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Master Of The End Times Novel Chapter 1019 - Precious Stimulant
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Chapter 1019: Precious Stimulant

Time seemed to have been frozen at that moment. Everything went silent.

Qin Feng was the only one not constrained by the stagnated time. He walked over to Sakyaey’s lifeless body, not too rushed, not too leisurely either.

Someone in the audience finally snapped out of the silence, and an uproar ensued.

Shao Dongfeng’s face stiffened.

The lips of Seinakawa and Rick curled unpleasantly.

Long Ting, in stark contrast, cheered with her fist high up in the air. She could not believe that Qin Feng, a teenager, was the one who qualified from their realm.

The commentator finally found his voice too. “Unbelievable! He really made it. Qin Feng, who is ranked number 5 in this tournament, has defeated Sakyaey, the highest-ranked user in the Dark Coalition! Not only that but Sakyaey was killed in a split second before he could react. What’s that dark vortex? I have never seen anything like that in my life. Indisputably, there’s one commanding winner in this battle—Qin Feng!”

The battle only lasted for a few seconds, but the audience was captivated. None was complaining that it had ended too abruptly. This was because almost everyone on the spectator seats was highly skilled. They understood just how amazing Qin Feng’s prowess was.

“Is this Qin Feng a dark-type ability user? Wait, he was introduced as an ancient warrior earlier. He was using ancient art as well.”

“A dual-aptitude user. He must have mastered both. He is far superior to Sakyaey in terms of perception and conscious power. The lad must have covered himself in runes that could mask his presence. That explains why Sakyaey failed to detect his movement.”

“The young man activated a dark-type ability which probably blocked his opponent’s perception ability from the beginning. When he was close enough, he caught the opponent off guard and killed him decisively.”

“Amazing! Absolutely brilliant! He is no doubt a generational prodigy!”

Most audiences applauded Qin Feng’s exceptional skills. Those with better eyes could roughly retrace what happened in that short period. As for the S-tiers that could not immediately grasp the quick action, they also understood how terrifying Qin Feng was based on the emcee’s comment.

In the arena, Qin Feng had sheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber. After it was fused with the spatial beast’s crystal core, the laceration created by the saber became very powerful. Whenever he brandished the saber, it would inadvertently create a spatial rift. Despite being very useful in a battle, unsheathing it out of battle was a burden.

Then, Qin Feng pulled in the internal force.

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Sakyaey was an S9-tier ancient warrior. His internal force nebula was at least nine centimeters wide. Being able to bypass Ming Tianhao was a testament to his power.

Indeed, six orbs landed on Qin Feng’s hand when he placed his pulling palm near Sakyaey’s dantian.

Crack! Crack!

The orbs shattered and fused into his palm, entering Qin Feng’s meridian. His meridian was unusually wide. The pieces immediately turned into an immense internal force that went straight into his dantian.


The ability went to work and assimilated the internal force. In the end, one-third of the force was expelled and the remaining was integrated into Qin Feng’s nine frozen stars. As a result, the nine stars had expanded by a total of half a centimeter.

‘Killing another aptitude user is still the fastest way.’ Qin Feng murmured. He did not stop there. Watching through the huge eye on top of the arena, he seemed to be looking for something.

It did not take him long. Qin Feng found the badge and claimed it. He also took Sakyaey’s spatial equipment.

When he was prepared to leave, he remembered something and raised his hand. Instantly, a dark light shrouded the black worm on the body’s head.

Qin Feng had neither seen nor heard about it before. However, after observing what Sakyaey had done with it, he knew that it must be very beneficial.

If it was beneficial, then Qin Feng would absorb it.

The worm was called the Giganum Marrow Devourer. This creature lived through multiple universes and realms. It fed on marrow but not human bone marrow. Instead, the worm consumed the “marrow” of a planet, which could be usually found in the primary energy stratum.

After hundreds of millions of years, the energy retained by the worm was gargantuan.

A precious stimulant.

Qin Feng absorbed the creature with his ability. Instantaneously, his physique’s strength skyrocketed.

Without any warning, Qin Feng’s physique had broken through S1-tier.

Based on his current strength, he would have to kill numerous powerful creatures to advance his physical level. Surprisingly, he had done so by absorbing the Giganum Marrow Devourer.

‘Great stuff!’ Qin Feng rejoiced.

After absorbing the worm, Qin Feng picked a direction and moved on.

Qin Feng probably would not come across anyone soon on his current path. As such, the giant eye turned in another direction. He could still be seen on one of the screens, but the center stage had to be reserved for the fiercest battle at the moment.

The ability users who had witnessed Qin Feng’s battle envied his gain, especially those from the Blue Star. They began to lament.

“What a waste! He absorbed the Giganum Marrow Devourer just like that,” Seinakawa lamented with strong jealousy. The worm was not something they could get in hand easily in their realm.

“The stronger he gets, the better his chance of survival in this match. I acknowledge his decision to upgrade quickly. The problem is whether he could get out alive seven days later. Once he captures an unexplored realm, I wonder what kind of gems we could find in there,” the newly joined SS-tier earth ability user, Arus, chimed in.

This man was the new SS-tier promoted in the Runic Galaxy Realm. He was the twentieth SS-tier on Earth. That was what was generally believed. None of the SS-tiers knew that Endo had already been killed.

“Hehe. Even if he does capture a realm, it belongs to Qin Feng alone.” Long Kong knew what these people were plotting. Thus, he sneered and warned them to erase that idea.

Should they not be clear of Qin Feng’s strength now? They should hold back on their little plot. Snatching meat from a tiger’s mouth was simply suicidal.

Seinakawa and Rick had no comments. They had witnessed first-hand how powerful Qin Feng was. They lamented because they disliked Qin Feng’s dominating presence as a newbie.

Arus had zero ideas. He had just upgraded and this was the first time sitting in the top echelon. As such, he was a little too full of himself.

“If he is willing to contribute the resources, we can push through SSS-tier faster. Wouldn’t it be better for our realm?”

Long Kong smirked. “Why do you think he has to give up the resources to others? Can’t he work toward SSS by himself? Don’t tell me you actually believe he is weaker than any one of us here?”

Arus did not dare to talk back this time. He silently cursed Long Kong and others for being cowards. He believed that the rest of them should be ashamed of themselves for not daring to claim some resources from Qin Feng’s hand.

Qin Feng was unaware of the conversation centered on him. Even before he had gotten anything, someone was already targeting his pocket.

He marched on determinedly. Qin Feng was currently not on the path to rendezvous with his ally, but get closer and closer to the enemy’s base

Although Qin Feng had broken the deadlock, other users from the Human Alliance were not as lucky. In the three battles after Qin Feng’s victory, two Human Alliance participants were forced to flee, while another one suffered grave injuries and died not long after.

Consequently, the atmosphere in Central City subsided rapidly from the euphoria after Qin Feng’s battle. The audience watched on nervously.

“This is bad. Qin Feng would soon come across the Dark Coalition. This time, there are three of them!” The commentator announced suddenly. The already tensed crowd was strained as they stared at the scene that was now switched to the largest screen.

They were already within ten kilometers of each other. The audience held their breaths as the two would clash soon.

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