Cover My (idiot) Girlfriend Recommended Me a VR Game So I Tried Playing It.

Read My (idiot) Girlfriend Recommended Me a VR Game So I Tried Playing It.

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Alternative :A Sorcerer’s Journey,I Shall Survive Using Potions!,Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?,Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore,Kar98K Upon Touchdown!




Das Ryle, an introvert, a crown prince and...a prodigy. After being bullied and having a terrible childhood he gave up on living. Ever since then he started hating people, adults and the world, but he was and still is loved by his parents. Due to certain circumstances he was forced to enroll in high school. He was the same age as other students, but high school was too easy and boring for him. After being bored when he was about to drop out from school, he was yet again forced to do something. 'I want you to tutor a girl' the teacher said, he reluctantly agreed. After tutoring that girl for months he fell in love with that girl but there was one problem, that girl was a gamer and had no interest in studying at all. Fast forward to months, they started dating. He began to change, he started accepting people, he experienced new emotions. Then one day his girlfriend recommended him to play a VR game with her, not wanting to be hated by the girl he loves, he agreed. What happens next? Read the novel. READ THE AUXILIARY VOLUME BEFORE YOU READ THE NOVEL YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. [There are more tags in that, and some information that you might want to read before you start reading the novel] Here are the tags in detail, Virtual-Reality, Action, Adventure, Romance, Harém, Comedy, System, evolution, Sci-fi, Game-world, Real-world, Strong Love Interests, Mystery, VRMMO, MC POV, Multiple POV, Weak to strong, Overpowered MCs, Martial arts, Multiple Love interest, Marriage, Prince, Pixie, AI, Rich Mc, Mafias, Early Romance, Magic, Caring MC, Ruthless MC, Princess, Handsome male lead, Beautiful female leads, Cousin, Twins, Loli, School life, Hidden abilities, Mysterious powers, R-18, Smut, Kings, Fantasy, Game elements, Fantasy Elements, system elements, Kingdoms, Royalty, Politics, Polygamy, kings and kingdoms, Gore, Futuristic setting, Hidden gem. MUCH MORE TAGS IN THE AUXILIARY VOLUME. There are some things in the tags which will happen in future as the story progress and yet to be happen. THE NOVEL HAS A SLOW START, AND IT PICKS UP THE PACE SLOWLY. There are few things I want to clear before you start reading, as I described in the synopsis, He hates this world and peoples, but he loves who loves him, he loves them and deeply cares for them. The MC in this novel is not a typical hero, nor he is an anti-hero. He will do what he thinks is right, he only cares for himself and the people who love him. This can be spoiler but I suggest you read this, Now let's talk about this novel, most people like Harem and some don't. You might be thinking that 'What is this idiot author doing by adding Harem in the novel even though MC already has a girlfriend', let me answer that question, I particularly don't like Harem, but it depends on the story plot. There are certain novels, mangas, anime, which have Harem, but in the end only one girl wins or an open ending, I really hate when that happens, I really hate when any girl/Harem member cries because of that reason, so you don't have to worry about that in this novel because I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN ACCEPT HAREM OF THIS NOVEL.(So will the MC and his girlfriend) The HAREM in this novel won't be like Mc collecting girls like a pokemon and making a pokedex out of them, Or like some girl falling for MC in just one meeting. There will be ACTUAL PROGRESS and ROMANCE with them. AND MC will take his time accepting them. TO ALL THOSE HAREM HATERS, I CHALLENGE YOU READ MY NOVEL IF YOU REALLY HATE HAREM. (LAUGHING INSANELY) Disclaimer- The cover is not mine. ALL rights goes to kawacy. I (my bro @birdu) just did some editing. If you are the owner of the image and want me to take it down, tell me in the review. [Join the discord server -] Support Me On Patreon - Thanks For Reading :)