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Alternative :Wife, I am the baby’s father,HacKer,Since I’ve Reincarnated as the Villainess’ Father, I’ll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love,Bloom,Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City




“You’re not taking me to bed. Ever.”  “Who said it had to be on the bed?”  “What?! You wouldn’t dare kick me off the bed, and I will not share it with you!”  “The only reason I would force you out is so I can have you on the floor.”  She gritted her teeth and glared at her grinning husband.  “Go fuck yourself!” she hissed.  “Only if you show me how,” he winked back.  Once the tabloids released an article claiming business tycoon Shen Yi was gay, his family forced him to date and seek a relationship to stave off the false accusations. After many failed encounters, Shen Yi came upon Lu Xinyi.  Orphaned since childhood, Lu Xinyi had no safe haven the moment her boyfriend and best friend betrayed her, leaving her with no home and no job. After a week-long cruise with Shen Yi, she struck a deal with him.  She would pretend to be his wife, and on top of having a place to stay, he would get back at those who had bullied her.  Little Miss Series  (1) Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife  (2) Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel  (3) Little Miss Sunshine: Conquer the Emperor's Heart  (4) Little Miss Trouble: The Emperor's Rebellious Consort  Official Website:  Join our discussion on discord:  Buy me a coffee:


Latest Release : Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife 12/23/2019