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Author :N/A
Alternative :Kill the Hero,The charming wizard prince,King Arthur is my Waifu,Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing!,The Strongest Gene
Latest Release : Mute Girl The Series : Rose Thorns 10/05/2019




She was like a rose among other flowers. The rose had its thorns to protect itself while she had her past to shadow herself. The rose had its beauty to enchant the bystanders while she had her innocent look to hypnotise her enemies. Backtracking into her past, Mia learnt who she truly was. She didn't know whom should she trust but she knew one thing - she can only trust her own self. Slowly she closed her eyes and prayed for the best as she walked down this bumpy road. She might stumble if she missteps but that would be better for her rather than staying on the same spot, waiting for others to rescue her. In fact, no one would help when she fell down. She had to learn to stand on her small feet with the help of her wobbly legs. Sometimes in life, you got to be jinxed before you became like a lotus flower in full bloom. It was said that even in a muddy pond, you bloomed beautiful and strong. However, would you rather be like the lotus flower, waiting for the right time to bloom in full or you choose to be like the rose, protecting itself with its own thorns? The choice is yours...