Cover Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 1792 - Face-slapping, Act Two (2)
Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 1792 - Face-slapping, Act Two (2)
Author :Su Xiao Nuan,苏小暖

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Chapter 1792: Face-slapping, Act Two (2)

“Turn right. You’ll see a door.

“There are numbers above the door. The password is 123456.”

Feng Wu found that passward a bit too simple.

“Aren’t you afraid that other people will guess it?” Feng Wu asked casually.

The white fairy said, “The simpler ones are harder to guess. No one has ever guessed it after all these years.”

Feng Wu rubbed her nose. “Alright.”

Just then, she heard someone talking not far away.

“This is the right direction!”

“We’ll follow the second prince.”

“The prince definitely has a map. Following him has to be the right choice.”

“Yes, that’s right —”

After that, nearly everyone followed the second prince and walked in another direction.

Feng Wu watched the scene from her hiding place.

“They’ve gone that way,” Feng Wu murmured to the white fairy.

The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu. “Do you want to follow them?”

Feng Wu said, “Of course not. I’ll go wherever you tell me to go.”

The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu. “Do you know where the prince is taking them?”

Feng Wu asked curiously, “Where?”

The white fairy smirked. “They are heading right for the lair of the ghost king of the netherworld. This is going to be interesting.”

The white fairy spoke before Feng Wu could ask. “Let’s go. Our priority is to improve your ability.”

Feng Wu nodded and opened the door to the secret room.

“Close the door,” the white fairy whispered.

Feng Wu nodded and quickly closed the door.

She turned around to find a room filled with brilliant golden light and dense spiritual essence.

The room was vast and empty.

It was only about 100 square meters in size, but the dense spiritual essence caught Feng Wu’s attention.

“These are…”

Burlywood racks stood along the walls on both sides.

Each rack had three shelves, each containing different weapons.

After countless years, the racks all looked worn and dilapidated.

Although there were many weapons on the shelves —

Feng Wu frowned when she picked up a weapon. “The blade is chipped.

“This one, too. There are three gaps in it.

“This spear is broken.

“And this…”

The more weapons Feng Wu checked, the more disappointed she became. She then turned to the white fairy, who was standing next to her.

Because the white fairy was in her soul form, only Feng Wu could see her.

The white fairy glanced at Feng Wu. “According to your definition, these are all Level 3 weapons.”

Feng Wu nodded. That was true.

“Do you find these weapons useless?” the white fairy asked casually.

Feng Wu gave it some thought and said, “These are all wonderful materials. If I can take them away with me, I can sell them at a good price. After I refine them, I think I can rebuild some Level 3 weapons.”

The white fairy said grumpily, “Why do you bother with this garbage?”

Feng Wu smiled wryly.

The white fairy had simply seen too much. These broken weapons would be very popular in the outside world.

“Just let the sword spirit of the Fallen Star Sword eat them all,” the white fairy said proudly.

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