Cover Kon’yaku Haki Sareta no wa Ojou-sama deshita!?

Read Kon’yaku Haki Sareta no wa Ojou-sama deshita!?

Author :N/A
Alternative :The engagement I annulled is, with the princess!? 婚約破棄されたのは王女様でした!?




Yulia Meride Rirossa, the princess of the kingdom of Rirossa. Yulia who changed her name, hid her identity as a princess, and went to the school, is also the fiancé of Duke Lucias’s heir, Abel Lucias, who also didn’t know her true identity. ⌈Yulia Rose,…… I annul my engagement with you!⌋ Before I know it, my engagement was annulled!? Abel who doesn’t know her real social status absurdly annulled his engagement with the optimistic princess who doesn’t rely on her identity. ⌈Surely, something will happen.⌋ Yulia always straightens up with these words. The engagement annulment too, something IS going to happen….?