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Chapter 958: Taking Revenge

“Someone go and call the four divine generals and Li Fengxing,” a hall elder ordered.

Immediately, an elder in a horrible shape flew into the divine hall, inviting the four divine generals and Li Fengxing outside.

Five powerful presences began to radiate from within the divine hall, and the four divine generals and Li Fengxing flew out. The two divine generals that had been captured by Atlantis were bought back by the Serpent God Hall with a huge ransom fee.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately became filled with killing intent when he saw his former enemies. He glared at the five of them.

The divine generals and Li Fengxing clearly already knew about the situation at hand. Their complexions were very ugly and possessed some grimness.

“We greet the hall elders,” the five of them simultaneously clasped their hands at the six hall elders.

“Four Divine Generals, Li Fengxing, the warrior Jian Chen wants to challenge you. You shall fight him and represent the Serpent God Hall,” a hall elder said, sighing gently.

The five of them all looked toward the huge Octoterra Divine Hall when they heard that. They were all bitter-faced.

Although they had remained in the divine hall throughout the entire process, they knew exactly what was happening outside. However, they struggled to accept that Jian Chen—who had been so powerless against them several years ago—was now terrifying. With the Octoterra Divine Hall, even the six hall elders could do nothing against him.

Jian Chen appeared at the entrance of the divine hall and said to the six hall elders, “I hope none of you interfere as I fight them. Otherwise, I won’t be ending the matter here. I will definitely create a big mess out of the Serpent God Hall.”

“Naturally. You do not have to worry. No other person from the Serpent God Hall will be fighting except the five of them,” a hall elder said with a darkened face. Their Serpent God Hall had been completely humiliated with how everything had unfolded.

Jian Chen floated out with the Emperor Armament in hand. He did not put the Octoterra Divine Hall away, leaving it to hover high up above everyone. It was like a dark cloud, darkening the surroundings.

“Divine generals, where is the item you stole from me all those years ago?” Jian Chen stared coldly at the divine generals.

A divine general ripped off his clothes, revealing a glimmering golden silkmail underneath. He said coldly, “I’m wearing it. If you have the ability, come take it.”

Jian Chen’s gaze became even colder. “You still don’t have the right to wear it. I’ll take it back in the exact same way you took it from me back then. Come at me, the five of you.

Seeing how Jian Chen wanted to take on the five of them at the same time so arrogantly, Li Fengxing could not help but laugh aloud. “Alright, Jian Chen. That was what you said. I hope you don’t try to take it back later.” Li Fengxing then turned to the four divine generals and sneered, “Let’s go and teach that ignorant bastard a solid lesson.”

The four divine generals sneered as they celebrated inside. They knew that Jian Chen was now powerful. It would be difficult for them to be victorious if they were to fight him one-on-one. However, Jian Chen actually stated brazenly that he wanted to take all five of them on at the same time. This filled them with confidence.

Li Fengxiang was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King, the most powerful magical beast present in the sea realm, while the four divine generals were all Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings and commonly used joint attacks. The four of them had worked together for many years, reaching a level of tacit understanding in battle. When the five of them fought together, they would even be able to take on a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King.

The four divine generals and Li Fengxing were all beasts, and their most powerful weapons were their claws. Their hands immediately turned into huge dragon claws or hairy black bear paws, which they swung simultaneously. A chain of powerful energy shot toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen swung his Emperor Armament and a huge, crescent-shaped sword Qi shot out. It dispersed all five attacks.

“This type of attack can’t hurt me at all. Is this all the four divine generals and the strongest magical beast has?” Jian Chen said coldly.

A sliver of fierce light flashed through the eyes of the four divine generals and Li Fengxing. They all bellowed as tremendous energy surged out of them. It coiled around them, gradually forming four three-hundred-meter-long serpent dragons and an extremely huge black bear.

Roar! The black bear produced a deafening roar and fell to its four paws and charged menacingly toward Jian Chen.

The four huge serpent dragons that were condensed out of energy roared at the sky angrily as well, before actually slowly fusing together.

The black bear was also condensed from vast amounts of energy and World Force. It ran extremely quickly, arriving before Jian Chen in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chen directly chopped at the black bear as his Emperor Armament shone with a dazzling dark light. He remained cool and composed throughout.

Before the sword Qi had struck the black bear, the black bear exploded in mid-air with a deafening boom. A terrifying storm of energy erupted and started to ruin the surroundings. It caused the surrounding space to distort and turn into a blur.

With a series of movements, Jian Chen shot backward under the pummeling of the energy storm. This was the effects of Li Fengxing’s full-power strike. Jian Chen was unable to block it as he was in mid-air.

At that moment, a figure shot out from the center of the explosion toward Jian Chen. Two huge bear paws that radiated with a powerful energy swept toward Jian Chen’s throat and head.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a disdainful smile. His Emperor Armament immediately became a black streak of light as he counterattacked.

Li Fengxing yelled out, and his two paws changed directions to catch the Emperor Armament. They were both coated by a powerful energy; he wanted to grab Jian Chen’s Emperor Armament if given the opportunity.

However, the Emperor Armament could not be grabbed that easily. As soon as the hands came into contact with the Emperor Armament, a screeching of metal rang out and the powerful force turned his hands numb.


Before Li Fengxing could respond, Jian Chen’s second strike had arrived. The Emperor Armament flashed past his paws in the form of a dark light, lopping off the two of them.

“Argh!” Li Fengxing cried out miserably. He used his remaining stumps to grab his paws before quickly backing off.

Just as Jian Chen wanted to pursue him, a deafening roar rang out. The four serpent dragons condensed by the divine generals had fused completely, forming a three-thousand-meter-long black serpent dragon which charged threateningly toward Jian Chen.

The four divine generals had cast a secret technique together. The power and might of the black dragon were enough to heavily injure Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, and even Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings needed to face it seriously.

Jian Chen expression remained nonchalant. He struck out as hard as he could with the Emperor Armament. His battle prowess was at the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer and extremely close to the eighth. As a result, he did not treat the black dragon importantly despite its power.

Jian Chen swung the Emperor Armament with all his strength, creating a huge sword Qi to meet the serpent dragon. It collided intensely with it mid-air.

The surroundings darkened from the violent residual energy from the boom. This time, the clash between the supreme attacks was enough to destroy the surroundings completely. The sea water above began to churn violently, forming great waves on the sea surface.

The sword Qi and the black dragon swelled in mid-air, before finally dispersing after being mutually consumed.

The four divine generals became even more stern. The full-power attack from the four of them had been neutralized so easily by Jian Chen, overwhelming them inside with the bad turn of events. The strength of their opponent had completely surprised them.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to arrive before the four of them in the blink of an eye. His arm shook violently as the Emperor Armament transformed into a flurry of blurs that encased them. He struck out consecutively toward the divine generals.

The divine generals were now covered by a layer of closely-packed scales, while their hands were now the claws of serpent dragons. They poured all their strengths into blocking Jian Chen’s attacks, while their claws became coated with a thick layer of energy.

However, they were not Jian Chen’s opponent at such a close range. Every stab possessed the power from the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King, so they ran out of power in just two mere bouts. Their claws were chopped off one by one by Jian Chen as they grunted constantly from the pain.

The Emperor Armament constantly slashed across their bodies after the claws were gone, leaving behind vicious wounds all over their bodies.

Jian Chen did not hurry to kill them. Instead, he tortured them to his heart’s content. He wanted to return the pain they had brought to him those years ago a hundredfold.

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