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My Summons Are All Gods Novel Chapter 379 - The Strange Fish That Died By Accident
Author :Zhang Qing Tian Xia

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Chapter 379: The Strange Fish That Died by Accident

“As a tree, it’s incredibly sturdy.”

While Jerry was muttering to himself, he used all of his divine power to concentrate on his arm before pulling out the spear that was stuck in the tree.

The tree on the island was far sturdier than he had imagined.

Putting aside how powerful Ares’s spear throw was, even a tier three god-king mud monkey could be smashed into pieces.

Such a spear could only injure the tree’s skin, and it was stuck at the outermost layer.

Furthermore, the tree did not seem to want to let go of the spear.

When Jerry pulled out the spear, he used a lot of strength to do it.

At this moment, Jerry could not care less about the danger, and reached out to touch the black tree.

The spear had already been pulled out, but Jerry wanted to know why the black trees were so hard. This was already beyond his understanding.

There weren’t many stripes on the black trees. They were smooth to the touch, and they were ice-cold and extremely solid, like a block of frozen iron.

Jerry pulled out his sky sword and struck the tree hard.

Based on common sense, this strike could split a mountain on earth.

But Jerry only heard a clang sound like two pieces of steel colliding. Only a shallow scratch was left on the black tree.

Moreover, in the blink of an eye, the scratch disappeared as if nothing had happened.

“What a strong self-healing ability.”

Jerry could not help but sigh. He could see that this tree had an extremely strong self-healing ability, which was why it was able to remove the scratch in such a short period of time.

If that was the case, there was an explanation for why Ares’s spear could not be pulled out.

That was because when the spear was inserted into the tree, the tree was also healing itself and gradually wrapped the spear tightly.

“Let’s try pouring more divine power into it.”

With this thought in mind, Jerry was about to pour more divine power into his hand. He wanted to split open the tree and take a closer look at what was inside.

But at this moment, something strange suddenly appeared in his divine sense.

The strange fish had suddenly died.

Originally, in Jerry’s spiritual sense, the black fog was a chaotic mess of demons. His subordinates were at the swamp, and there were no other living creatures anywhere else.

Then, the body of the strange fish usually burrowed into the ground.

Therefore, he could still feel the existence of an energy body under the island, which was the strange fish.

However, just now, the energy fluctuation of the strange fish suddenly disappeared.

“Is it because there are monsters underground?”

Jerry thought. The strange fish was a tier three god-king creature, but it had extraordinary combat strength. The reason was that its main body usually stayed underground, making it difficult to be discovered.

Now that the strange fish had suddenly died, it was obviously not the work of those stupid mud monkeys. Those mud monkeys should not be able to sense where the strange fish’s main body was.

Therefore, the only explanation was that there were other monsters underground.

However, these were not the key points. The monsters underground would usually not adapt to the ground. These monsters were not difficult to deal with.

However, now that the strange fish had died, the mud monkeys were free!

Meanwhile, Apollo and the others were still waiting for Jerry’s return at the swamp!

At this time, Jerry also knew that the situation was urgent, so he did not dare to stay any longer.

“Let’s go, Sword of Victory.”

The Sword of Victory received the order and immediately came over, waiting for its master to step on it and ride the flying sword.

But in the next moment, Jerry was seen flying on the spot towards the swamp at an extremely fast speed!

In fact, riding the flying sword was just to save energy. If he pursued the speed of sprinting, Jerry would use his divine power to fly, which would be faster than riding the flying sword!

Very quickly, Jerry arrived at the swamp.

“Your Majesty’s move has really broadened our horizons!”

“Yes, when you have time, you must invite the court painter to record this scene.”

“Your Majesty, did you see Ares?”

At this moment, Apollo and the rest of his subordinates had yet to realize the seriousness of the matter.

The strange fish had died. They had held back the mud monkeys and now the mud monkeys were completely free. What they would do next was totally unpredictable.

If they felt that the casualties were too great and chose to retreat…

Then the Sky Dynasty would have sufficient time to search for Ares and explore this island.

However, if the mud monkeys did not give up, then their next step was likely to rush down the swamp and attack Sky Dynasty.

Right now, Sky Dynasty was not in a state of complete victory. Everyone had just woken up from their coma, and it was not the time for them to be at their most energetic. They had also temporarily lost the combat strength of Ares.

The situation was extremely urgent. Jerry did not say any unnecessary words as he quickly pulled out his Sky Sword.

“Face the black Fog and get ready for battle!”

Upon hearing such an order, the Sky Dynasty did not dare to be negligent. Those who were supposed to draw their weapons drew their weapons while those who did not drew their weapons, circulated their divine power. In an instant, all other emotions were swept away as they faced the black fog.

They all knew that His Majesty not only possessed extremely powerful battle prowess, but his perception ability was also top-notch.

If His Majesty suddenly said that there was danger, then it must be a very dangerous situation.

If the enemy was relatively weak, there was no need for His majesty to open his mouth and say a word.

At this time, the black fog was still as noisy as before, and the mud monkey’s cry was like a decoration scene.

But now, the movement in the black fog was gradually weakening.

Until the last mud monkey’s cry was extinguished, and the black forest returned to its original appearance.

Silence, void-like silence.

“Apollo, shield!”

Jerry suddenly gave an order.

He tried his best to use the simplest words to convey the order.

As he had already sensed that these mud monkeys seemed to be looking for something in the black fog.

Then, a large wave of energy bodies approached, faster than the mud monkeys!

After Apollo heard the order, he didn’t even think about it. Since His Majesty said “shield”, it meant that he had to activate his defensive domain.

Thus, Apollo stretched out his hand and activated his sun domain at an extremely fast speed!

A golden light enveloped everyone in the sky.

At the same time, a wave of black objects flew out from the black fog.

Each of the black objects was the size of a ping-pong ball. They charged at everyone at an extremely high speed.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the mud!

It seemed that after the strange fish died mysteriously, these mud monkeys had used the mud on the ground as a weapon and threw it over!

The mud had carried the same poison as the Ghost Swamp. It was extremely dangerous for living creatures!

As long as one was infected with it, it was a kind of slow death.

Bulanda was deeply aware of the power of this poison. Her wife had been poisoned by this poison and was still waiting for her rescue until now.

“It seems that these monkeys are determined to make things difficult for Sky Dynasty.”

Apollo spat and continuously sent his divine power to the front of the field.

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