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Alternative :意大利初恋日记
Latest Release : Italian First Love Diary 03/18/2018




My and Ling Jun’s daily love, after all, it’s our first love_ (: 3 “∠) _ (a semi-autobiography) For some people, finding their love will take decades, but for her and him, they were their first loves. This is the story of her and Ling Jun’s love of seven years. Was it luck or fate? Maybe both.   That’s the bad thing about a first love; at a young age, you can’t endure being lonely and you’ll be curious to explore the outside world. One person must mature first among the two people- to give guidance or else the risk of the first love dying out is very high. At any time and place, even when you want to strangle them sometimes, you must carefully care for them no matter what. However, the lovers that can overcome this first difficult step will greatly surpass the wind and waves of the sea than other sheltered lovers.   I understood this meaning earlier than most people and that’s why I could persist to now- a flower that blooms can produce fruit.   The world has tens of thousands of good people, but you can only encounter a few of the right people in a lifetime. Even so, please do not panic.   As long as you patiently wait, the best years of your youth will definitely last a long time. Then one day, you will unexpectedly meet them by chance.