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Author :N/A
Alternative :The world’s only Demon User – I was mistaken for the Demon King after changing jobs. 世界でただ一人の魔物使い~転職したら魔王に間違われました~
Latest Release : Mistaken For The Demon King 06/27/2018




The ocupation that I, Noah Whitefield, was given by the heavens was no other than “Hero”. The moment I was to be recognized as such, I would be pushed into a journey where I couldn’t return until after I defeated the Demon King. But this job is such a hassle, so excuse me if I decline. So after desperately searching for a way to change this profession, I decided to look for a book that could change jobs. But the words I heard after changing professions were… ――You are now a Demon User. Thus, I became the world’s only Demon User, a skill to make a variety of monsters into my companions. In the first place, there were no demons that me, a former “Hero”, couldn’t defeat. So slowly, a big army of monsters started to be built. But wait! I’m a Demon User followed by monsters. I just want to befriend monsters, I don’t want to be thought to be the Demon King just because monsters are following me.