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Author :N/A
Alternative :Login Kham Satawas ล็อกอินข้ามศตวรรษ
Latest Release : Login Beyond The Centuries 01/05/2017




“A 30-year-old young man woken up in the future 300 years after in the body of a 16 years old young girl. What will happen if she will have to play a super hardcore online game in the different age and gender?” Is the reality we know every day a truth if the world we see and hear is just a fragment of the spectrum of reality? Only 1% of human know them. According to your ability of perception, you won’t even know that you’re moving across the galaxy over 220 Km/s right now. yourself are not you. 90% of cells in your body contain other creatures’ DNA. Atoms in your body consist of 99.99999999% of space, blank, and nothingness. Even your physical body will have new cells replenished every moment. Except for brain cells, all parts of your body are replaced every day. Could it be that Human are just a bunch of brain cells? The color is the thing some animals can’t see, it’s just non-existed for them. Within the same perspective, can we really say with full confident that there are nothing else more than things we can perceive through our senses? What are the differences of virtual worlds if they’re the things made inside our brain through nerves, not unlike animals?