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Author :N/A
Alternative :Eternal God Emperor,Dogs of war,Rokka no Yuusha,Soul Between Lives,The hypnotizer
Latest Release : My Guardians - Abused RWBY Fanfic 12/15/2019




Long before the Great War, there exists a clan famous for it's magicians. Magic that came from a contract with spirits through their inherited semblances and a chance meeting by the founding patriarch. For a mysterious reason the clan ceased to exist, forgotten by time. Young Aurum Aurelius has known abuse ever since he was conscious. Starting from insults, down to physical violence. Getting beatings, stabbed, sliced, broken bones, and even raped. After 7 years of physical abuse, Aurum has finally had enough. No one seemed to make a RWBY fanfic with an abused character, so here's to the first one? and I will be inconsistent with my chapters since I'm lazy. P.S. This has POV stuff in it... and I do not own RWBY and any other stuff like pictures and music. All credits go to their respective owners.