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Chapter 912: The Sea Goddess Appears

As the number one expert of the Beast God Continent struck out, he immediately attracted the attention of all the people from the Beast God Continent. This included tiger king Lankyros. They all stared fixedly at Kaiser’s attack.

The spear condensed from Kaiser’s great strength directly tore through space. It shot down into the ocean with an unstoppable force, cracking open the space wherever it passed by.

The spear remained in mid-air. It had not even touched the water, yet its terrifying pressure had pushed all the water to expand in the surroundings, lowering the surface of the water below it.

As the spear touched the water, the water directly disappeared. It revealed a dark hole that directly led to the bottom of the ocean.

At that very moment, a blue pillar of light shot out from the barrier that encased the sea realm. It directly collided with Kaiser’s spear.


With a great rumble from the sea, the surface of the water began to churn. It abruptly shot up and was actually knocked thousands of meters into the air by the violent energy ripples, unfolding on a magnificent scale.

A blue barrier rose from the depths of the sea. The barrier that protected the entire sea realm expanded to countless times its previous size in that instant and rose above the water. The sea water was actually pushed into the surroundings by the suddenly-rising barrier and caused the surface to begin tossing and turning. It formed a huge wave several hundred meters in height, rippling off in all directions.

“People of the Beast God Continent, leave. The world of my Sea race is not one that you can trespass.” A sound voice resounded from ahead. A blurry figure could be vaguely seen in the huge barrier. The figure was elegant and graceful. It was the figure of a woman.

“Who are you?” Kaiser stared fixedly at the figure that was virtually a part of the barrier. His voice was deep while his expression was grim.

Lankyros’ face sank abruptly. He could actually feel a grand pressure from the figure even though he was a Saint Emperor. The pressure was so great that it shocked him; even before Kaiser, he had never experienced something so great.

“I think you already have the answer as to who I am. I don’t want to make it difficult for you. You can leave. No one can invade the world of my Sea race,” a soft voice rang out again. The woman in the barrier had actually taken a step and had left the barrier. She formed an illusionary figure in the middle of the air that was extremely blurry.

“You’re the sea goddess? You’re not dead yet?” Kaiser’s face sank. He suffered quite the psychological blow when he found out that the sea goddess was not dead yet. This had shocked him greatly.

“Correct. I’m indeed still alive,” the sea goddess said softly.

Kaiser stared fixedly at the illusionary figure and seemed to think of something. His eyes immediately lit up as he sneered, “Sea goddess, since you’re not dead, why haven’t you come out personally and only sent this soul? Perhaps, only your soul remains now?”

“My soul is enough to stop you from entering,” said the sea goddess. Her voice was calm and emotionless.

“Impossible. Even if you had surpassed Saint Emperor, it’s impossible for you to live so long. Sea goddess, if I’ve guessed correctly, then you’ve actually died long ago. Just for some reason, your soul did not disperse and survived till today. Am I right? Too bad, you can’t threaten us at all in the form you are in right now.” A sneer formed on Kaiser’s face. The fear in his heart gradually disappeared.

“The barrier of the sea realm took me a hundred years to cast down. I can use the power of the barrier at will; even if I’m just a soul, you’re not my opponent,” said the sea goddess.

“Is that so?” Kaiser’s lips formed a cold smile. “I’d like to see whether your barrier from all those years ago can withstand an attack from Lankyros and me.” A powerful presence radiated from his body, which caused the surrounding energy to become violent. Vast quantities of World Force quickly began to gather toward Kaiser.

At the same time, a towering presence began to radiate from Lankyros as well. His two arms immediately began to bulge, ripping through his clothes. They transformed into two golden tiger paws, while invisible World Force gathered around them.

“Do it!” Kaiser shouted. Together with Lankyros, they struck out powerfully and directly surged toward the sea goddess.

The space up ahead immediately became a wall of darkness. The attacks from the two Saint Emperors had shattered and collapsed it.

The attacks directly passed through the sea goddess’ body and struck the barrier behind her forcefully. With a violent rumble, the barrier only rippled. It did not even tremble, easily resisting the attacks from the two Saint Emperors.

Violent ripples of residual energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings. It immediately knocked back the thousand or so Class 7 and Class 8 Magical Beasts from the Beast God Continent.

“It’s useless. Unless you surpass the realm of saints and reach the Origin realm, you won’t be able to break through the barrier I’ve cast down. Even if all three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent come, it’s useless.” The sea goddess’ voice rang in Kaiser and Lankyros’ ears.

The two of their faces darkened greatly. After a period of silent thought, Lankyros spoke out, “Sea goddess, we have no intentions of invading the sea realm. Our great beast god has appeared in the sea realm. We only want to take him back from the sea realm.”

“The rules of my sea realm do not change. Only magical beasts below Class 8 can enter. It doesn’t matter who it is, those who are Class 8 and above are forbidden,” said the sea goddess.

“Alright, then we’ll send in some peak Class 7 Magical Beasts into the sea realm. I hope the sea goddess makes it convenient for us and assists us in finding the beast god. My Beast God Continent will be extremely grateful,” Lankyros said emotionlessly.

“The beast god of your continent has nothing to do with me. After your people enter the sea realm, they will be in charge of their fates. I will not be helping you,” said the sea goddess.

With that, Kaiser and Lankyros both revealed ugly expressions.

“Also, the person you’re searching for isn’t as simple as you think. Unless Class 8 Magical Beasts head out personally, you won’t be able to handle him at all. You should decide yourselves if you want to send experts into my sea realm.” The sea goddess turned around and reentered the barrier after she threw that down. She fused with the barrier once again.

Kaiser clenched his fist tightly as stared coldly at the sea goddess’ back. He growled, “There will be a day where I break through the realm of saints and reach that legendary Origin realm. At that time, I’ll definitely be smashing through your barrier. Let’s go.” Kaiser immediately began to return to the Beast God Continent with his experts after he threw that threat down.

The sea goddess’ gentle voice rang out in the surroundings once again after their departure. Her voice was filled with reminiscence and pity.

“Do you really think that realm of saints is really that easy to break through? In the ancient times, there were plenty of people who had reached the peak of Saint Emperor but there were only a tiny amount who truly broke through to the Origin realm. Not to mention, it’s no longer possible to break through now, unless the world returns to how it was like before in the ancient times.”

In the distant north from the Tian Yuan Continent, there was a snow-white world. There were mountains of crystal-like ice formed from the cold as far as the eye could see. The ice radiated with a frigid aura.

The snow and ice never melted there and had already existed for countless years. The climate there was so cold that no ordinary people could endure it. Even Earth Saint Masters would not be able to exist for too long in that climate.

The cold wind whistled like the howls of ghosts. A visible, white gas was constantly blown around by the wind.

The white gas was extreme frigid Qi. It was so powerful that it had reached a startling level. Even Heaven Saint Masters would be frozen up instantly if they came into contact with it and they would never to be able to break free again. Only Saint Rulers could withstand it.

This was the arctic, the desolate arctic. Currently, a huge divine hall stood quietly in the depths of it.

The hall was extremely large, over tens of thousands of meters both long and wide. It stood there silently like a sleeping primordial beast. It radiated with a great aura.

Currently, a woman laid quietly on a bed carved from ten-thousand-year profound ice as she was enveloped by an extreme frigid Qi. The woman was completely snow-white; not only were her clothes white, even her long hair and eyelashes were snow-white.

She was Changyang Mingyue, the holy maiden of the Arctic Ice God Hall.

The extreme frigid Qi was slowly absorbed by her. The presence that radiated from her strengthened by a significant amount after she had absorbed the extreme frigid Qi and even the frigid Qi on her thickened.

Changyang Mingyue’s long eyelashes trembled gently. She finally opened her eyes slowly and rose up from her bed of ice. She allowed the terrifying coldness that radiated from the bed to brush up against her thin-looking body.

“Protector Shui,” Changyang Mingyue’s mouth moved slightly as she spoke gently in the empty room.

“This one greets the holy maiden.” An icy voice appeared out of nowhere. A person completely clad in snow-white armor suddenly appeared in the room. She knelt on a single knee courteously. Her body stature was elegant and graceful; although her appearance could not be seen through her helmet, it was not hard to tell that she was a woman.

“Protector Shui, just how long do I need to stay here? I really want to return home and see my family.” Changyang Mingyue seemed lonely. Her heart was filled with attachments.

“Holy Maiden, your Profound Ice Body has yet to awaken completely. You can’t leave the hall right now,” protector Shui said icily and without any emotion. Her eyes were so cold that she seemed like an emotionless, cold-blooded creature.

“Just how long will it take before my Profound Ice Body fully awakens?” Changyang Mingyue asked.

“This one does not know. It will all depend on the holy maiden,” said protector Shui.

“My youngest brother currently faces the pursuit of the ten protector clans and the Beast God Continent. His life is in constant danger and things have also happened to father. I don’t care, I’m going to Lore City immediately.” Changyang Mingyue’s voice was filled with worry as she directly made her way for the outside.

Protector Shui appeared before Changyang Mingyue out of nowhere and blocked her. She said, “Holy maiden, you can’t leave the hall right now.”

“Protector Shui, since I’m your holy maiden, you must listen to my orders. I order you to get out of the way immediately. I want to go right now.” A sliver of anger appeared on Changyang Mingyue’s face.

“This one cannot do that,” protector Shui said before slowly backing out.

Changyang Mingyue immediately made her way for the door but as soon as she arrived there, it had been sealed up by an invisible energy. It prevented her from leaving.

“Protector Shui, why do you trap me here?” Changyang Mingyue said furiously. Her voice was filled with panic.

Protector Shui stood outside the door as she stared at Changyang Mingyue. “Holy maiden, before your Profound Ice Body fully awakens, this one cannot let you leave the hall.”

“Protector Shui, I beg you. Please, let me out. I really miss home. I really miss my mother and my younger brother.” Two streaks of tears ran down from Changyang Mingyue’s eyes as they radiated with a certain coldness. Her tone was close to pleading.

Changyang Mingyue knew that in the hall, the protector that stood before her possessed the greatest status. In the hall, she was equivalent to a god.

Protector Shui stared blankly at Changyang Mingyue. She could feel Changyang Mingyue’s pain.

“Holy maiden, you’ve changed. This one remembers that you were not like this before. You never cried over those mortal’s matters.” Protector Shui looked at her with mixed emotions. Afterward, she sighed gently and said, “Holy Maiden, I was ordered to stay here and wait. Only after over three million years did you descend. In this crucial moment, I can’t let anything happen to you. Before your Profound Ice Body awakens, this one definitely will not let you leave. Even if this one has to offend the holy maiden, this one will not change her mind.”

“Don’t worry about your family. They’re all safe and your youngest brother is extremely safe. He has already found refuge in the sea realm, with the sea goddess secretly helping him. He won’t be encountering any dangers. And your father is going to be revived by your brother’s Radiant Artes soon.”

“Really? Protector Shui, is that true? You can sense the circumstance that my family and my brothers are in?” Changyang Mingyue stared at protector Shui as the light in her eyes flickered.

Protector Shui said, “Holy maiden, there’s nothing this one does not know about this world.” With that, she seemed to think of something and the light in her eyes dulled. She thought, “Holy maiden, I hope you can sever your relationship with your brother early. Because in the future, you may end up in conflict and be at each other’s lives.”

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