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Author :N/A
Alternative :Harry Potter and The Son of Force,Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen,Strategists Reincarnation Death Match ,Another World Peace Creator Magician ,Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World
Latest Release : Mercenary System 02/23/2019




Leon used to be a Special Ops agent, one of the best agent in his country. After 10 years of service he retired from his profession and wanted to live a normal life, get normal job, be married to a beautiful wife and to have children. Until the car that he's driving fell off the a cliff because the brake din't work. During in the midst of the fall time seems to have slow down. Leon suddenly cursed in his thought "F*ck! if survive this fall i will definitely kill the person that cut off the brake cable, or if I reincarnate I'm gonna find the one who did this and kill him. Sigh, if I survive this crisis I'm gonna find a beauty of a wife and mistress then have as many children that i want."