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Author :N/A
Alternative :萌妻难养,腹黑老公有代沟
Latest Release : It’s Hard To Raise A Wife 03/18/2018




Song Beibei from smallest to largest most words said, is: “Gu Yanqing, you and me there is a generation gap!!!” ” Song Beibei is a 18 years old young girl who is recently studying in college, When she was forced to Gu Yanqing secrets of picking up cards and 28 years old, became her legal guardian and husband. In Song Beibei’s eyes, Gu Yanqing is a shameless and may cause her a lot of bullying because of their age gap, he is her good,but happy to call him “bad old man”, in their every fight, three words over is: “divorce!!! Me and you, there is a generation gap.!”