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Author :N/A
Alternative :I Came to a Different World But Since There is No Magic I became a Sage,Isekai ni Kita Kedo Maryoku ga Nai Kara Kenja ni Natta,異世界に来たけど魔力が無いから賢者になった
Latest Release : Kenja Ni Natta 04/02/2017




While trying to enroll in college and having fallen into a desperate situation, the book-loving high school student Kazami Ayame was, While coming across an eerie book, he was suddenly flung into a different world. With non-existent combat ability, and without even knowledge on how to live properly in the first place, what was granted to him by a single copy of a magical grimoire, was the ability to draw out the magical energy from objects. With the knowledge on how to freely use the power granted by the magic grimiore, Ayame struggles to survive in the harsh other world. Surrounded by books and beautiful women. In order to obtain his ideal lifestyle. Although there are battles with demons, this is fundamentally a heartwarming fantasy story.