky had become gloomy due to the charge-up of the battle skill despite being originally sunny. Murky clouds covered the sky while lightning and thunder flashed and rumbled. Wild wind whistled in the surroundings, while the sea below churned violently. An extremely vast and boundless pressure slowly radiated outward like a primordial beast slowly awakening from its slumber.

“I need to disrupt his casting of the battle skill as soon as possible.” Jian Chen’s eyes became icy-cold. He charged at Bi Jian against the wild wind with his sword in hand.


Suddenly, a great bolt of lightning descended from the sky without any warning, accurately striking Jian Chen.

Jian Chen trembled violently. His skin immediately became burnt black. The powerful electricity snaked wildly through his body and caused him to become numb all over. He then lost control of his body.

“Goddamn it, it’ll be troublesome now.” Jian Chen swore in his heart. His body was now completely frozen and immobilized. He did not even have the power to stay in the air any longer and he directly fell out of the sky toward the boundless sea below.

Two seconds later, Jian Chen finally recovered from the numbness after falling into the sea. He shot out of the water like a cannonball toward Bi Jian.

Bi Jian had reached the end of his charge-up for the Saint Tier Battle Skill now. His two hands formed a seal and he bellowed, “Saint Tier Battle Skill, Grand Destruction…”


Before Bi Jian could finish his words, a gentle note suddenly appeared. It seemed to carry a boundless charm and it was heard clearly by Bi Jian.

Bi Jian’s eyes immediately became blank. Afterward, he seemed to lose all the power in his body, falling into the ocean just like Jian Chen before.

Without Bi Jian guiding it, the battle skill that had basically been charged up also seemed to lose its source of energy. It ran out of power, before slowly dispersing.

The zither note had only stunned Bi Jian temporarily; it made unconscious but could not harm his life. Bi Jian woke up very quickly after hitting the water, bursting out of the sea immediately. He looked toward Three Saint Island angrily and roared in exasperation, “Heavenly Enchantress, Heavenly Enchantress, you actually ruined what I was doing. You- you’re still protecting him… you’re still protecting him! I- I- Spurt!” Toward the end, Bi Jian’s anger back-surged. His blood flowed up his body and he sprayed a large mouthful of blood into the air as a mist. He had already become sheet-white.

“Heavenly Enchantress, I will be back. Brat, I don’t care who you are, I, Bi Jian, will obliterate you.” Throwing down these vicious threats, Bi Jian quickly moved off into the distance, disappearing in the blink of an eye. The battle skill was disrupted at a crucial moment, so he was struck by an extremely powerful backlash. He was heavily injured and combined with his back-surge of anger and his destroyed heart. He was not in fighting shape, already a spent force.

Watching as Bi Jian’s figure disappeared into the distance, Jian Chen produced a long sigh. He felt extremely helpless. He never thought that he would somehow offend a great Saint Ruler because of this, and the Saint Ruler seemed to be of an extraordinary background.

“Never would I think that something like this would happen. Fortunately, the Heavenly Enchantress helped me in the crucial moment, otherwise, it would’ve been troublesome for me,” Jian Che murmured softly.

The dark clouds disappeared from the sky, recovering its sunniness from before. At this very moment, five-colored clouds suddenly appeared and enveloped the entire sky.

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