Cover My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 4392 - Successfully Deceived Everyone (2)
My Youth Began With Him Novel Chapter 4392 - Successfully Deceived Everyone (2)
Author :Baby Piggie,猪宝宝萌萌哒

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Chapter 4392: Successfully Deceived Everyone (2)

There was only one flight to the North Pole, once a month, so Su Yu chose to take a private jet.

On the private jet.

An looked at the sea curiously. He didn’t know why his boss had travelled here, but he had a feeling that things weren’t simple.

“An, you must be hungry… Here, my mom packed this for me before I left… She made this osmanthus cake herself… Let’s eat a few pieces.”

Feeling bored, Su Yu took it out. Before he left, his mother handed him a square brocade box.

When he opened it, he saw the exquisite handmade dessert. Mrs. Su doted on her son and was very skillful.

Su Yu felt warm…

He reached out and picked up a piece of osmanthus cake. Suddenly… he noticed something in the middle of the cake.

What was that? Su Yu froze.

“Boss, what is this?”

An saw it too. Curious, he came over.

Su Yu put down the dessert and took out the little thing.

He still remembered that when he left home, his mother had given him something mysteriously.

She even told him to remember to eat the food inside.

At the time, Su Yu thought that it was just an ordinary snack.

However, he did not expect there to be something unexpected inside…

Su Yu picked it up and looked at it carefully. It looked like an amulet.

It was cylindrical and very small, but it seemed to be filled with scriptures…

“Boss, you have good eyesight… Look at what’s written here… What did Madam give you?”

An tried his best to read the words clearly, but he was still a little off.

Su Yu held the mysterious cylindrical object and looked out the window.

After looking at it carefully, he could clearly see the first few words…

On it was written: Namo Ratna Trayaya.

“F*ck… What is this, boss?”

An listened to the incantation and was completely dumbfounded.

Su Yu suddenly realized…

Then, a warm feeling rose in his heart…

“This is the scripture of the Great Compassion Mantra,” Su Yu said.

“The Great Compassion Mantra?” An was slightly taken aback.

“Yes, the Great Compassion Mantra is an extremely sacred incantation in Buddhism. Legend has it that it can subdue demons and is very powerful… It’s a scripture that many eminent monks like to recite… My mother has been a Buddhist for many years. She eats vegetarian on the first and fifteenth days of the lunar year. She also especially likes this scripture when praying for blessings. It looks like this thing should be an amulet… My mother’s favorite temple is a very secluded temple 70 kilometers away from the West District. It’s called Boro Temple. The abbot inside is my mother’s master and confidant. She would ask for a peace charm for me almost every year, but I don’t really believe in it, so… I’ve always refused to bring it with me. She must have been afraid that I would reject it, so she secretly put it in a pastry.”

Su Yu felt like crying as he said this.

When children travel a thousand miles, their mothers are filled with worry…

“Wow, Madam is so nice to you… I’m so touched by her,” An said with teary eyes.

Mrs. Su was gentle by nature, so she must have been afraid that her son wouldn’t take it with him, so she secretly stuffed it into the osmanthus cake.

Now that he had seen this thing, he no longer felt that it was a superstition.

It was a mother’s longing for her son, a blessing…

Su Yu held the little thing tightly and put it around his neck with tears in his eyes.

Perhaps inspired, he began to recite in a low voice— Namo Ratna Trayaya, Namo Arya, Valokite Svaraya, Bodhisattvaya, Mahasattvaya, Mahakarunikaya…

Su Yu was born intelligent. There were only 84 sentences in the entirety of the Great Compassion Mantra. He knew how to recite it when he was young, but he refused to say it.

Now, for the sake of his mother’s deep feelings for him, he wanted to recite a few sentences in return for his mother’s blessing.

Unexpectedly, while he was chanting the Great Compassion Mantra, lightning suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled in the fine weather…

Almost in an instant, the weather changed drastically… The plane was also affected and started to wobble…

“Boss… what’s going on?” An was dumbfounded.

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