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Author :N/A
Alternative :Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an ordinary Person,Isekai de “Kuro no Iyashi Te” tte Yobarete Imasu (WN),Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~,The Sin of Pride in Another world,Lv1 Skeleton
Latest Release : Immortal Ascension Tower 05/04/2021




“One thousand years ago, I died as the rebel Xu Ling!”  “One thousand years later, I am reborn as Cheng Hao! I am the Heir of the Mountain, sworn enemy of Xu, bane of Tian’s Nine Heavens!”  “I am Cheng Hao!”  “And I! Will! Kill! Tian!”  With comrades both old and new standing by his side and chosen as the inheritor of a mysterious legacy, the reborn Xu Ling, Cheng Hao, seeks a new beginning in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect.  With the mysterious yet powerful Immortal Ascension Tower at hand, the once blue eyes now golden, the Evil Saint has returned!  And so begins the rise of a Sovereign…