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Author :N/A
Alternative :Kämpfer,Young master Damien's pet,Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife,Legend of Gemini,I Know Everything
Latest Release : Loving You Is Not An Accident: It's Destiny 01/13/2019




Ingrid is a tough, resolute and loyal young woman. She is contented with the way her career unfolds: a secure position in an A company, influential in the business world and does not need of a man and have experienced heartaches which made her more aloof. However, she felt empty, she longs to have a baby. She decided to go to a fertility clinic and go through a process and became pregnant  Cliff, a cold and hardworking CEO, preoccupied with work, he has no time for love. All he want is to build his empire. One day, he decided to donate his 'seed' to a fertility clinic, thinking he may used it someday.  Years have passed, their fates have crossed.  Cliff on his way to his office suddenly heard a child's cry, he furrow his brows and look where the sound came from.  "Child, why are you here?" the boy then looked up and stared at him, and he stretched his arms to be embraced by him and said,  "Daddy!"