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Alternative :The girl in the Louvre,Fleeting Midsummer (Beijing University’s Weakest Student),The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman,Usotsuki – Uso o Tsuku Tabini Nagametakunaru Tsuki,The President is Being Shameless Again
Latest Release : Mutual Love: Destroyed Both Of Us 05/04/2021




Manya Rajan and Yuvraj Sharma are best friends until their parents decided to make them lovers... Their parents past life, forcing them to take extreme actions but Yuvraj and Manya are freedom lover's like them. What'll happen when they refuse to surrender but supports each other impulsively!!?  What are they hiding from the past!?  ------------------------------------ "Mom!..What is this? I am not even eighteen and you want me to get married . It's against the law." Manya asked her mother staring at the contract in her hand. "Hmm? You are right "replied her mother with a puzzled looked on her face as if she is in huge dilemma. While Manya sigh in relief thinking that she have a valid point she looked at Yuvraj who was sitting right next to her he was staring at the contracts in disbelief. Mrs Rajan looked at her daughter and smirked and said to her in a melodic voice. " Honey...for that reason we recommend you to choose the third option " Both, Yuvraj and Manya were speechless.