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Chapter 883: Fighting Saint Kings

Yensen could not help but laugh aloud as he saw Jian Chen and Nubis’ stern expressions, “Haha, don’t you regret it now? This is the outcome of offending the emissaries of the hall. Too bad it’s all too late now. There’s no use regretting it now. Just obediently accept your deaths.”

Nubis taunted them and said, “Did you think you could deal with us just by calling two 15th Star experts?” As he said that, a humongous presence began to radiate from Nubis. It enveloped tens of thousands of mountains.

The presence had vaguely surpassed the Ninth Heavenly Layer, reaching an even higher level. There seemed to be a pressure in the presence.

Nubis’ battle intent was greatly roused. He felt no fear, as if the two Saint Kings before him could be defeated.

Xie Wang’s heart shivered when he felt Nubis’ presence. He thought, “No wonder he’s so powerful. He’s only an inch away from the 15th Star, he can easily become a renowned expert within the sea realm.”

The faces of the four emissaries twitched slightly. They naturally felt that even though Nubis was not a 15th Star expert, he was not far from it. His strength was beyond what they could handle. However, they relaxed immediately when they saw the two old men beside them. They were elders of the Serpent God Hall. They were real 15th Star experts, unlike Nubis. As long as they were present, the three people before them could not really do anything at all.

“Your strength has reached the very limit of the 14th Star, only an inch away from the 15th. Impressive, quite impressive. I believe reaching the 15th Star is no problem for you as long as you have some time. The two of us are elders of the Serpent God Hall. I wonder if you have any interest in joining us. If you are indeed willing, I’ll report it to the hall elders as soon as I return. I believe the hall elders would love the two of you to join,” said a smiling elder who stood beside Yensen. He was called Sid and since he came from the Serpent God Hall, he knew many more secret techniques than other Saint Kings. He could vaguely feel an extremely pure Ruler’s Qi from Jian Chen and Nubis through a secret technique and presumed that they must have been the rulers of some clan. They possessed extremely great talent and had the chance of reaching the very peak of the 16th Star.

Experts of such a level would only be an inch away from becoming an emperor, so even the three halls needed to draw them to their side.

“You lot have traveled so far to find us. It shouldn’t be about that, right?” Jian Chen asked normally.

The other old man, named Reins, also spoke out, “Correct. We’ve traveled so far to come looking for you and it is indeed not because of that. However, if you are willing to join our Serpent God Hall, we’ll be members of the same family in the future.”

Yensen immediately became worried when elder Reins and Sid both spoke out attempting to recruit the two of them who he absolutely despised. He said, “Elder, but the two of them are…”

“We know what we’re doing. You don’t need to interfere.” Yensen was cut off by elder Reins before he could finish what he was saying. Elder Reins stared at Jian Chen and Nubis fixedly.

“You may be disappointed if you had wanted us to join the Serpent God Hall,” replied Jian Chen.

“You don’t want to join?” Elder Reins’ face darkened.

“Correct,” replied Jian Chen as he stared straight at the elder. He felt no fear.

Elder Sid said, “Whatever. Since the two of you don’t want to join us, we won’t force you to. A few days ago, you stole a few Space Rings from our four emissaries. I hope you can return them to us. We will not trouble you if you do so.” Although that was what he said, killing intent flickered in the very depths of his eyes. He thought, “The hall elder has told me that the existence of the item must be kept secret. It must not be known by anyone outside of the Serpent God Hall. Since you don’t want to join, we need to eliminate you even if you possess the Ruler’s Qi.”

“We’ll return them to you since you need them.” Nubis tossed over four rings extremely casually.

The two elders rejoiced secretly when they saw the two of them hand over the rings so straightforwardly. They each caught two rings and began to look through them.

At this very moment, Jian Chen and Nubis suddenly moved against the two elders as they looked through the rings. It was like they had already planned this beforehand.

Nubis’ hands became dyed with a golden color. He did not hold back any of his strength, grabbing one of the old man’s necks swiftly.

Jian Chen wielded the Dragon Slaying Sword, which was now covered by a dark light. It radiated with an energy of destruction as it stabbed toward the other elder. He thrust it out with his full power, reaching the absolute limits of his speed. It was unbelievably fast.

The sword seemed to cut through time and jump through space. It arrived before the elder’s forehead in an instance.

The two elders did not expect Jian Chen and Nubis to actually move against them as they were esteemed elders within the territory of the Serpent God Hall. A large portion of their concentration was focused on the Space Rings as they looked through them, so the attacks took them completely off-guard.

Nubis’ hands mercilessly grabbed at elder Sid’s throat. The hand ripped through his throat, tearing off a great portion. It revealed a collapsed windpipe and some meridians. The sliver of poison on Nubis’ hand quickly wormed its way into the elder’s body and his neck immediately began to give off a putrid odor.

Jian Chen’s sword stabbed into the center of elder Reins’ eyebrows with absolute precision. Just as it was about to reach his origin soul, elder Reins grabbed the sword tightly with his wrinkled hands. It prevented the sword from advancing. Reins followed up with an explosive roar as he forcefully plucked the sword out from his forehead.

“To ambush us. You cannot be spared.” Elder Reins became furious and gave out a deafening roar. His voice was filled with pain and rage. Although the sword had failed to injure his original soul as there was still an inch of distance, it had deposited a powerful and odd energy in his head. It currently rampaged in his brain, bringing him great pain.

Elder Reins immediately used his powerful origin soul to suppress the sliver of Chaotic Force in his head. His hand lashed out like a bolt of lightning toward Jian Chen’s chest.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash, turning into a blur. He instantly disappeared from Reins’ range of sight and appeared once again behind him. He stabbed out three times with a blur-like sword.

Vast, surging energy poured out of the elder’s body, forming a piece of extremely tough armor to block Jian Chen’s lightning-fast attacks.

The sword struck elder Reins’ armor with destructive Chaotic Force. The first thrust caused it to crack, while the second thrust completely shattered it.

The third thrust stabbed through elder Reins like a hot knife through butter. It pierced through his body and the tip of the sword appeared on the other end covered in blood.

At the same time, rampaging Chaotic Force surged through the sword and exploded within the elder’s body.

“Argh!” The elder produced a chilling howl. He lost control of his chest as the wild Chaotic Force had already ripped open a bowl-sized hole there. It obliterated his organs.

Jian Chen did not pause. He knew that he could not give this elder the time to catch his breath, so his arm jolted violently. The sword stabbed out once again in the form of a black streak of light, directly going for the back of the elder’s head. He wanted to gravely wound the elder’s origin soul.

“I’m going to make you die right here!” The elder cried out madly. The surrounding space froze suddenly, trapping Jian Chen and his sword as well.

Jian Chen heart sank as he thought, “Crap.” He did not pause and immediately forced the Chaotic Force within him to surge out. It shattered the frozen space like glass.

However, just as he broke free, a hand snaked toward him and struck him viciously in the chest.


The defense of the golden silkmail was broken through immediately. Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood as he flew backward like a meteorite.

“I’m going to obliterate you!” The elder’s faces twisted violently. The blood from his forehead wound dyed his entire face red. Combined with the huge gaping hole in his chest, he seemed like a demon from hell. He was horrifyingly hideous.

He fused with the surrounding space and caught up to Jian Chen instantly by using Spatial Force. He mercilessly struck Jian Chen with a palm.

Jian Chen vomited blood a few times. His Chaotic Body had already been broken through by the elder’s attacks. He was now heavily injured.

On the other side, Nubis managed to heavily injure elder Sid by catching him off-guard with the surprise attack. He was currently chasing up with more attacks, before he suddenly saw that Jian Chen was in a tight spot. He immediately gave up on elder Sid, going straight for elder Reins and beginning a grand battle with him. They fought even-handedly in the air.

A powerful killing intent appeared nearby. It was elder Sid, who charged toward Nubis with his bloody throat. Although he was heavily injured, he was still a Saint King. His life force was tenacious so he still possessed an impressive ability for battle.

“I’ll block them. You leave immediately.” Nubis battled the two Saint Kings all by himself as he yelled at Jian Chen. Although they were both heavily injured, Nubis struggled greatly as he was up against two of them. He used all the power he had in him, only shying from changing back into his true form.

Elder Sid and Reins were only Saint Kings of the First Heavenly Layer but as elders of the hall, they definitely possessed abilities that stood out. Their strength in battle was much greater than ordinary Saint Kings. Their true strength was close to the Second Heavenly Layer despite their level of cultivation.

A light flicked in Jian Chen’s eyes. He hesitated slightly, before giving up on the idea of casting God’s Descent to kill off the two of them. He immediately began to flee.

The price for the forbidden arte was just too great. Even if he managed to kill the two of them, even more powerful elders would come later on. Killing the two of them would not solve the problem at all.

“The item might be on him. Don’t let him escape.” The four emissaries who were watching on blankly finally returned to their senses. They all pursued Jian Chen, engaging in a battle with him.

Jian Chen had taken a palm strike from a Saint King, so he was heavily injured. Even with the recovery abilities of his Chaotic Body, he was unable to heal temporarily. He immediately felt slightly pressured as he fought against three Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers and a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, unable to break free from them temporarily. After all, Jian Chen did not possess a strength that could rival Saint Kings like Nubis.

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