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Author :N/A
Alternative :Kuu ka Kuwareru ka,Tale of the Rooster Prince and Pearl Princess,I Became the Black Swan Mother of the White Swan Princess,A President’s Out-of-Body Experience,With Contract Skill Many Brides!
Latest Release : Married 24 Times 03/07/2020




As soon as Alice entered her husband's house, she was abandoned. Her husband ignored her and her best friend betrayed her. She led a lonely life until the day she died. But god granted her a second life. She attempted revenge, but failed and died alone again. Until god granted her a third life... and a fourth... and a fifth... So revenge wasn't working, but maybe she could escape that lonely marriage entirely! As fate would have it, she died again and again no matter what she did. Alice nearly gave up on living altogether, but just as she is about to die in her twenty-third life, something makes her change her mind. This twenty-fourth life will be the last. This will be the life she changes everything!