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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Novel Chapter 1256 - She’s Not Pregnant, Is She
Author :Qian Nishang

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Chapter 1256: She’s not pregnant, is She

Gong Yi looked up and saw four figures by the door. His gaze instantly focused on a petite figure.

Why is she here, and she’s dressed like this?

His gaze lingered on her. She had always been wearing a student uniform. It was autumn now, and the wide coat of the student uniform covered her whole body. She was probably shy as well. She didn’t wear any of the clothes she bought in the fitting room that day, she was probably embarrassed to reveal the curves of her body.

Gong Yi’s gaze was a little dark. He looked at her breasts and buttocks. These two curves were outlined by the black dress. Her breasts were still not big, but they seemed to be a little bigger than the ones that he cupped in the bathroom that night. Needless to say, her buttocks were small and perky, it made people have the urge to touch it.

Gong Yi heard someone beside him gasping, and everyone in the hall focused their gazes on her.

Beside him were two elders in their forties or fifties, whispering to each other —

“Who’s the girl behind Elder Li? I’ve never seen her before.”

“Yeah, she looks beautiful and… small, Haha…”

This “small” naturally implied a lot of disgusting and filthy things. Gong Yi frowned when he heard it. Suddenly, he had an impulse to pull her behind him and then use large clothes to tightly wrap her up, not letting others see her.

However, he restrained himself.

What did she have to do with him now?

She had not returned in the past two days. Her intentions were very clear. She had returned his money and would be cut off all ties from him in the future.

There were times when he was soft-hearted. He would think that perhaps his words were a little harsh. She has no relatives in the capital. Where would she sleep at night?

Now it seemed that he was simply worrying blindly.

She had came with Li Xiyang. Could it be that she was living with Li Xiyang.

Gong Yi raised his head and gulped down all the red wine in his hand. The red wine was not strong, but his throat was burning so badly that it hurt. His heart was filled with anger and bitterness. This feeling was indescribable, but in short, it bothered him enough to make him uncomfortable.

He had already felt uncomfortable for two whole days.

The night before last, he received Ye Xiaotao’s wedding invitation. He was already uncomfortable enough, but now this little white rabbit was giving him trouble. This trouble was actually even more uncomfortable than Ye Xiaotao’s.

“Elder Li, you’re here.” Father Gong noticed Elder Li at this time.

“Old Master Gong,” Li Xiao immediately went up to welcome him with a smile. “Today is your birthday. I wish you good fortune and may you live a long and happy life.”

“Thank you, thank you. I don’t expect longevity. I want to have a grandson, I want to have a grandson!”

Gong Yi, who was at the side, started to have a headache again. His father wanted to have a grandson so badly that he was going crazy.

“Haha, Old Gong, it’s not easy to have a grandson. The girls who adore Young Master Gong are in hoards. Everyone wants to have a grandson for you, Old Gong. However, don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to relationships. Young Master Gong is not in a hurry to get married and have a child. He’s only 26 years old and is still young. Look at my Xiyang, who is the same age as Young Master Gong. I’m not in a hurry.” Li Xiao was a gentleman, polite in every way as he wrapped up the topic.

To his surprise, Gong Yi’s father said, “I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it,” “Elder Li, My Gong Yi can not be compared to Xi Yang. Xi Yang has never not been surrounded by women before. Look at my Gong Yi, he’s 26 years old, but he’s probably still a virgin. That’s not normal!”

Elder Li almost burst out laughing when he heard this. These words were too direct.

Gong Yi raised his eyebrows. What did his father know? He had already lost it. The woman who he had lost it to was there.

Gong Yi looked at Bai Beibei. She was pulled aside by Li Sisi. The two girls did not know what to say. She was amused and covered her mouth to laugh. One of her slender arms was placed in front of her and she was wearing a fluffy skirt. Her two jade-like legs were tightly shut. She looked extremely pure.

Gong Yi quickly looked away. He felt his mouth was dry.

He wanted to drink, but the red wine glass in his hand was already empty.

He looked down and saw that his trousers were very fitted. Somewhere down there, something was about to stand up.

He was getting more and more frustrated.

At this moment, he heard his father muttering, “My Gong Yi seems to be isolated from women. He’s not at all passionate about matters between men and women. He’s driving me crazy. I really want to take his virginity and let another woman carry his child…”

What Father Gong didn’t know was that it wasn’t that his son wasn’t interested in sex. Right now, his son couldn’t help himself from seeing a little white rabbit.

When Gong Yi heard this, he was stunned. He suddenly remembered something very important.

That night in the bathroom, he didn’t use any protection!

At the last moment, he pulled out, but he couldn’t stop it. A part of his seed was planted in her body. At that time, he wanted to let her take the morning after pill, but she ran off.

Later, he received a call from Leng Hao and completely forgot about this.

Gong Yi immediately looked at Bai Beibei. His gaze shifted to her flat stomach. She… isn’t pregnant, right?

As if they had a telepathic connection, as he looked over, and Bai Beibei also turned to look over.

Their eyes met.

In fact, Bai Beibei had spotted him in the crowd from the time she entered the door. Today, he was wearing a black suit. He didn’t look like he intentionally dressed up, but the man’s naturally was handsome, and his exquisite and refined features were one in a million, she could not ignore him even if she wanted to.

It had been two days since she last saw him, but it felt like two years had passed.

It perhaps was the embodiment of the saying that a day apart felt like years.

Now, his gaze was cast upon her. It was extremely complicated, and his expression was still very cold. The smile on Bai Beibei’s face froze. He must not have welcomed her here.

Actually, she did not know that this was his father’s birthday banquet. She had wanted to leave, but Sisi was pestering her.

Besides, she also wanted to take a look at him.

It was good to take a look from afar.

“Sisi, Beibei.” At this moment, Li Xiyang walked over and blocked Bai Beibei’s line of sight. “Come, I’ll bring you to say hello to Young Master Gong.”

“Okay.” Li Sisi dragged Bai Beibei away.

“Elder Gong, I wish you a happy birthday.” Li Xiyang stepped forward.

“Isn’t this Xiyang? I haven’t seen him for many years. He’s getting more and more handsome.” As he spoke, Gong Yi saw Bai Beibei behind Li Xiyang. He felt that she looked familiar. Oh right, he had seen her at Gong Yi’s place a few days ago.

“This is?”

“Oh, Elder Gong, this is my girlfriend, Bai Beibei.” Li Xiyang reached out and grabbed Bai Beibei’s slender waist, pulling her into his embrace.

Elder Gong, Elder Li, and Li Sisi were all stunned. Bai Beibei was especially stunned. She raised her head and looked at Li Xiyang in shock. What was he talking about?

Gong Yi sneered in his heart. As expected, his gaze swept over Li Xiyang’s arm that was holding her. He wished that he could poke a few bloody holes in it, “Xiyang, you are constantly dating different girls. You just broke up with that Japanese girlfriend of yours a month ago. How long do you plan to be with this girlfriend?”

As soon as he said that, Gong Yi’s father was so angry that he almost vomited blood. Did his son eat something wrong? Is this how you treat a guest?

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