Cover Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

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Author :Xiao Qi Ye,萧七爷
Alternative :医后倾天, 爆萌狐宝:神医娘亲要逆天




She actually is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese language Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady’s body full of aphrodisiacs, she had no option but to pounce at a accidental man upon arrival. Unexpectedly, not just did she get caught reddish handed, she’s also pregnant along with child before marriage. In the end, the newborn she carried for ten several weeks turned out to be a little fox, and it can cry “Mama” once born? Thankfully for her, the child is well-behaved, type, and caringly protective of their mother. In this world filled with both bad and good, this pair of mom and son will work together in order to destroy all their adversaries. As for the scumbag relatives who scorned them, they are going to make them pay dearly with repent in mind. But then one day, baby fox’s father suddenly showed up, not only in order to steal the child, but to grab her too? How can there become such a good thing? This foolish dad of his, didn’t even request little fox’s opinion? Stabbing their hands to his hip, a particular little fox demands: “You wish to be my father? First pay up after that go behind the line. Mother, I believe next door’s Uncle Wang is very rich, you can just become Granddad Wang’s daughter-in-law. ” __________________________________