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Chapter 947: Controlling the Emperor Armament

Jian Chen and Nubis continued their way down, but the passageway to the seventh floor had been blocked by an extremely tough stone door. The door was made of the same material as the one for the treasury on the second layer, which had required a very long time to break through under the attacks of several dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers and over twenty Tian Level Saint Techniques.

“I wonder if we can smash through this door with our current strength,” murmured Jian Chen. He quickly drew his King Armament from his Space Ring and poured Chaotic Force into it. It immediately began to glow with a dark light as its aura of destruction filled the entire hall.

Nubis’ expression changed slightly as he involuntarily took several steps back. He was secretly shocked. Jian Chen was already more powerful than him without the King Armament. With the King Armament right now, he felt a tremendous pressure from his aura.

Nubis felt like Jian Chen was invincible right now.

“In just a few short years, Jian Chen reached such a level with his strength. If he continues like this, he’ll be able to reach Saint Emperor in less than a hundred years, or maybe just a few decades,” thought Nubis.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he became one with his sword. The King Armament was thrust toward the center of the stone door with lightning speed.


A wild energy immediately emerged and wreaked havoc in the surroundings. It rampaged against the walls of the hall, causing it to shake gently.

Jian Chen’s strike was as powerful as an attack from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, but he still failed to destroy the door in one stroke even with such a powerful attack. The sharp tip of the sword was embedded in the door, while a thin crack had that covered the entire surface appeared.

Jian Chen wrenched his King Armament from the door, before striking out once again with a tremendous aura.

The door began to shake gently, while the cracks became wider and denser.

Afterward, Jian Chen’s third, fourth, and fifth strike followed closely. The door finally broke after the five attacks, turning into countless pieces of rock that scattered everywhere.

Jian Chen put his sword away and smiled involuntarily. If he had come across this door several years ago, he definitely would not have been able to break through it. It took a very long time even when several dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers and over twenty Tian Level Saint Techniques pummeled it constantly.

Yet now, he easily destroyed it with five attacks. He felt extremely satisfied with his current strength.

Jian Chen and Nubis descended to the seventh floor. Several years ago, they were in a state of constant fear with every step, yet now they walked boldly. They did not fear of any formations hidden in the surroundings. This was because the formations were no longer able to trap them or even stop their steps. Jian Chen could break through them all with a single stroke.

Jian Chen and Nubis made their way down the floors, searching for the Emperor Armament everywhere. They reached the first floor very quickly, before directly passing through the hall’s main entrance.

The barrier around the hall remained, while the corpses of a few Sea race experts lay scattered outside. They had shriveled up long ago, while the mountainous piles of vicious beasts had all disappeared.

Jian Chen and Nubis struck the barrier together, forming a crack that they left through.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

They heard a muffled sound as soon as they made their way out, which was coupled with powerful energy ripples.

Jian Chen and Nubis’ eyes immediately lit up. They could already guess that the activity was from the Emperor Armament. It was striking the main entrance of the divine hall repeatedly.

“As I thought, the Emperor Armament has run outside,” Jian Chen’s eyes burned with anticipation. He immediately shot off toward the direction of the sound.

As the hall was surrounded by the barrier, it cut off all sounds from outside. This was why the two of them had sensed nothing from outside. Only when they passed through the barrier could they detect the huge disturbance caused by the Emperor Armament.

Jian Chen and Nubis traveled as fast as they could. As they rapidly drew closer, the sounds of beast roars gradually grew louder as well.

Very soon, the two of them arrived at the location of the main entrance of the hall. The thirty-meter-long Emperor Armament floated ten meters in the air as it constantly rammed against the door, while several Fifth and Sixth Heavenly Layer Class 8 Magical Beasts roared furiously. They constantly bit at the Emperor Armament with their large jaws but the weapon avoided them with agility. They could not touch the Emperor Armament at all.

Meanwhile, all the beasts were covered in horrifying wounds. Their blood had already dyed them all red, they had clearly been injured by the Emperor Armament.

“Emperor Armament, I’ve finally found you,” Jian Chen ravished with joy. Chaotic Force circulated and filled every inch of him, pushing the toughness of his body to its absolute limit. Afterward, he used the Illusory Flash, shooting toward the Emperor Armament in the form of a blur.

The Emperor Armament had clearly noticed Jian Chen as well. It stopped its attacks at the door and turned around, before turning into a blurry figure. It actually began to flee into the distance with lightning speed, before directly piercing the barrier around the hall and disappearing into it.

“Where do you think you’re going!?” Jian Chen roared. He immediately chased behind it as a blur, traversing several kilometers in the blink of an eye. He arrived at the gap in the barrier that the Emperor Armament had passed through and widened it just as it was about to close. He then threw himself through the gap as well.

Jian Chen chased the Emperor Armament from the first floor to the ninth. As soon as it made it up there, it dodged Jian Chen’s claws before charging back to the first floor, breaking through the barrier and returning outside the hall.

Jian Chen shot out from the gap created by the Emperor Armament with lightning speed. A golden light fell from the center of his eyebrows and landed in his hand. He had pulled out the saint artifact.

Jian Chen tossed the saint artifact into the air, “Artifact spirit, hide here. Once the Emperor Armament flies over, suck it into the artifact space immediately.” Jian Chen paid no more attention to the saint artifact, continuing his pursuit of the Emperor Armament.

The saint artifact hovered in the air as its golden light gradually disappeared. It shrank rapidly, before descending onto the ground as a thumb-sized tower. It used a corpse to hide itself.

Jian Chen and the Emperor Armament rampaged everywhere in the divine hall. Due to the Illusory Flash, a long trail of blurs followed Jian Chen everywhere. The other Class 8 beasts all tailed behind as they were unwilling to let the two go. The beasts constantly roared out angrily.

When the Emperor Armament flew toward the hall once again, the saint artifact finally struck out. It turned into a ten-meter-tall tower in the blink of an eye, radiating with a blinding light. Following it, a door suddenly opened along the path of the Emperor Armament, attempting to get the Emperor Armament to enter by itself.

However, things did not unfold as planned. At the most crucial moment, the Emperor Armament actually forced itself to come to a screeching stop. It did not dive into the artifact space. Clearly, it still remembered what had happened several years ago.

But with this delay, Jian Chen finally caught up to it. His hand was coated in a thick layer of Chaotic Force as he directly grabbed the thick hilt of the Emperor Armament.

The Emperor Armament began to tremble violently as it resonated clearly. A powerful layer of sword Qi shot out and enveloped Jian Chen, constantly striking him.

Jian Chen’s clothes were turned to shreds at that very moment. White marks appeared all over him due to the sword Qi from the Emperor Armament.

The third layer of the Chaotic Body allowed Jian Chen to withstand attacks from Saint Kings of the Third Heavenly Layer. Although the Emperor Armament was powerful, it struggled to injure Jian Chen as it was not under anyone’s control.

Jian Cen roared out and Chaotic Force flowed unceasingly into the Emperor Armament. With the injection of Chaotic Force, the Emperor Armament gradually became suppressed and its sword Qi weakened rapidly, before completely disappearing. The light on the weapon itself had become duller and duller, slowly replaced by a dark light filled with the aura of destruction.

The Emperor Armament was completely calm now; it was now completely under Jian Chen’s control. At the same time, Jian Chen could feel the existence of a soul within the Emperor Armament. It was extremely weak, as if it was currently in a slumber.

“Looks like it’s mostly due to this soul that the Emperor Armament possesses this level of intelligence. It should be left behind by its original owner.” Jian Chen suddenly reached an understanding, and he also realized why the Emperor Armament had behaved like before. It was all due to the instincts of the soul, an instinct to avoid danger. Its actions had not been committed on purpose.

“Shrink!” Jian Chen called out. The Emperor Armament quickly began to shrink, turning into a 1.3 meter long sword the width of two fingers. It radiated with an exceptionally powerful aura.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally obtained the Emperor Armament,” Nubis said joyfully as he ran over. Their chances of breaking through the entrance to the center of the divine hall were even greater with the Emperor Armament now.

Jian Chen’s face was also full of joy. With a wave of his hand, a terrifying sword Qi shot out immediately toward the barrier.

The sword Qi and the barrier collided and a huge hole was soundlessly formed. Afterward, the sword Qi continued onward with no reduction in force.

Boom! The entire hall trembled violently. It was not just the hall; even the entire divine hall was greatly affected, swaying gently.

“This Emperor Armament is innately effective against barriers, so the barrier was weakened greatly before the sword Qi.” Jian Chen ravished in joy and surprise as he watched everything unfold.

“My god Jian Chen, that strike is at least of the Sixth Heavenly Layer or even the Seventh Heavenly Layer.” Nubis was filled with shock.

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