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Chapter 877: Emissary of the Serpent God Hall (Two)

After observing the pale expressions of the current patriarch and the two protector elders, the former patriarch asked, “Are the two experts recruited by the Dare tribe really as powerful as you’ve described, where one of them fought Xie Wang on an equal level while the other defeated the three of you all by himself?”

“Patriarch, they’re definitely stronger than us. Now that the Dare tribe has such powerful supporters, just what should we do?” A protector elder grumbled. His voice was rather weak as he was injured.

The former patriarch frowned, also conflicted in his heart. The developments had already exceeded his expectations.

Several vast presences appeared outside at this very moment and directly made way for the tribe.

The sudden appearance of powerful auras caused the four of them to frown slightly but it was soon replaced by astonishment. The current patriarch immediately cried out, “It’s Sen’er, Sen’er has returned.”

Sen’er’s name was Yensen. He was the great grandson of the current patriarch and was a prodigy in cultivation. His talent was so outstanding that he cultivated his way to Saint Ruler in the span of four hundred years, becoming an expert in the region. He then became valued by the Serpent God Hall and was chosen as an emissary of the hall then taken as a disciple of a hall elder. They held an extremely high regard for him and his future was very bright.

The entire Menghuang tribe had increased greatly in status all because of him. There were even people who predicted that he would reach Saint King in the distant future and reach great renown among the sea realm.

Yensen had already cultivated at the Serpent God Hall for over three hundred years as of the now. His strength was even more terrifying than before; other than those from the Serpent God Hall, there was barely anyone else who knew exactly what level of cultivation he had reached.

The four experts of the Menghuang tribe immediately left the tower to go and welcome him personally. The four of them cared deeply for Yensen, a talented junior who had an extremely great chance at breaking through to Saint King.

Four figures flew toward the tribe quickly. They were all young men in the same attire, with a serpent’s embroidery at the left side of their chest. It was the emblem of the Serpent God Hall.

“Yensen, is that the tribe you were born in up ahead? Your seniors seem to be coming out to welcome you. Probably only you can enjoy such an honor.” Laughed a young man who had a scaled forehead. His tone made him seem like he was currying up to Yensen.

“You don’t say, hey? Yensen’s the genius of our Serpent God Hall. He’s ranked up there even among all the other emissaries. He’ll definitely break through to the 15th Star and gloriously become an elder of our hall. He might even become a hall elder, an existence only second to the hall master,” said another young man, praising Yensen without hiding anything. There was a faint pattern on his face but other than that, his appearance did not stand out.

Yensen was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties and was striking. He could not help but reveal a sliver of arrogance from the praises of his two companions and replied, “The two of you speak too highly of me. Between the 14th Star and the 15th Star is a chasm that is extremely hard to bridge. We can’t be certain if I can make it over that gap or not. There’s still a difficult journey before I can become an elder.”

“Yensen, we have an important mission this time. We need to return the item to the hall elders as soon as possible, so we can’t stick around for too long. None of us can bear the burden if something goes wrong,” said the last young man. He was a broad-chested man who seemed to be in his thirties. He spoke with an exceptionally icy tone and had a cool face.

Yensen frowned and retorted, “Da Hei, don’t you understand the hall elders’ orders? I’m the leader of the squad, not you. All of you need to listen to me. Since when did you become in charge?”

The young man immediately shut up and silently followed behind the three of them.

With Yensen’s arrival, he received a warm welcome from the entire tribe but was quickly invited into the tower by the four experts.

Inside, the old patriarch explained the threat they currently faced to Yensen.

“What? Grandfather has been heavily injured? And the protector elders, you’ve been injured too! This is outrageous! Who dares bully my Menghaung tribe? Don’t they know that I am a part of the tribe as well? I don’t care who they are, I’m not going to be letting them off easily!” Yensen immediately became angered and slammed the table. As an emissary, he only feared organizations that possessed Saint Kings. Any other third-rate or second-rate force was not worthy of his attention.

“Fantastic! With Sen’er and the three emissaries’ assistance, the two experts won’t be able to pose any threat to us any longer.” The current patriarch laughed happily. Yen Sen’s sudden return was a blessing for the Menghuang tribe.

“Grandfather, protector elders, wait here. Sen’er will lead my three companions to go teach those two experts recruited by the Dare tribe a solid lesson. I’ll let them know just how powerful we are,” Yensen said with a sense of justice.

“Alright, alright, alright. It’s about time that we, the Menghuang tribe, showed off our strength. It’ll show the other tribes that we really are strong. Sen’er, just wait. The four of us will come with you as well,” said the former patriarch.

Afterward, the four emissaries and the four experts of the Menghuang tribe departed and headed off for the Dare tribe threateningly.

Jian Chen and Nubis were currently discussing with the Dare tribe patriarch about how to deal with the Menghuang tribe tens of thousands of kilometers away. They had no clue that the Menghuang tribe had actually already set off and were charging toward them with ill-intent.

“Warriors, the Menghuang tribe probably won’t be attacking my Dare tribe for the time being. How about you two stay at my tribe for these days? Would that work?” The patriarch treated Jian Chen and Nubis extremely courteously as if they were gods being worshipped.

“Patriarch, the two of us still have some other important matters to attend to. We won’t be able to stay for too long. Since the Menghuang tribe isn’t coming, why don’t the two of us pay a visit to the Menghuang tribe with the patriarch tomorrow in the morning and completely alleviate the patriarch of the burden of dealing with the Menghuang tribe?” asked Jian Chen. He had come to the sea realm with the intention of getting some extra time to power up. He could not afford to spend so much time dealing with these miscellaneous matters.

Now that the problem of the monster cores had been resolved, Jian Chen only needed time before he could reach the third layer of the Chaotic Body and gain the power of a Saint King. Nubis still had some hidden essence to refine as well, so the day when he reached Class 8 was not far off either.

The patriarch of the Dare tribe naturally felt extremely regretful over their hurried needed to depart but he knew that his small tribe was not enough to get these two great experts to stay. All he could do was add, “Alright, let’s go to the Menghuang tribe tomorrow and finish them off since the two of you have other important matters to attend. We definitely can’t let them off so easily after taking an interest in us. If it’s possible…” muttered the patriarch. The light in his eyes flickered as they revealed a bubbling wild ambition.

Jian Chen understood that the patriarch wanted to borrow their power to swallow up the Menghuang tribe. He said in reminder, “Patriarch, the two of us are only tasked with blocking and repelling the Menghuang tribe, to prevent them from forming any sort of threat to your tribe. We have not been called on to help you do other things.”

A Space Ring appeared in Jian Chen’s hand silently and he gently placed it before the patriarch. “Patriarch, here is two million and one hundred thousand grand quality crystal coins. We are returning it to the patriarch. Please accept it.” He had obtained all these coins from killing the black-robed old man when he had saved Kai Ya outside Jass City.

The two of them went off to rest after their discussion with the patriarch, planning to pay a visit to the Menghuang tribe the very next day.

Although the sea realm had no night, they possessed a special way of keeping track of time, guaranteeing that the time here matched up with the world outside.

Jian Chen directly entered the artifact to check on the white tiger after he returned to his dwelling. The tiger curled up in the palace constructed by the artifact spirit in the size of a small cat, while a huge pile of thousand-year or even ten-thousand-year heavenly resources was placed nearby.

In the recent period, Jian Chen had not let the white tiger out and instead made it devour heavenly resources to increase its strength. After all, it was still too weak. It could not deal with any of the problems outside. There were also many more experts in the sea realm than on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“In the span of five years, the tiger has already reached the Fifth Cycle as a Heaven Saint Master. It’s equal to a cycle a year. He’ll probably be able to reach Class 7 in less than a year if he continues like this. At that time, he’ll have the ability to flee even if he encounters Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers,” muttered Jian Chen as he stared at the white tiger. Afterward, he left the artifact space.

In the morning of the next day, several grand presences suddenly began to surge forward from the horizon just as they planned to leave with the patriarch.

“Whoever injured the people of my Menghuang tribe, get out here right now and die!” A roar of anger resounded from the horizon. It was like a clap of thunder that echoed through the surroundings. Eight ant-like figures quickly approached them along the horizon.

“It’s the people of the Menghuang tribe,” muttered the patriarch as he stared into the distance.

“Just when we wanted to go looking for them, they’ve shown up themselves. Saves us quite some time,” sneered Nubis. He completely looked down on these newcomers.

“The experts of the Menghuang tribe are attacking…”

“The Menghuang tribe is attacking…”

“Make all preparations! We will protect the tribe with our lives and die with it if we have to…”

The Dare tribe that was originally peaceful fell into a mess immediately after the thunderous voice echoed past. Thousands of tribesmen ran out from their huts. Their faces were either filled with determination, fear or dread.

The patriarch of the Dare tribe frowned slightly as he saw the tribe instantly fall into mayhem. He bellowed, “Don’t worry! Our tribe has the assistance of two peak 14th Star warriors. We do not need to fear the Menghuang tribe!”

The members of the tribe remembered that they too had experts from the patriarch’s words so they calmed down immediately.

The eight Saint Rulers of the Menghuang tribe arrived above the Dare tribe very quickly and surrounded them.

The strength of the group caused many people of the Dare tribe to frown. They had a total of eight Saint Rulers, far beyond any estimations made by the Dare tribe.

Yensen floated high in the sky arrogantly, staring coldly at the people below. He looked at them as he would look at ants and said haughtily, “I am Yensen of the Menghuang tribe, emissary of the Serpent God Hall. Your tribe dared to injure the people of my Menghuang tribe, so today, I, Yensen, will be representing the Serpent God Hall to punish the Dare tribe. Where are the patriarch and the other two accomplices? Why don’t you hurry up and come to accept my punishment?”

“It’s Yensen. He’s Yensen, the prodigy of the Menghuang tribe…”

“Yensen’s an emissary of the Serpent God Hall. His status is extremely great and yet he’s actually come to our tribe. We’re completely screwed this time.”

“Four emissaries have come at the same time. Our tribe has no more hope anymore. Even if we have two 14th Star Seasoul Warriors, it won’t change anything…”

Yensen’s status as an emissary frightened quite a few people of the Dare tribe and caused them to fall into despair once again despite just regaining some hope earlier. They no longer felt lucky. To them, becoming enemies with the Serpent God Hall was a death sentence.

Emissaries of the halls could not be provoked!

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