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Chapter 952: Submission of the Taihong Clan

Jian Chen sneered when he noticed everyone’s gazes. He lifted up the divine hall in his hand and called out, “Come get it if you want the divine hall.”

Many of their faces immediately sank. Fury boiled in their hearts when they saw how arrogantly Jian Chen behaved, especially with his words that completely looked down on them.

Without exception, all the people who had come here were the supreme experts of various tribes in the sea realm. Every single one of them was an old monster who had lived for thousands of years and placed their dignity on a pedestal. How could they endure the reckless behavior of a junior?

“How dare you look down on me! I’ll teach you a good lesson in the place of your seniors. I’ll teach you what it means when they say there are always people better than you out there,” a wrinkly, hunchbacked old man immediately roared out. He charged toward Jian Chen with lightning speed from the Serpent God Hall’s side. He struck toward Jian Chen with his skinny hands coated in a powerful energy

This old man was a 16th Star Seasoul Warrior, someone who had reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint King. He was quite a famous person within the territory of the Serpent God Hall.

The hall elders of the Serpent God Hall did not stop him. Instead, they glared at the two hall elders from the Sea Goddess Hall. A tremendous aura secretly radiated from them, locking up the two hall elders.

Elder Hong’s face sank as his eyes became sharp as well. He stared back at the two hall elders with a piercing gaze.

The woman beside him also looked at back them with shining eyes, staring coldly at the two hall elders. Killing intent bubbled in her eyes.

The two hall elders of the Sea Goddess Hall were secretly busy with the hall elders of the Serpent God Hall. If they struck out to help Jian Chen, they would definitely have to face the fierce attacks from the other two hall elders.

Jian Chen stared coldly at the old man who charged toward him. He sneered, “Come at me.” With a flip of his hand, the Emperor Armament appeared. He poured Chaotic Force into it, and a brilliant dark light immediately began to shine from the Emperor Armament. An aura of destruction filled the surrounding space, causing everyone to react and their expressions to change.

The expression of the person who had charged toward Jian Chen also changed drastically. He felt frightened by the power of the energy that had erupted from the Emperor Armament. It would definitely be an attack he could not match up to.

“How is this possible? How can his strength become so great? What is this power? It’s terrifying.” The old man was shocked. Just as he wanted to dodge, the Emperor Armament stabbed toward him as a streak of dark light.

“F*ck it!” With no other choice, a sliver of determination flashed across the old man’s eyes. A spear suddenly appeared in his hand and he struck out as hard as he could to meet the Emperor Armament.


The Emperor Armament and the spear collided violently. Jian Chen’s strike was as powerful as one from the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King, while the old man was only of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. He could not contend against it, immediately flying backward as he spewed blood. His face paled, he was now heavily injured.

“This is what it means by there are always people better than you out there. Member of the Serpent God Hall, I will not be letting you go since you attacked me,” Jian Chen said coldly. He glared at the old man as he flew backward. Killing intent surged in Jian Chen’s eyes. He chopped out from afar, wanting to kill off the old man completely.

A tremendous sword Qi shot out from the Emperor Armament, transforming into a black dragon that targeted the old man. Its power seemed to be able to destroy the surroundings. Wherever it passed by, the space would crack, while the terrifying ripples of energy made the complexion of everyone vary.

The old man’s eyes narrowed; his already-pale face paled some more. His eyes were filled with despair. He was heavily injured, so he could no longer dodge this threatening sword Qi. If he was struck by another attack like that, he would be left barely alive even if he avoided death.

“Stop!” At this very moment, a heavy voice rang out. A hall elder from the Serpent God Hall moved. He waved his sleeve gently, and a tremendous power immediately appeared. It collided with Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

With a boom, his sword Qi was personally blocked by the hall elder. The tremendous power had disappeared with the sword Qi, nullifying each other.

Jian Chen stared at the hall elder coldly for some time, before saying to the old man, “I’ll spare your life this time, but you won’t be this lucky next time.” He looked around once again as he said that, before calling out, “Come at me if you want the divine hall.”

This time, the surroundings fell into an utter silence. No one dared to speak out any more, while everyone’s gazes toward Jian Chen had undergone an overwhelming change. The power that could casually injure a 16th Star expert heavily frightened many people.

Right now, Jian Chen possessed the strength to keep the divine hall.

“Good, good, good, Jian Chen. You really do make me more and more surprised. Never did I think that you’d actually obtain the divine hall, you’ve also found an Emperor Armament that was left behind by a human emperor when they passed away from old age. What terrifying strength you have when you use the Emperor Armament,” chuckled elder Hong. His words were full of praise.

The faces of the two hall elders from the Serpent God Hall darkened greatly. Their hatred for Jian Chen had just peaked. Before, Jian Chen had stolen the Abyssal Crystal from them and fled to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall, yet right now he made them seem pathetic. The two of them felt rather ashamed.

But most importantly, they suspected that Thysnich had been slain by Jian Chen. Thysnich was the ruler of the Serpent Dragon clan. He was treated with great importance by the hall master, where he had even been bestowed some the emperor’s power. His death was a huge loss to the entire clan because it was extremely possible for Thysnich to become an emperor with his talent.

“Let’s go!” A hall master from the Serpent God Hall called out, before leaving with his group first. He no longer bothered with anything else, because he knew very well that the current Jian Chen was probably no longer the weakling that could be harassed by them.

The people from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and the Sea Goddess Hall left at the same time with the Serpent God Hall’s departure. However, everyone else other than Jian Chen and Nubis possessed a horrible countenance.

They had waited arduously for five years, originally believing that their own clansmen could bring out some treasures from the divine hall to strengthen their clans. However, never did they imagine that the outcome would be like this. Only two people had returned from the hundred and sixty that entered.

Although they all knew that there were definitely many treasures from the divine hall, none of them dared to ask Jian Chen for it. This was because Jian Chen’s strength was already at a level that they feared.

Jian Chen followed elder Hong and the others back to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. He rejected elder Hong’s invitation to the hall, directly making way toward the Turtle clan with Nubis.

The five years which Jian Chen and the Taihong clan had agreed on had just passed several days ago. Naturally, the ancestor of the Taihong clan had brought a group of experts to the Turtle clan and was currently waiting there.

“Don’t worry. The five years may be up, but we won’t trouble you. I know the ruler of the Turtle clan has yet to come out from the Octoterra Divine Hall, so we’ll just wait here until he does come out. But if he dies in there, it would be your loss in our agreement, and the Turtle clan will belong to the Taihong clan.” The ancestor of the Taihong clan stood in the square of the Turtle clan with crossed arms. He was calm, as he was filled with confidence. He believed that he would be able to achieve victory in the agreement he had with Jian Chen. This was because he just did not believe that Jian Chen could reach a level where he could go toe-to-toe with him in just a short five years.

The Taihong clan did not trouble the Turtle clan. Their objective was to bring the Turtle clan under their control. Right now, they were more likely to win the hearts of the people if they acted more amiable. After all, the second and third elders of the clan had already reached an agreement with them. As such, with the persuasion from the two respected elders, they would face far fewer obstacles in the submission of the Turtle clan.

The experts of the Turtle clan gathered around the people of the Taihong clan. Even the second and third elders were present.

“The magnanimity of the Taihong clan really puts us to shame. We cannot be people who break our word. It doesn’t matter the reasons why the ruler cannot fulfill his word, he has already broken it and embarrassed the entire clan. I will now announce that if the esteemed ruler does not return in three days, it will be our loss. We will submit to the Taihong clan according to the previous agreement and become a part of them,” the second elder said righteously.

“The second elder is correct. We may have waned, but we are still an ancient clan with a lengthy history. How can we not keep our word? I agree with the second elder’s suggestion. If the ruler does not return in three days, we will become a part of the Taihong clan,” the third elder said as well.

The members of the Turtle clan all looked at each other, but they could not find ways to rebuke. Although the second and third elder’s suggestion favored the Taihong clan, it was not without reason.

“Second elder, third elder, when did the fate of the Turtle clan fall into your hands?” A loud voice rang out from the air at this very moment. The sound echoed everywhere, so it was impossible to determine its origins.

“Ruler! It’s the ruler’s voice! The ruler has returned…”

“Our ruler has returned…”

Many people realized the owner of the voice and rejoiced, while the faces of the second and third elders darkened.

Two fingers cut through the sky like comets, flying over with lightning speed. In the end, they slowly descended under the welcoming gazes of the entire clan. They were Jian Chen and Nubis.

Jian Chen and Nubis had their presences retracted, so their strengths were hidden. They seemed like two ordinary people. No one could tell just how powerful they were.

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