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Chapter 945: Third Layer of the Chaotic Body (One)

Changyang Zu Yunkong’s expression darkened. He glanced back at the first city that had been constructed purely out of tungsten alloy and had over a hundred thousand members. His eyes were filled with pain.

He had only been able to break through to Saint Ruler and return to the continent because his grandson completely forsook his personal safety and risked his life to obtain Dragon’s Saliva from the Fantasy Star Ocean. If it were not for the Dragon’s Saliva, how would he have been able to return to the continent from Three Saint Island? He probably would still be waiting silently for the end of his life, never to be able to break through.

As a result, Changyang Zu Yunkong felt a deep gratitude toward his grandson. Yet right now, his grandson’s Flame City was about to be taken by someone else, while all he could do was watch helplessly. This overwhelmed Changyang Zu Yunkong with pain and sadness.

This city was not any old city either but one that had been completely constructed out of tungsten alloy, which was ten times more valuable than purple coins. It would be able to stand parallel to the seven capitals of the continent.

“Kong’er, let’s go. We can’t interfere with the matters here at all,” Changyang Zu Yeyun said softly. She too was torn between emotions. She clearly understood her son’s pain. She also felt intense gratitude to Jian Chen because he allowed their family to reunite. However, everything currently unfolding was beyond what they could help with.

You Yue and Bi Lian who stood beside Changyang Zu Yunkong were also overwhelmed by grief as clear tears rolled uncontrollably down their cheeks. The two of them knew that having Flame City taken away from them would become an unchangeable reality with everything like this now.

The city was Jian Chen’s property. It was the task he had handed over to the two of them. They had devoted several years worth of painstaking effort and hard work on the city, almost exhausting all the resources that Jian Chen had left behind. It took them over a hundred thousand people to build, yet as soon as it was completed, such a tragedy occurred. It filled the two of them with absolute pain and an unwillingness to just stand down.

They had devoted so much, yet it would be taken by others in the end. They struggled to endure or accept this.

“Jian Chen, sorry. I failed to live up to your expectations. I couldn’t keep Flame City,” You Yue sobbed softly. Her voice was filled with helplessness and a feeling of being wronged.

Wang Yifeng, Little Fatty, Dugu Feng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, and the other experts of the Flame Mercenaries all focused on the two girls. Each and every one of them was depressed and dejected, no longer possessing any will to fight.

Clearly, they already knew about the fate of the city.

Changyang Zu Yunkong hesitated for a very long time before sighing deeply, “Alright, let’s go. But I’m taking away everyone who is related to Jian Chen.” In that moment, Changyang Zu Yunkong seemed to grow a lot older.

No one on the Tian Yuan Continent had the power to interfere with what was unfolding before them as it was the decision of the ten protector clans.

Changyang Zu Yunkong waved his sleeve, slowly raising You Yue and the others into the air with his abilities as a Saint Ruler. He stood with Changyang Zu Yunxiao as he looked down. “Bi Hai, Jiede Tai, let’s return to the Changyang clan first.”

Bi Hai and Jiede Tai hesitated slightly before flying over as well. They planned on leaving with Changyang Zu Yunkong because they could already vaguely guess that the Extinguishing Alliance would not let them off if they continued to stay.

Bi Jian immediately became extremely ugly as he saw that everyone important to Jian Chen was about to be taken away. He bellowed, “Wait, as a member of the Changyang clan, you, Changyang Zu Yunkong, can naturally leave. But they’re not members of the protector clans, so they can’t leave.” Bi Jian had already set his eyes on the lives of those around Jian Chen, unwilling to let anyone off. How could he let them leave so easily?

Only with that could he vent his hatred for Jian Chen and relieve himself of this grudge.

Changyang Zu Yunkong’s face darkened as cold light began to flicker in his eyes. Before he could even speak out, Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s voice rang out, “When did you have the right to nitpick who the Changyang clan can take away? If you want to speak anymore, I won’t be going easy on you, even if it may come off as bullying.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao formed a glare. His voice was extremely stern, possessing the fury he struggled to conceal.

Although Changyang Zu Yunxiao lived in Lore City, he was a great elder of the protector Changyang clan so he knew about this matter. He knew that everything had only occurred because of Bi Jian and his father, so his hatred toward the two of them was very intense.

Bi Jian immediately shut up when faced with Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s loud voice, unwilling to speak anymore. Although he was confident with his Saint King father supporting him, he did not dare to directly provoke the dignity of a protector clan’s great elder.

Bi Jian went silent, tightening and releasing his hands several times. His heart was filled with an unwillingness to abide. He was unable to complete his revenge against Jian Chen now that all the people had been taken away.

You Yue stared at the city below tearfully. “Since you want this city, then take it. We, the Flame Mercenaries, surrender.”

The Flame Mercenaries could only surrender with how the current situation was like. Any resistance before the great army of the Flame Mercenaries and the twenty-odd Saint Rulers would be futile.

“How can it be that easy with just a surrender? Kill, people of the Extinguishing Alliance. Leave no one alive,” Bi Jian gave the order with bloodshot eyes. He seemed extremely savage.

Immediately, the cries of battle rang out again as the army of the Extinguishing Alliance surged toward Flame City.

“Sigh,” the Saint King from the Pure Heart Pavilion exhaled softly. He pointed out gently and the surrounding energy of the world immediately began to move, erecting a wall that was several hundred meters tall and over ten kilometers long. The wall blocked the Extinguishing Alliance, preventing their advance toward Flame City.

“The Flame Mercenaries have already surrendered, so why must you kill them all? They haven’t committed any unforgivable sins. Stop,” the person said gently, but his voice reached the ears of everyone. His voice was filled with peace, immediately wiping out all the rash and bloodthirsty feelings of the people below.

The army stopped, before retreating after some hesitation. All of them knew that since the protector clans had spoken out, even their captains would need to obey obediently.

“God dammit, you bastard. Doesn’t the Pure Heart Pavilion never interfere with things? Why have they started to mind other people’s businesses?” Bi Jian constantly swore inside but he did not dare to say it aloud. Even if he was a hundred times braver, he would not dare to curse the Saint King right in front of his face.

In the end, Changyang Zu Yunxiao left through a Space Gate with his group of people. He did not return to the protector clan but to the Changyang clan in Lore City.

Meanwhile, all the members of the Flame Mercenaries left the city dejectedly. A portion of them stayed behind, planning to travel a hundred thousand kilometers to Gesun Kingdom, while the others left the mercenaries all together, running off in all directions. With this, the Flame Mercenaries had been greatly affected; although they did not disband, their strength was far from before.

Flame City was taken over by the Extinguishing Alliance and renamed Extinguished City. It became a famed place that stood equal to the seven capitals of the continent.

Although Bi Jian had essentially ripped apart the Flame Mercenaries, he did not feel happy at all, as he failed to kill even a single person out of everyone important to Jian Chen. They were either taken away by the grand elder of Mercenary City or taken away by the Changyang clan.

Very soon, the battle of Flame City swept through the entire continent like a storm, throwing the entire continent into a huge uproar. Although the Flame Mercenaries were defeated in the end, their fame became even greater, far exceeding the Extinguishing Alliance that occupied Extinguished City.

This was because the Flame Mercenaries were the first mercenary group that required all ten protector clans to appear. Just that was enough for it to be renowned through the continent.

In a quiet little valley at the edge of the Cross Mountains, an old man sat on his bed with his eyes closed. He seemed like an old monk.

He slowly opened his eyes and sighed gently. “It’s fine if it’s taken, it’s not necessarily bad. Little Fatty should reach a better understanding of the importance of strength after this. If he wants to protect his homeland and family on the Tian Yuan Continent, he needs to have great strength. He needs to become so powerful that no one dares to provoke him.”

“Jian Chen is in the sea realm right now. I wonder what his current strength is. He needs to deal with the matter of Flame City himself. I hope that I don’t have to wait for too long until the day he gains the strength where he can contend with the protector clans.

“The pakchoi is almost all consumed. Time to plant some more…”

“The old man murmured as he made his way out with the plow on his shoulder. He had taken it from the corner of the room.

In the blink of an eye, four years passed. A fist-sized golden tower hovered in the air within the Octoterra Divine Hall as it shone with a faint golden light.

Jian Chen currently sat in the center of a huge hall within the artifact space. The Azulet sword spirits had materialized above his head. They constantly refined monster cores and divine quality crystals into the purest energy, which Jian Chen then absorbed.

The mountainous piles of high class monster cores, grand quality crystal coins, and divine quality crystals had all disappeared from around him. It had all been refined into pure energy, before being transformed into powerful Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan slowly revolved in his dantian. Strands of grey Chaotic Force coiled around the neidan, while the neidan itself had already reached the size of an adult’s fist.

When the final monster core had been refined, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. He revealed joy that he struggled to conceal as he murmured, “Just one last step and my Chaotic Body will reach the third layer.” With a wave of his hand, a ten-meter-tall piece of grand quality crystal emerged from his ring, landing heavily in the empty hall with a boom.

This crystal was the throne that Jian Chen had obtained on the first floor of the hall.

Jian Chen leaped onto the throne nimbly and sat down with his legs crossed. He began to refine it.

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