Cover I’m Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Novel Chapter 449 - Another Upgrade In The Four-Part Architecture, Expert’s Humor
I’m Actually A Cultivation Bigshot Novel Chapter 449 - Another Upgrade In The Four-Part Architecture, Expert’s Humor
Author :Kinoshita Nakui,Rugao Under The Bridge,木下雉水

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Chapter 449: Another Upgrade in the Four-Part Architecture, Expert’s Humor

The Immortal Qi was transforming!

The level of intensity was incredible. Yang Jing felt relaxed when he took a deep breath. He felt refreshed.

If a cultivator that was inferior to a Taiyi Golden Immortal stayed there, their cultivation would greatly improve as the days passed. If an ordinary person stayed there, they could become cultivators just by breathing. It was only a matter of time for them to be immortalized.

However… That was just the beginning.

At some point, he heard a ‘pop’ as the endless Immortal Qi transformed!

‘The Immortal Qi had a breakthrough like cultivators?’

Yang Jing could tell the four-part architecture was extraordinary.

He looked around. It was a breath of fresh air to him. Compared to the outside world, the world in the four-part architecture felt superior.

There was Spiritual Qi aside from Immortal Qi!

Yang Jing did not know how to describe it but…it was absolutely awesome.

At that moment, everyone else was also stunned. They were amazed while they observed the surrounding.

Things were the same but something felt…different.

Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Palace.

The Jade Emperor and the Empress suddenly opened their eyes. They had a keen sense. They both looked at the Palace of the Deluxe Merit Saint.

They could tell that something incredible was happening in the palace. The powerful aura made them anxious and curious.

The Jade Emperor looked serious. He asked, “Perhaps the Lord Saint’s back? No way. Didn’t Yang Jing go to visit him in the Immortal Realm?”

They both went to the Palace of the Deluxe Merit Saint. The door was locked. It was evident that the Lord Saint was not there.

‘So that aura…’

The Jade Emperor and the Empress were confused. They did not dare to enter without permission.

At the four-part architecture.


Everyone simultaneously breathed hard. They were tearing up.

‘It’d be foolish not to take it in while we’re here!’

At the same time, Yang Jing and the others started to look around.

Ao Cheng noticed something. He exclaimed in a trembling voice, “The Air Purifier, it…it…”

Everyone looked over and realized the Air Purifier was no longer emitting Immortal Qi. It emitted something superior to Immortal Qi.

“I’ve heard about this. The expert’s four-part architecture had an upgrade before.”

Ao Cheng pursed his lips and said, “The Spiritual Qi upgraded to Immortal Qi. It just upgraded again right now! Seems like the expert’s in a good mood. He improved the four-part architecture again…”

He had to look at the Water Purifier next to the Air Purifier. ‘What about this?’

Yang Jing hurriedly forced himself to stay calm. He looked away.

He knew that music was extraordinary.

‘Basics of Wisdom, any listener would have a breakthrough. The entire four-part architecture had a breakthrough. This is so scary.

‘As expected, everything in the four-part architecture had been upgraded. The cultivators, the Demons, and the Immortal Items!’

Even the chicken that worked hard to lay eggs became a Taiyi Golden Immortal. The Power of Bloodline seemed to have improved, too.

Daji, the Fire Phoenix, and the others were closer to their bloodlines. They started to have auras similar to their ancestors.

Yang Jing felt shocked and horrified.

‘This is so scary. I have no doubt this is just like realm creation. I can’t believe I witnessed a miracle.’


Suddenly, they heard a sound coming from the backyard.

It was not a loud sound but it made them jolt. They hurriedly straightened up as their hearts pounded.

‘Here comes the bigshot!’

Yang Jing felt especially nervous. He had never met the bigshot before. He had slain Demons for countless years but he had never been that nervous before.

He did not dare to breathe.

Li Nianfan smiled and said, “Lady Fire Phoenix, Nanan, Dragin, I made you something. Quick, come over here and take a look.”

Dragin and Nanan were heartless beings. They acted like nothing happened after a temporary shock. They hurriedly ran over with joy and excitement, “Brother, what is it?”

“Two Peach Wood Swords. It’s a lucky charm to help you avoid evil. It’s not an Immortal Item but I have nothing else to offer. Here you go.” Li Nianfan gave them the swords.

Nanan and Dragin hurriedly accepted it. They observed it in their hands. “Wow, such a pretty sword. Thanks, brother!”

Nanan sniffed the Peach Wood Sword and said, “Such a nice smell. It smells like Peaches. So nice.”

They knew it was not an Immortal Item but they felt safe. They loved it.

Li Nianfan took out the Red Gourd. He asked, “Lady Fire Phoenix, I think this gourd suits you. Do you want it?”

Fire Phoenix was instantly intrigued. She took it and exclaimed, “Yes!”

Daji previously got a Golden Gourd, she did not need to be jealous anymore. The little fox in her arms was so envious that her nine tails straightened up. She looked at Li Nianfan with anticipation.

Li Nianfan instantly realized he forgot about the little fox.

Thankfully, he had a fast reaction. He smiled and said, “Little fox, I should give you this Pellet Drum. It has voice command and it can change sounds. It’s pretty interesting.”


The little fox immediately took the Pellet Drum. She excitedly rattled it. She was very happy.

The Pellet Drum could affect minds, similar to her powers. It was very suitable for the little fox.

Li Nianfan instantly smiled at how happy the little fox looked. Little kids were so easy to trick.

Ao Cheng and the others were jealous.

‘It’s too nice being with the expert. They get to listen to the Basics of Wisdom and receive Heavenly Spiritual Treasures as gifts like they’re toys. It hurts.’

Yang Jing was questioning his life as a cultivator. ‘Why did I spend countless years and so much effort to get an Immortal Item?

‘In the end, it’s better to bootlick the expert.

‘I don’t want to be a cultivator anymore. I just want to be a bootlicker!’

He looked at Deified Dog. Deified Dog was a masterful bootlicker, he should learn from his dog.


Blackie ran toward Li Nianfan with his tongue out. His tail wagged from left to right. “Master, what about me? Where’s my gift?”

“Yo, Blackie. You still know how to come back?”

Li Nianfan patted him. “It’s your fault for staying outside. No gifts for you.”

He realized he had guests. He was instantly surprised. He asked, “I didn’t expect guests. Brother Ao, when did you all get here? Did you hear my music just now?”

Ao Cheng jolted. He did not dare to lie, so he replied, “Yes… I did. Sorry for the intrusion, Lord Saint.”

Li Nianfan smiled and waved it off. He said shyly, “No worries. I just played music out of the blue. The tone was a bit off. Please, don’t make fun of me.”

It was kind of awkward, like having a friend show up suddenly when one was caught up singing.

‘Tone was a bit off?’

Yang Jing and the others felt their skin crawl. They had trouble breathing. They suddenly felt like useless losers.

‘Can you please talk like a normal person and stop attacking us?’

‘Fine. Maybe this is the expert’s humor. As long as the expert’s happy, there’s nothing wrong with it, right? Come on, so what if I’m a useless loser?’

Yang Jing immediately saluted and smiled, “You’re joking, Lord Saint. That tune was a freestyle but it was melodic and pleasant like a breath of fresh air. It’s a masterpiece that lets others forget about their troubles as they swim in the echoes of music.”

Ao Cheng had to take a side-glance at Yang Jing.

‘This fellow said he wasn’t much of a people pleaser and wanted me to help him with bootlicking. I didn’t expect his hidden kiss-up skills to be so superior.

‘Funny how I fell for it and believed him.’

Li Nianfan looked between his eyebrows, then he looked at Deified Dog. Li Nianfan knew who he was. He excitedly asked, “May I know if you’re…?”

Yang Jing immediately saluted and bowed, “I’m Yang Jing. Greetings to the Deluxe Merit Saint.”

“So, you’re God Jiro. Sorry for being impolite.”

Li Nianfan was utterly excited. God Jiro was the legendary Erlang Shen, one of the most iconic characters in the legendary stories. He was kind of a halfway main character in ‘Journey to the West’ and ‘Lotus Lantern’.

He bowed to Li Nianfan as he joked and chatted.

It felt…good!

He looked at the cultivator and the dog. He suddenly smiled and asked, “God Jiro, you must’ve finished a huge mission with Deified Dog, right?”

Yang Jing nodded and replied, “We were trapped, managed to escape recently by killing off a pest.”

Yang Jing thought of the bowl of soup. Everything was indeed in the plans of the expert.

“I see. No wonder you have Deluxe Merit on you. Congrats, God Jiro.”

A blinding golden light appeared as Li Nianfan said that. The golden light poured out like waves and circled Li Nianfan like water rings.

Then, Deluxe Merit turned to streams that slowly flowed toward the stunned Yang Jing and Deified Dog. They breathed hard while they stared.

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