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Chapter 1429

Battles broke out between the three prime sovereigns of all-heavens and the prime Saints of the Sacred Race, and the movement from those battles naturally couldn’t be concealed from the all-heavens Saints’ perception. As a result, all Saints were fully on guard. 

Given the large movement, the Sacred Race was bound to have something planned!At the same time, a formation that was so tremendous that made people shudder with fear slowly descended on the Cangxuan Heaven Boundary Walls. Once it came into contact with the boundary walls, it could draw power from Cangxuan Heaven. It was only then that the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array was considered fully operated and Cangxuan Heaven once again was in its protection. Cangxuan Heaven was finally considered safe and the citizens wouldn’t need to worry about the Sacred Race breaking in again. Zhou Yuan stood vigilantly within Cangxuan Heaven, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the boundary walls. Boom!      As his emotions were stirred, Genesis Qi within the entire Cangxuan Heaven fluctuated and surged and finally formed lightning, thunder, hurricane wind, flames as well as layers of clouds. The terrifying power contained in them was so powerful that even sect master Qing Yang and the others palpitated with fear.However, they hadn’t reached the Saint stage and they naturally couldn’t pry into the boundary walls and see what was happening. This was why they were a little surprised that Zhou Yuan mobilized the Cangxuan Heaven powers on such a large scale.  Zhou Yuan's expression told them that he was much more nervous than when he dealt with Sheng Yuan. Clasping the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, Zhou Yuan carefully controlled the vast mighty Cangxuan Heaven power while shifting his gaze to sect master Qing Yang and the others. “Quickly leave this area.”Although he didn't know what the Sacred Race had planned, it most likely would be earthshaking since prime sovereign Jin Luo sent them a warning. Therefore, he must be well-prepared. Zhou Yuan felt very uneasy because he still hadn’t found the black light that struck him.But he had a hunch that what the Sacred Race had planned was directed at him. Sect master Qing Yang and the others should stay far away because they were not strong enough to intervene in the next battle. Sect master Qing Yang and the others couldn't stop their expressions from changing. They could hear the seriousness and fear in Zhou Yuan’s tone of voice and so they rapidly evacuated without a word. Chi Jing, Su Youwei, Wu Yao and others scrunched their faces up in worry, but they didn’t stubbornly stay behind because they knew that Zhou Yuan controlled the entire Cangxuan Heaven and his strength wasn’t in the slightest inferior to any other Saint. If there was a power that could threaten him, they would just become his burden even if they remained behind. In just a short moment, the area within a radius of one hundred miles was cleared. Zhou Yuan suddenly narrowed his eyes on the boundary wall. Boom!     There, the primal chaos void suddenly tore apart and a giant hand with no end in sight suddenly stretched out. Surrounded in destructive power, it slammed down at the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array around the Cangxuan Heaven Boundary Wall. Rumble     The collision between the two produced endless explosions of lightning and ear-piercing sonic boom reverberated throughout Cangxuan Heaven. Even Genesis Qi exploded in the air.  Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve and several heavy barriers emerged beneath the boundary walls, lessening the impact of the destructive noises. But his countenance didn’t look good because he knew how strong the person who attacked was from just the giant hand.  It was no doubt a prime Saint from the Sacred Race!     Only a prime Saint would have that kind of ability and dared to come attack the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array!Boom!     Shock waves of hundred feet constantly broke out from the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array, destroying the small spaces born in the primal chaos void. A battle of such a level made Zhou Yuan’s eyelids twitch rapidly. But fortunately, the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array was extremely powerful and even though it hadn’t fully connected with Cangxuan Heaven and thus its power couldn’t be fully displayed, it still blocked the prime Saint. “As I thought, it is directed at me.”As the prime saint bombarded the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array, Zhou Yuan felt a gaze filled with malicious intent penetrated through the layers of space and locked onto him. Boom!     This chapter is scrapped from readlightnovel.orgIt was then that the primal chaos void started to break apart again and another giant hand again slowly stretched out and inserted into the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. It was another prime Saint!     The Saints in all-heavens also sensed the abnormal movements and their expressions changed dramatically. Including the three prime saints that intercepted Jin Luo, Di Long, and Chi Ji, a total of five prime saints from the Sacred Race had been dispatched!The scale was as great as the first world-ending war!Moreover, were all the prime saints of the Sacred Race not focussing all their powers on the Sacred Mountain and transferring it to the Sacred God in deep slumber? How would they make a move now?! While the Saints of all-heavens turned ashen-faced, the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array suddenly vibrated and a crack appeared in the corner. Although the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array was powerful, it wasn’t fully operated and as a result, flaws emerged under the combined attacks of two prime Saints. It was just that the two prime Saints couldn’t destroy it and only tore open a gap with brute force.While the two sides were in a stalemate, the two prime Saints also couldn’t do anything else. Otherwise the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array would rapidly destroy their powers and quickly recover.Zhou Yuan watched the scene with an overcast face. He also couldn’t do much except mobilizecountless Genesis Qi tentacles to stretch out the boundary wall and connect them to the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array to further strengthen it. He was now the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. He wouldn’t feel a trace of fear towards ordinary saints, but he still had no qualifications to face prime Saints head-on. However, his action had little effect. As the two Saints instilled their powers, the crack in the corner of the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array outside the Cangxuan Heaven Boundary Walls became more and more obvious. In the end, the crack was connected to Cangxuan Heaven.The moment the crack appeared, two pillars of light roared out from the primal chaos void, passed through the crack and entered the Cangxuan Heaven. As the light faded, two figures suddenly emerged in front of Zhou Yuan, staring indifferently at him with their hands clasped behind their backs. The two figures’ appearance immediately turned the Saints in all-heavens ashen-faced. Even Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji lost their calmness, and they wore expressions as cold as water. “Mo Jie…”     “Hei Zhao…”      The two who penetrated the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array and descended upon Cangxuan Heaven were the last two prime Saints of the Sacred Race who hadn’t made a move!In other words, the seven prime Saints of the Sacred Race had all acted!Everyone felt a chill run into their hearts. All seven prime Saints have acted, what does that mean?Is this a sign that the Sacred Race would start the world-ending war again?!Moreover, how could Cangxuan Heaven counter two prime Saints?!

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