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Chapter 925: A Chaotic Battle

“My god, what a big sword. Just weapon is that?”

“How is this sword so big? I’ve never even heard, much less seen, such a big sword in my entire life.”

“It’s a big sword. Who’s able to use it?”

“This sword is not simple. I can actually feel a powerful sword Qi that makes my heart tremble.”

There was nothing else on the third floor of the hall other than the huge sword. The sword stood there like a ruler, so it naturally attracted everyone’s attention. They all stared at it as they discussed with one another, everyone filled with shock.

Almost all of them knew about Ruler Armaments but probably only a few could recognize King Armaments. However, barely anyone knew about Emperor Armaments as they were just too rare.

Even on the Tian Yuan Continent, there were not many Saint Rulers who knew about Emperor Armaments, let alone the sea realm that lacked humans.

“Jian Chen, do you think that’s a legendary Emperor Armament?” Nubis asked from beside him as he stared at the weapon with deep shock. He had never seen an Emperor Armament before but there were records of it in his inherited memories.

Jian Chen nodded slightly as he stared at the Emperor Armament with a burning gaze. The desire to take it for himself became more and more powerful in his heart. He had never experienced so much desire over a single object in his entire life.

“I must obtain this Emperor Armament,” Jian Chen thought as his gaze became exceptionally determined.

“I know what this is. It’s actually an Emperor Armament.” Suddenly, Thysnich called out. His eyes were filled with disbelief, clearly recognizing it as well.

“Emperor Armament? What Emperor Armament? I’ve never heard of anything like that,” an old man beside Thysnich said in suspicion. He was curious.

Thysnich sucked in a deep breath and said slowly, “I’ve only learned of the Emperor Armament from my inherited memories. Emperor Armaments are the weapons stored within human emperors. They’re extremely powerful and possess devastating powers. When a human emperor passes away in meditation, they leave behind the weapon within them.”

“What!? Was this huge sword left behind by a human emperor?”

“Then doesn’t that mean the sword represents the death of a human emperor?”

“My god, this is actually the weapon of a human emperor. If I can use it, then I’ll have no fear even if I face up against 15th Star experts.”

Everyone fell into an uproar. A weapon left behind by a human emperor was enough to make all of them go green with greed. Even though members of the Sea race could not use human weapons for some reason, its worth and value were beyond suspicion.

Suddenly, Thysnich turned to Jian Chen and his eyes instantly narrowed. He said, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, first you took that throne completely made out of divine quality crystal and then you obtained the cultivation method of the Blood Demon Emperor. You’ve obtained far better things than us, so I hope you don’t take part in the fight for the Emperor Armament.”

Jian Chen stared coldly at him when he heard that and said emotionlessly, “Do you really think that the Emperor Armament would be that easy to take? If you have the power, go ahead, go take it.” Jian Chen could not help but imagine the scene when he had obtained his King Armament. King Armaments were left behind by Saint Kings and were much weaker than Emperor Armaments. However, when he had placed his hand onto it, he needed to push his Chaotic Body to its utmost limits in defense or he would have been injured by the King Armament. This was even more so in this case with the Emperor Armament.

Even Jian Chen was not certain that he could touch it with his current strength. Otherwise, he would be injured even with the defense of his Chaotic Body.

Swish! At this moment, several experts shot toward the Emperor Armament as they could no longer resist the temptation.

A cold light flashed through Thysnich’s eyes as he roared furiously, “You’re looking to die!” His two blades immediately materialized in his hands as he chased after the people with killing intent.

Although Thysnich was very powerful, there were quite a few experts hidden in the group as well; many people did not fear him. Additionally, faced with the enticement of the Emperor Armament, their fear for Thysnich had been completely reduced to the lowest level possible. As a result, the Saint Rulers who had charged at the weapon turned a deaf ear to Thysnich’s words and instead sped up.

Many people’s hearts could not help but beat with excitement when they saw that people had already begun the seizure of the Emperor Armament; they could not help but participate as well. Even Xie Wang, Mo Ji, and the three others struggled to remain calm.

However, Jian Chen and Nubis stood there coolly with no intentions of interfering. Nonetheless, they still stared fixedly at the weapon.

Finally, a few people approached it. However, in that very moment, a formation quickly materialized on the ground and began to flicker with a dazzling red light. An invisible energy immediately filled the region, obstructing all of them from approaching the weapon.

The people who had drawn close to the Emperor Armament almost went mad. Just when they were about to obtain it, they encountered something like this at the crucial moment. They felt like there was a great treasure right before them but they just could not grab it no matter what they did. They were unwilling to just accept it like this.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Violent sounds rang out in the empty hall. The people currently attacked the invisible force with all they had in spite, wanting to break through and obtain the weapon for themselves.

However, they were unable to advance past the invisible force no matter how hard they tried. It seemed to be like an extremely tough wall, keeping them out and preventing them from taking even a step closer.

Thysnich’s eyes also narrowed when he saw this. He subconsciously stopped as he stared at the Emperor Armament with a frown, before his face darkened very quickly. He growled, “I didn’t think the Emperor Armament would be sealed up and that the condition for breaking the seal would be so harsh. Looks like we need to pay a heavy price for the Emperor Armament.”

Jian Chen slowly walked toward the weapon. As he approached it, a row of words appeared in his sight. He too darkened slightly when he scanned past the words as a cold light now flickered in his eyes.

“An Emperor Armament is sealed here. If you want to break the seal, you need the lives of forty-nine experts.”

The was what the row of words said.

The other people all gathered there and they all saw the row of words carved on the ground. All their expressions changed, before they immediately dispersed in all directions. They became even more cautious.

The atmosphere of the hall immediately became tense.

At this very moment, a series of rapid footsteps rang out. At the entrance of the floor, several dozen more people had come. They were all people who had stayed at the barrier to heal and had finally made a full recovery after the past few days.

When they saw the thirty-meter-long sword, they became stunned but learned about the Emperor Armament and the information regarding the release of its seal very quickly. They immediately became cautious, gathering in groups to observe the surroundings vigilantly.

“The Emperor Armament actually needs the lives of forty-nine people to be released. The Octoterra Emperor clearly wants us to kill each other…”

“Perhaps the Octoterra Emperor is using this to pick the most powerful person out of all of us and get them to inherit the emperor’s legacy?”

That was what some people guessed. However, what they said immediately caused the eyes of everyone to light up, believing it to be more and more plausible.

Perhaps, this really was the method that the Octoterra Emperor wanted to use to choose his successor.

“The legacy of the Octoterra Emperor belongs to me. I might as well use this opportunity to eliminate some people and prevent them from interfering in the future.” A cold light flickered through Thysnich’s eyes. He immediately chopped toward the person closest to him with his two blades.

“Thysnich, what are you doing?” The person’s expression changed drastically and they immediately shot backward. At the same time, he drew his own weapon in retaliation.

Thysnich was a ruler, so his strength in battle was extremely great. Although he was still a Saint Ruler of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, he was no weaker than a First Heavenly Layer Saint King or maybe even one at the Second Heavenly Layer. In just a few bouts, he killed off the person he fought and wiped out his soul.

With his death, the person’s blood immediately disappeared into the ground. At the same time, one of the forty-nine inscriptions that formed the hexagram binding the Emperor Armament broke apart.

“I will be taking the Emperor Armament. I’ll kill whoever gets in the way.” Jian Chen’s eyes also flashed with a cold light. He immediately drew his King Armament from his Space Ring before charging at five people who stood together.

Nubis naturally did not fall behind after Jian Chen had moved as he had been tempted long ago. His hands immediately became golden as he charged off in excitement.

Jian Chen’s sword turned into closely-packed blurs, enveloping the five people. Even though the five of them fought as if their lives depended on it, they were still not Jian Chen’s opponents. They came in contact with the King Armament a few times and soon became heavily injured as they constantly backpedaled in retreat. However, before they could even stabilize themselves, the center of their eyebrows was impaled by a stroke, wiping out their souls.

Jian Chen removed their Space Rings along the way before charging at someone else.

Nubis’ eyes burned with battle intent as he battled two people with his bare fists. His hands were laced with potent poison, while golden threads would shoot out from time to time. He heavily injured the two of them in the blink of an eye, before wiping out their souls by stabbing them through their foreheads with his threads.

In the blink of an eye, close to ten people had died in the hall. Their blood would disappear into the ground following their deaths, while an inscription in the hexagram would break too.

The hall plunged into a chaotic battle, while the silent agreement of peace between them had already been broken. They all began to fight for different purposes, plenty because of vengeance and the hostility between clans. They all used this situation to resolve their animosity.

Besides this ,there was also a few people who fought to steal the treasures of others. The hall fell into chaos. People who still possessed some Saint King’s power condensed their armors, while those who had run out formed barriers from their own powers, blocking a portion of the attacks.

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