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Chapter 938: Battle of Flame City (Two)

The vice city lord of Flame City currently led a group of Flame Mercenaries to personally welcome the guests that had come from everywhere.

The happiest and most excited person among all the guests would without a doubt be the King of Gesum Kingdom. He was filled with excitement that he struggled to suppress as he gazed at the mighty city walls and the various organizations that stood on the apex of the Tian Yuan Continent. He had never even heard about many of these organizations. The smile on his face never disappeared.

The source of his joy was the fact that the first vice city lord of the most valuable city in all of history was his daughter, You Yue.

Everyone had agreed in unison over the matter of You Yue taking up the position, with no one against the suggestion. Flame City only existed because of Jian Chen, while You Yue was Jian Chen’s fiancee, the person closest to him. Her management abilities were outstanding as well, impressive in all aspects, so she was most suitable for taking up the position.

It could be said that other than You Yue, there was no one else suitable for the position of vice city lord. The uniqueness and value of the city made it so that it could not end up in the hands of outsiders no matter what.

Although no one knew where Jian Chen was due to the matters regarding the Winged Tiger God, it did not sully the glory of Flame City.

It was the only structure with city walls made completely out of tungsten alloy. It was equivalent to the seven capitals that had existed for countless years on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“The ancient clan of Tianmu has come…”

“The ancient clan of Mogen has come…”

More and more people gathered inside Flame City. These people arrived from various large organizations as the heavy, clear voice rang out.

Changyang Zu Yunkong and Bi Hai currently sat together in the huge imperial palace at the center of the city as they conversed over wine. They both smiled without restraint, observing the beautifully-decorated hall from time to time. They were both at ease.

“Never did I think that my grandson would be so daring, to actually create such a great city out of tungsten alloy. This is unbelievable,” Changyang Zu Yunkong sighed. He was extremely happy.

A happy smile also formed on Bi Hai’s face when he heard that, “That kid is quite good, especially with his talent in cultivation. It’s unprecedented, using less than thirty years to reach Saint Ruler. His future accomplishments will definitely exceed what we can imagine.” Bi Hai seemed to think of something as he reached there and sighed gently, “It’s a pity that he got sucked into the matters regarding the Winged Tiger God. The entire continent is looking for him now. Although he has hidden himself somewhere beyond the continent, even we don’t know if he has come across any dangers. All we can do is hope he returns safely.”

Changyang Zu Yunkong’s happiness gradually disappeared when he heard that. He said with a frown, “The matter regarding the Winged Tiger God is indeed troublesome. There are just too many things that connect to it. Unless he obtains power that can rival the ten protector clans, he’ll only be able to hand over the Winged Tiger God if he wants to return to the continent…”

Bi Hai and Changyang Zu Yunkong had learned of each other’s identities long ago. They were both grandfathers of Jian Chen if they looked at their position in the family hierarchy. Thus, they were members of the same family through Jian Chen even though they had different ages.

Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Little Fatty, and Tie Ta all gathered in a garden within the palace.

“Unknowingly, a few years passed just like that. I wonder where Jian Chen is, and if he’s well or not,” the white-clothed Ming Dong murmured.

Not only had Ming Dong’s strength increase greatly after the few years of secluded cultivation, even his bearing underwent changes unknowingly. He had become less rash and more composed than before, seeming more modest and mature now.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine for sure.” A cold voice rang out. It was the prideful Dugu Feng. He was no different from before.

“Today is the important day that Flame City is formally established. As the first one in history to be constructed entirely out of tungsten alloy, news of it has spread through the continent long ago. Jian Chen might not know. Do you think Jian Chen would hurry back?” Little Fatty said. He was filled with anticipation.

All his fatty tissue from before could no longer be seen. His chubby stature from before had disappeared completely as well. He had become even more solidly-built.

Little Fatty’s talent was very great. As uncle Xiu refused to let him into the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent and had only wanted him to spend his life peacefully, his talent had been suppressed. However, now that he began to cultivate arduously, his rate of improvement was heavenly. Although it could not be compared with Tie Ta, it was not a speed that ordinary people could even consider.

“When Jian Chen comes back, I want to have a solid fight with him and see whether I’m stronger or he is,” Tie Ta sat there like a mountain as he said with a soft voice. Excitement flickered in his eyes.

At this moment, Tie Ta was the most powerful person among all of them. Even Ming Dong was not his opponent. His brute force was particularly great, even more terrifying than that of magical beasts.

“Tie Ta, if you want to fight with Jian Chen, you better devote your efforts to reaching Saint Ruler first. You may be strong, but there’s a difficult gap to cross between Saint Ruler and Heaven Saint Masters,” Ming Dong joked.

“I’m not scared. Right now, I feel like I can defeat ordinary Saint Rulers. Once Jian Chen gets back, I need to try him and see just how great the difference between the two of us still is. When we were at Kargath Academy, the difference wasn’t this big. I hope Jian Chen doesn’t pull too far ahead.” Tie Ta was confident. He could not help but think back to the time when he was at Kargath Academy with Jian Chen. With that, he could not help but reveal an idiotic smile on his honest-looking face as he reminisced.

Half a day later, You Yue finally had some time to rest. She had been busy with receiving the guests.

With a purple dress, she currently sat wearily in a seat as she rubbed her temples. As the vice city lord of Flame City, she needed to personally receive many people who had come from hermit or even ancient clans. This was why she was so tired.

After so many years, You Yue had changed greatly as well. She was now even more mature than before, while her beauty was still as enchanting. It was enough to cause the hearts of countless men to run wild. Vaguely enough, there was even the unique bearing of an upper echelon member present on her.

Her temperament had silently undergone changes after these years of managing and being in charge of the Flame Mercenaries.

“Sister You Yue, Lian’er is so happy. The day which our Flame City can stand on the Tian Yuan Continent has finally arrived. We’ve looked forward to this day for so many years, and it’s finally come true,” a gentle voice sounded. Bi Lian ran over energetically in a luxurious long dress.

You Yue slowly sat up and said, “All the people that came this time has surprised me greatly, but…” You Yue then paused as her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“Sister You Yue but what?” Bi Lian asked curiously as she blinked her large round eyes.

“But for some reason, I suddenly have an uneasy feeling, as if something bad is about to happen,” said You Yue.

Bi Lian stared blankly as she thought slightly with a frown when she heard that. She then said, “Sister You Yue, you’re worrying too much. Everyone on the Tian Yuan Continent knows that we have a protector clan backing up our mercenaries. I’m pretty sure no one will come looking for trouble.”

“You’re right, but why can’t I let this uneasiness inside me be laid to rest?” You Yue murmured as she thought.

Bi Lian rolled her eyes and giggled, “Sister You Yue, you can’t be missing my brother right?”

You Yue’s face became flushed as she faked her anger, “Stop spilling nonsense you…”

Twenty kilometers away from the city, a large group had suddenly appeared at this moment. They were extremely numerous, extending as far as the eye could see with densely packed people. There were at least several millions of them. They currently traveled quickly in the direction of Flame City in a fan-shape, bearing a threatening and aggressive manner.

Over twenty people of different ages rode at the very front of the group. They were all on large, Class 5 Magical Beasts as they approached Flame City. Every single person seemed extremely ordinary, without a rippling of energy from their bodies. They all seemed like people who could not cultivate.

However, it was not difficult to see their areas of extraordinaire when observed in detail. Every single movement of every single person seemed to conceal and abide to the laws of the world indescribably, as if they were using the energy of the world.

All of them were at least Saint Rulers.

At the very center of them was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties. His face was cold, while a sneer hung on his face. Killing intent poured without restraint from him. He was Bi Jian.

“Prince Bi Jian, there are countless experts gathered at Flame City right now. Are you sure they won’t end up helping the Flame Mercenaries if we strike at this moment?” an old man beside Bi Jian asked with a deep voice. He was stern.

“Don’t worry at all. I have a notice written up personally by the protector clans. Unless those hermit or ancient clans no longer want to stay on the continent, they won’t disobey the commands from the protector clans,” Bi Jian sneered. He had never looked away from the mighty city as he spoke. He was filled with hatred.

“Flame City is the first city to be built purely out of tungsten alloy on the continent. Tsk tsk tsk, what extravagance. Jian Chen, I’ll be taking this tungsten alloy city that you spent countless years and manpower to build, with the entire continent as the audience. This is your outcome for taking my love.” The killing intent and hatred in Bi Jian’s heart had already surged to his limits. He was clenching his fists so tightly that his nails had already pierced through his skin.

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