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Chapter 871: Battle for the Map Fragment (One)

Jian Chen removed the ring on the black-robed old man’s finger, before bringing his head to Kai Ya. He said with a slight smile, “Miss Kai Ya, I’ve already beheaded this guy for you. Just treat it as returning your kindness of the hundred crystal coins.”

Kai Ya and the twelve guards stared at Jian Chen in stupefaction, while great waves of emotions churned within their hearts. They felt extremely uncalm; a powerful, 14th Star Seasoul Warrior had just been slaughtered like that by Jian Chen and was even beheaded. They found this unbelievable and did not even return to their senses after a long time. They really refused to accept what had happened before them.

“Is that expert really that person who didn’t even have money for the fees to enter the city?” At this moment, similar thoughts simultaneously appeared in Kai Ya and the twelve guard’s minds. None of them dared to connect Jian Chen who had easily killed a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior to that person from before.

Staring at the beheaded corpse, the elder from the Kalor tribe was also extremely shocked. The black-robed old man was a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior; although he did not reach the peak, he was still extremely strong. Meanwhile, Jian Chen had actually killed the old man so easily—this strength caused the elder to be extremely astounded.

“Peak of the 14th Star, that person who just struck out has definitely reached the peak of the 14th Star! He might even be a 15th Star expert!” the elder thought. His heart was soon replaced with ecstasy. If the Kalor tribe could pull such a powerful expert to their side, it would be a humungous matter.

The elder wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips and dragged his heavily-injured body to Jian Chen. He said gratefully, “I thank this warrior for helping us out. My Kalor tribe will never forget the great kindness you have shown. May I ask if you are able to come to my tribe as a guest so that my Kalor tribe can thank the warrior properly?”

“It’s only a small matter, not worth mentioning. Also, miss Kai Ya has helped us once before so it’s expected of me to help her this time. Elder, I still have matters to attend to so I won’t be able to visit your tribe.” Jian Chen declined after some meandering. He was extremely polite.

The elder was awkward. He clearly wanted to invite Jian Chen to their tribe very much as a guest. However, as Jian Chen was so powerful, he did not dare to pester him until he was angry. At that time, he would be in for a loss.

“Silly girl, what’re you staring blankly for? Why don’t you quickly invite this warrior to our tribe as a guest?” the elder immediately sent a mental message to Kai Ya after a thought popped into his head.

Kai Ya remained hesitant. Her relationship with Jian Chen was extremely ordinary. Additionally, she could clearly feel with her Innate Spirit-opening technique that Jian Chen only treated her as an extremely ordinary passerby, with no other intentions at all. The reason why he had helped her this time was completely due to the fact that he wanted to return the favor of the hundred crystal coins.

“Farewell miss Kai Ya,” Jian Chen clasped his hands at Kai Ya before turning around and leaving.

Seeing how Kai Ya did not follow through with his suggestion, the elder immediately became frantic on the side. He urged once again, “Silly girl, don’t just stand around. Why don’t you quickly stop the warrior?” The elder’s voice was filled with urgency. There was such a great opportunity right in front of him right now to rope in an expert; he did not want to just miss out on it.

Kai Ya shook her head gently and did nothing else. She knew that even if she spoke out to urge him to stay, it would do nothing at all.

“Ai.” the elder of the Kalor tribe sighed resentfully as she had failed to do what he had insisted. His face was filled with regret and anger.

As Nubis and Xie Wang fought, they moved away. They were now already several dozen kilometers away.

Gazing at the two still embroiled in an intense fight, Jian Chen said, “Nubis, don’t waste too much time here.”

“Hahaha, understood. Kiddo Xie Wang, I, your great grandfather Nubis, won’t be playing along anymore.” Nubis laughed from afar. He immediately used his full strength, heavily striking Xie Wang’s body a few times, which caused him to fly backward as he vomited blood.

“Kiddo Xie Wang, come find me after you break through to the 15th Star. You’re not my opponent otherwise.” Nubis’s extremely arrogant voice shook up the surroundings, broadcasted far and wide. He no longer paid any attention to the heavily-injured Xie Wang, turning around and flying toward Jian Chen.

“I haven’t wasted too much time, have I?” Nubis smiled slightly in front of Jian Chen. He did not feel pressured at all in his fight with Xie Wang. He had not used his full strength at all. As a Silver Striped Golden Snake, Nubis’s battle capability was not his most powerful aspect but his venom was renowned throughout the Tian Yuan Continent.

“They’ve already left my range. We can’t delay this any longer,” said Jian Chen, before they arrived before the patriarch of the Dare tribe together. They said, “Patriarch, let’s go.”

“Ah! What! Oh… yes… yes… yes…” Stunned, the patriarch suddenly returned to his senses, unconsciously nodding his head. His face was already filled with extreme levels of shock and disbelief. He had truly and properly understood Nubis and Jian Chen’s abilities from this fight.

Nubis had fought the infamous Xie Wang all by himself and heavily injured him so easily while remaining uninjured himself. Meanwhile, Jian Chen battled four Saint Rulers on his own and wiped out the soul of a 14th Star Seasoul Warrior in just a few bouts, while the other three 13th Star Seasoul Warriors fled with heavy injuries. The Dare tribe patriarch’s blood boiled when he saw all this; how just was the mere Menghuang tribe worthy of any fear with such experts supporting his tribe?

The three of them left the area, while Kai Ya’s group remained where they were, staring into the direction that Jian Chen had disappeared off to.

“Just who are the two of them? And who’s the other one? Even the infamous Xie Wang was no match for him. Is he perhaps a 15th Star Seasoul Warrior?” mumbled the elder of the Kalor tribe. The regret in his heart increased even more; if he could rope in those two experts, the strength of his tribe would increase vastly.

Jian Chen’s group stopped after traveling several hundred kilometers. Afterward, he turned to the patriarch and said, “Patriarch, the two of us have something important to attend to so we must leave temporarily. When we deal with it, we will come back to assist you with the Menghuang tribe. Is that fine?”

The patriarch pondered in silence in response before replying, “The three experts from the Menghuang tribe have already sustained heavy injuries so they probably won’t have the power to fight my tribe for the time being. Alright, warriors, then you should go deal with your matter. I will wait for your return.” The patriarch seemed like a brute but he was not stupid at all. Instead, he had a nimble mind. He could tell with a single glance that the two of them wanted to try their luck with the Octoterra Map fragment.

Bidding farewell to the patriarch, Jian Chen and Nubis did not show any hesitation at all, immediately shooting off into the distance as a blur with lightning speed. They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At this very moment several thousand kilometers away, the Hao family directly traveled toward the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall with the Octoterra Map fragment and the accompaniment of Jad, a 16th Star Seasoul Warrior. As Saint Kings could not rip open space in the territory of the Sea race, they could only travel by flight.

At this very moment, a weird call appeared in the surroundings.

“Kakakakak, you better leave this last map fragment behind. I, Yun Feng, will be taking it.” With this voice, a burly, middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere, right in front of the group’s path and blocking them. Simultaneously, the surrounding space froze, becoming something akin to a frozen block of ice in that very instant. It trapped many experts from the Hao family, immobilizing them.

“Daemon Lord Yun Feng!”

The expressions of many experts of the Hao family changed; their gazes toward Yun Feng were filled with deep fear and dread.

The city lord of Jass City, Jad, stood forward from the group, staring at Yun Feng with a sneer, “Yun Feng, you normally only move about in the territory of the Sea God Hall. Why’ve you come to our territory? Moreover, there’s a powerful formation enveloping the exterior of the Octoterra Divine Hall. Once you reach the 15th, you can’t enter it. You are a person who walks a solitary path, so what use is for the map fragment? It’s not like you can go in any way.” As Jad spoke, his body jolted slightly and the frozen space where Yun Feng had appeared shattered immediately, returning to how it was before.

Yun Feng laughed aloud. “You’re right. I am indeed unable to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall but someone has put forward a condition that I can’t reject. It’ll be difficult for me to not interfere even when that’s what I want.”

“I never thought that the proud, lonesome Daemon Lord would help others do things. But with just your strength at the peak of the 15th Star, you probably aren’t my opponent,” Jad said.

“Senior Jad, there’s not just me involved in this matter. I believe that there are still many others who covet the map fragment on you other than me.” laughed Yun Feng loudly. Afterward, he looked around and said, “Everyone, stop hiding. Come out.”

As soon as Yun Feng finished his words, over a hundred figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere from the empty surroundings. Every single one of them had reached Saint Ruler and there were even Saint Kings.

The people from the Hao family had known clearly about being followed since long ago. They did not find it surprising when the people appeared, while Jad who stood at the very front looked around. “Everyone, the Octoterra Map fragment was won by the Hao family in the auction by paying a heavy price. If you want to steal it, it won’t be my fault for being merciless.”

“Jad, you’re the Jass City lord of the Serpent God Hall. Why are you helping the people from the Hao family of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall?” asked an old Saint King.

“It’s not up to you to care about why I am doing this. In short, I will be using all my strength to assist the Hao family in protecting the map fragment. If there is someone who dares to come and take it, don’t blame me for being vicious,” Jad said with a gruff voice. His eyes turned into a glare, while a powerful killing intent radiated from him. It caused the surrounding temperature to plummet abruptly as if the surroundings had turned into an ice cavern in permafrost.

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