Cover I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty

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Author :N/A
Alternative :Umaretate no Arasaa desu 生まれたてのアラサーです
Latest Release : I Am The Newly Born Woman Of Around Thirty 05/07/2017




Tiariela Norfolk realized that this world was inside the peach-colored ero ero harem story that topped the charts from her past life. Cute like a small animal, the protagonist joins hands with ikemen of superior quality, and it was a story chock full of age 18 restricted scenes. Since she was a side character, Tiariela welcomed the ero-oyaji inside of her and planned to peek in frequently. Due to Tiariela’s behavior, the story begins to go amiss… “I didn’t mean it this way! I just thought that I should study and observe the ecchi scenes (stealthily from nearby) for future reference!”