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Chapter 937: Battle of Flame City (One)

“Maybe there is one way we can break through this entrance,” Jian Chen said with a dark face.

Nubis’ face lit up when he heard that. He looked at Jian Chen in interest and asked, “Jian Chen, what other idea do you have?”

“Find the Emperor Armament, and then use its power to break through,” said Jian Chen.

Nubis’ positivity drained very quickly. He looked at Jian Chen with a troubled expression. “It’s not like you don’t know about the Emperor Armament’s power. We can’t control it right now with our current strength. Even if we do have it under control, can it really break through the entrance? You have to remember that even the Emperor Armament is currently stuck in the hall and unable to break out.”

“That doesn’t matter. We need to try it, because there are no better ideas. All we can do now is hope that the entrance to the center of the hall isn’t too tough.”

“However, we need to make breakthroughs before we go find the Emperor Armament. When my Chaotic Body reaches the third layer, the Emperor Armament shouldn’t be able to injure me anymore. I can control it easily by then,” Jian Chen murmured.

“Alright. I’ve reached the peak of Class 7 ages ago. If it weren’t for the restrictions to enter the divine hall, I would’ve broken through long ago. We might be able to get through that entrance once we break through and use the Emperor Armament,” said Nubis.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Nubis immediately entered the saint artifact. They wanted to reach Saint King in a single stroke.

The saint artifact was extremely tough. By hiding in it, Thysnich would struggle to break through it temporarily, even if he controlled the divine hall and used it to attack the artifact. As a result, the saint artifact had now become Jian Chen and Nubis’ only line of defense.

Jian Chen sat in the center of an extremely peaceful hall in the saint artifact. Mountainous piles of high class monster cores and grand quality crystal coins were stacked around him, with fist-sized divine quality crystals sandwiched in between.

These were the items Jian Chen needed to rely on the most to break through. They could provide Jian Chen with tremendous quantities of energy. As long as he had enough time, he could break through successfully.

“The first layer of the Chaotic Body gave me the strength of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, while the second layer elevated my power to the Seventh Heavenly Layer. With a Ruler Armament, I could display the strength of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, and the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King when coupled with a King Armament instead. I should be able to skip through the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layers and directly arrive at Saint King with the third layer of the Chaotic Body. I just wonder how strong I’ll become when I use the King Armament,” Jian Chen thought. He was filled with anticipation.

“And there’s also the Emperor Armament. It’s already terrifying enough when no one’s in control. I wonder how strong I’ll become if I use it after I break through. Will I be strong enough to go toe to toe with hall elders?”

“The golden silkmail is still with a divine general of the Serpent God Hall. I might not know how to strengthen it, but it’s a unique treasure that the world has given birth to. It’s also related to a calamity. When I get strong enough, I have to personally pay a visit to the Serpent God Hall and get it back.” Jian Chen felt rather urgent about it. He knew that it would not be far until that day would come. Once he broke through, he should possess enough power to fight the four divine generals if he used the Emperor Armament.

“Cultivating, cultivating, I need to quickly cultivate. I need to reach the third layer as soon as possible this time. Otherwise, let alone getting the golden silkmail back, I won’t even be able to leave this divine hall alive.” Jian Chen quickly dismissed his thoughts, devoting all his attention to concentration.

The sword spirit materialized above his head as they assisted him in the refinement of the monster cores, crystal coins, and crystals.

A faint smell of blood lingered from the mountainous piles of monster cores. He had taken them all from the bodies of the vicious beasts from the hall recently, so the energy in each monster core was extremely active. It made refinement even easier.

As time was tight, Jian Chen only used freshly-harvested monster cores, and not the ancient ones that had solidified from the saint artifact.

They were all high class monster cores, but quite a lot of their energy had leaked away and solidified. This was why it would take great effort and time to refine them. It was unsuitable for the current situation.

Nubis did not just sit around as Jian Chen refined the monster cores. He cultivated quietly in another peaceful hall, using a different method of cultivation to Jian Chen. He absorbed the hidden essence in the old snake from the Beast God Continent. The entire process was much easier compared to Jian Chen and it was faster as well.

The center of the divine hall was a very small room. It was empty and without any furniture. The only thing present was a shrunken divine hall that floated in the center one meter in the air.

The divine hall still possessed a tremendous aura, but it was extremely small. It was less than a meter in length and width. If someone familiar with the divine hall had discovered it, they would realize that it was the Octoterra Divine Hall but shrunken down by countless times.

Thysnich currently sat with his legs crossed before this tiny version of the hall. His energy flowed unceasingly into the hall.

“Octoterra Emperor, never did I think you’d still be alive, and that your legacy was all just a trick you set up. We’ve all been tricked by you. But so what? The power of an emperor is present in my body. Not to mention being just a soul, even if you possess the ruler of the Turtle clan successfully, you must be extremely weak. I’d like to see how you resist my attacks with the emperor’s power.”

“I might not be able to get a legacy, but my possession of the hall cannot be prevented by anyone. Once I control this place, there might not even be the need for me to waste my emperor’s power. Just the hall could be enough to completely kill you off.”

Thysnich’s eyes flickered with a sharp light. Although the Octoterra Emperor still being alive brought great shock to him, he felt no fear because he possessed ways to deal with the Octoterra Emperor.

“Octoterra Emperor, the time of your death will come in less than five years. It’s just a pity that the ruler of the Turtle clan will end up so miserably.”

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already stayed in the divine hall for a year. Right now, the Flame Mercenaries had officially completed the construction of Flame City on the distant Tian Yuan Continent.

The city walls were jet-black. From afar, it seemed like a serpent dragon coiled up there. It possessed a tremendous aura and would unconsciously pressure the depths of people’s hearts. They felt like they were walking beside a vicious beast as they passed by the walls.

The walls were a hundred meters tall and several dozen kilometers long. Many Magical crystal Canons were mounted on top, and many soldiers stood next to each one. They were all extremely cold and stern-looking.

Today was the third day the city had been completed as well as the liveliest day since construction had finished. This was because the vice city lord had invited various large clans and organizations within a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers to come and participate in the ribbon-cutting of the city.

This was an extremely special day to Flame City. Not only did the king of the Gesun Kingdom come after traveling a great distance, even the ancestor of the Changyang clan and uncle Chang came.

It could be said that Changyang Zu Yunkong’s life had been saved by Jian Chen. If Jian Chen had not gone to the Fantasy Star Ocean for the Dragon’s Saliva, he probably would have passed away on Three Saint Island, never to be able to return to the Tian Yuan Continent and reunite with his family.

As a result, Changyang Zu Yunkong cared for his talented grandson very much. The Flame Mercenaries were also founded by Jian Chen personally, so he naturally viewed the group with great importance.

Even Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Tie Ta, Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, and the others all came out of seclusion to participate in this ribbon-cutting. As the core members of the Flame Mercenaries, how could they not appear on this important day where Flame City was formally established?

After so many years of seclusion, all of them had made great improvements in their strengths. They did not become Saint Rulers, but everyone besides Wang Yifeng had reached the level of Heaven Saint Master.

Within them, the one who progressed the fastest was not the talented Ming Dong or Little Fatty but the simple and honest Tie Ta. His speed could literally be described as divine, advancing at a startling rate. He had actually caught up and completely overtaken everyone else, reaching the peak of Heaven Saint Master. He was only an inch from Saint Ruler.

Tie Ta underwent great changes that were coupled with his terrifying cultivation speed. Before, he was burly and dark-skinned like burnt charcoal. But now, all the pigment in his skin was completely gone. It had instead been replaced by a golden color and could actually shine with a metallic glint when he stood beneath the sun.

Other than his skin tone, Tie Ta had become even larger and even burlier. He was now four meters tall. Coupled with his body frame, he seemed like a small mountain. Even under his honest appearance, a dignified aura could be found from time to time.

As Flame City was the first city ever to be constructed purely out of tungsten alloy, its renown had spread through the entire continent long ago. This was why the boisterous atmosphere had completely exceeded people’s imaginations.

Other than the people invited from the surrounding region, many representatives from large clans and organizations had traveled hundreds of thousand kilometers, or even millions of kilometers to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. This included an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom with their third prince, Qin Ji, and Qin Xiao, with a great elder of the Tianqin clan. They had all hurried over, travel-worn and weary.

There were even some barely-known hermit clans and even ancient clans that had sent people to congratulate Flame City with gifts.

Even the grand elder of the Radiant Saint Union arrived personally under the accompaniment of three Saint Rulers to give the mercenaries good wishes.

This time, almost a third of the entire continent’s organizations had gathered in this tiny piece of land that Flame City sat on. It was so busy and lively that it could be considered as unprecedented.

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