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Chapter 933: A Battle of Souls

The red-robed young man who stood before Jian Chen in his sea of consciousness could not help but laugh wildly when he heard Jian Chen’s words. His blood-red pupils were cold, filled with viciousness and bloodlust.

“I’m not that weak little Octoterra. Octoterra’s soul has been devoured by me long ago. Other than him, I’ve devoured the soul of that Psalmic as well. Today, you will be the third person I devour and I’ll be taking your body afterward. Do you know how great of an honor this will be to you? Brat, don’t resist. Any resistance before me is useless. Just put your mind at ease and become one with me,” sneered the young man.

“Never would I have thought that the Blood Demon Emperor who fell tens of thousands of years would still be alive, Moreover, he’s even devoured the souls of two other emperors.” Jian Chen’s complexion was dark. He had completely grasped the young man’s identity now.

He was the Blood Demon Emperor, the Saint Emperor that had heavily injured the hall masters of the Sea Goddess Hall and the Serpent God Hall. In that exchange, he had taken the life of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s hall master several tens of thousands of years ago.

“Blood Demon Emperor, you were indeed very strong but now you’re just a soul. You probably can’t even handle 16th Star experts in your current form, so all you can do is attempt to take the bodies of people like me. But do you really think you will succeed?” Jian Chen replied coldly. At the same time, his sea of consciousness began to churn. A soul far greater than a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler appeared. This was Jian Chen’s soul.

“Your soul is indeed very strong but it cannot pose a threat to me. Come, don’t resist. Fuse with me, the great Blood Demon Emperor. You will become me after its done. Soon, your name will rock through the entire sea realm. You will become the strongest among the Sea race and you will be the recipient of the respect and dread of countless people. Think about just how glorious that is. As long as you fuse with me, you will be able to enjoy this supreme glory.”

A thin layer of Baleful Yin Force filled the entire sea of consciousness as he spoke in an attempt to affect Jian Chen’s mind and thoughts in order to reach his objective.

The Blood Demon Emperor had realized Jian Chen’s extraordinary areas long ago. Not only was his soul much greater than Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, the emperor could feel two extremely powerful energies in the sea of consciousness. He felt threatened by them, which was why he said so much to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness began to tremble gently. Jian Chen was unable to defend against the Baleful Yin Force; all he could do was resist it. The Baleful Yin Force had already begun to affect his soul.

“Do you really think I’m easy to trick like a kid? You’re dreaming if you want to devour my soul and take my body. I definitely will not let you do as you wish,” Jian Chen rebuked mercilessly.

The Blood Demon Emperor became furious as killing intent filled his eyes. He no longer had the patience to try and persuade Jian Chen. “I’ll give you one more chance. Are you going to let me devour your soul or do you want to fuse with me?”

“What’s the difference? It’ll all end in my death. But do you really think you have the power to devour my soul?” A scornful sneer formed on Jian Chen’s lips. He had fused with the sword spirits long ago. This meant that if the Blood Demon Emperor wanted to devour his soul, it was equivalent to devouring the sword spirits. The Azulet sword spirits were still weak but they were still the sword spirits of divine swords in the past. Even when the Azulet swords broke, they did not die, so how could they be devoured by a mere Blood Demon Emperor?

Jian Chen had also realized that the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul was still very weak, it was not as strong as he had imagined. The only people it could probably deal with easily was other Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers like Thysnich.

“Even if I have to suffer the outcome of greatly damaging my soul, I’ll take your body since you’re not cooperating. I’d like to see how you defend against by Qi of slaughter.” He suddenly disappeared completely, turning into a bloody mist as he constantly expanded in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Jian Chen immediately revealed an expression of agony. His sea of consciousness began to shake violently as if there was a great earthquake.

The Blood Demon Emperor’s Qi of slaughter was an evolution of the Baleful Yin Force. Not only did it possess the same abilities, it was much more powerful. His Qi of slaughter was devouring Jian Chen’s soul bit by bit.

A golden light suddenly appeared at that moment and filled Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. A completely-golden tower was currently enlarging in the depths of his sea of consciousness, reaching several thousand meters tall in the blink of an eye.

The tower was like an anchor, immediately stabilizing Jian Chen’s sea of conscious with its appearance. The Blood Demon Emperor’s Qi of slaughter was no longer able to harm Jian Chen.

“What is this thing? It can block my Qi of slaughter.” The Blood Demon Emperor’s surprised voice rang out in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. It was filled with disbelief.

The golden light enveloped the entire place, resisting the damage of the Qi of slaughter for Jian Chen. It then began to gather rapidly, actually forcing the Qi of slaughter into one region of the sea of consciousness, before it was forced into the form of a young man again.

This was Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. As the saint artifact had taken Jian Chen as its master, it was able to function with much more power here than outside. The Blood Demon Emperor could do nothing against the saint artifact’s powers.

“What is this thing? It can block my Qi of slaughter. And how has it appeared in your sea of consciousness!?” The Blood Demon Emperor cried out. Even though he was once an experienced and knowledgeable Saint Emperor, he had never even heard of a weird matter like the event unfolding before his eyes.

Using his thoughts, a sword immediately materialized before Jian Chen. It shot toward the Blood Demon Emperor’s soul with lightning speed.

The sword was condensed from Jian Chen’s soul. In his sea of consciousness, he was unable to use Chaotic Force. As a consequence, any advantages of the Chaotic Body was nullified as well. All he could do was battle the Blood Demon Emperor with his soul.

“Your soul is not weak but it can’t harm me,” sneered the Blood Demon Emperor. In that moment, he had finally realized that the saint artifact could only protect Jian Chen and did not possess any combat abilities. This allowed him to relax quite a lot.

The sword passed through the Blood Demon Emperor’s body, unable to cause any harm at all.

“Haha, I already said you can’t harm me. My soul may not be at its peak but it’s not something a mere 14th Star Seasoul Warrior like you can injure,” sneered the Blood Demon Emperor.

“I beg to differ,” said Jian Chen. His figure quickly faded away, disappearing into the sea of consciousness.

“Blood Demon Emperor, I wonder if I can harm you if I use my full strength.” Jian Chen’s voice rang out from everywhere. The entire region soon began to churn violently, while an even more terrifying soul formed a sword, quickly shooting toward the Blood Demon Emperor.

The Blood Demon Emperor bellowed and a strand of Qi of slaughter immediately detached itself from him to receive Jian Chen’s sword.

However, before it could leave him, it was forced back by the saint artifact. Right now, he was ensnared by the artifact, losing virtually all power to retaliate. All he could do was watch helplessly as Jian Chen’s sword approached him.

The sword directly passed through the Blood Demon Emperor but it was not like before. He was no longer able to remain unscathed, immediately dulling slightly in color.

“You can’t kill me!” The Blood Demon Emperor howled upward. His body constantly shrunk, turning into an eight-centimeter-tall dwarf. It allowed his soul be concentrated, he then rammed wildly against the saint artifact’s power in an attempt to break free.

He knew that he would not be able to cause Jian Chen any harm, let alone devour his soul. If he did not break free, he would not be able to expand his soul, let alone devour Jian Chen.

But no matter how hard he tried, he failed. He could not even make the golden light tremble.

Another sword quickly condensed in this moment, shooting toward the shrunken soul of the Blood Demon Emperor in a flash.

However, the attack failed to harm him now that his soul was extremely concentrated.

“Unless you’re a 15th Star expert, you won’t be able to harm me. Brat, I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to devour you anymore, so why don’t you let me out? Neither of us can defeat the other, even if we continue like this,” the Blood Demon Emperor finally gave in. His did indeed possess the strength that allowed him to behave arrogantly in the past but he was no longer as great as before. Any 15th Star expert would be enough to wipe him out in his current state.

“Blood Demon Emperor, if I’ve guessed correctly, your soul has only become so powerful after absorbing the vital essence in the blood from those people. If you didn’t have their blood, you should still be sleeping and would dissipate without much more time. I’d like to see just how long you can last with the power you’ve recovered from the vital essence right now.” Jian Chen’s voice was extremely cold as he constantly pummeled the Blood Demon Emperor with attacks.

The Blood Demon Emperor’s face immediately sank as if Jian Chen was spot on.

“So that’s the case. Blood Demon Emperor, I definitely won’t be letting you off since you had ill intentions toward me. I’ll waste your power right now and make you dissipate completely,” said Jian Chen.

A sliver of determination appeared in the Blood Demon Emperor’s eyes. “Hmph, who do you think I am? I’ll make you pay a price as well for wanting to wipe me out.”

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