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Author :N/A
Alternative :Rebirth: The Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband,The Troubled Princess,Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife,Pastoral Honey Pet: Farmer’s Hot Little Lady,Two Ex-Husbands On One Stage
Latest Release : My Female Prince 10/27/2020




The story of a young general and a mischievous young "prince". Huo Yun Long is a man who became a general at the age of 15 and is one of the greatest generals at the age of 21.  Feng Xiao Jun is a "prince" of the allying kingdom, the Suo kingdom. Telling her father that she is going out to explore the world for a few years, she leaves Suo and enters Han.  Stumbling into bandits, FXJ intends to defend herself but is instead saved by HYL.  "Hey, handsome. Can I tag along with you?"  ".......Alright..."  —————————————————————