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Author :N/A
Alternative :Rise of Myth: Heir to Valor,Nether King's Genius Wife,Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack,The Last Space King,The Daily Life of a Foodie in the Office
Latest Release : Girl With The Golden-Cat Eyes 01/03/2021




Cyril was the sole child of an international power couple Edward and Madin. Become of interfamily fighting, Cyril was horribly injured and had to remain in a coma because of the pain she felt when she was awake. Eventually, they found that she could connect with their family via technology that such as Full Dive Technology that captured the nerve signals. Years go by and her father had created a virtual game around her, but her body eventually fails and she chooses to end her life while she was still her.  However, life deemed that she would get a second chance to live and she gets reincarnated in the world she and her parents created - 5,000 years later...