Cover Alluring Poisonous Consort: Overwhelms the Demonic King

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Author :JIN HUANG,錦凰
Alternative :QING CHENG DU FEI: YA DAO YAO MEI BI XIA; 傾城毒妃:壓倒妖魅陛下




The girl crossed into another world 1 day, it was forced, but she suffered! Three months later, her belly largened, she admitted it! Six months afterwards, she laid an egg, and he or she completely panicked! But ever since the lady laid that egg, she have been robbed, poisoned, chased, and at the finish, she stepped onto an endless trip of hiding. She even hidden herself in her own storage space. Not just did those people want the ovum, they want her life, and they actually want the space! If she can endure that, what else can she not endure? If 1 comes, poison one. If 2 comes, poison a pair! Finally, when needed when a certain egg broke the shell, an organism which found “spread seeds” appeared, and it in fact stared at her with a encounter of dislike, “So you’re the girl who will extend this king’s bloodline? ” She was finally infuriated! Even if it was an incomparably pompous divine dragon, she was going to toxic it into a cute and obedient little insect!