Cover My Mother-in-law Brought My Husband’s Chide Bride

Read My Mother-in-law Brought My Husband’s Chide Bride

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Alternative :婆婆带来了老公的童养媳




Today my mother-in-law was coming. Early in the morning me and my husband rushed to the train station after gobbling some food. This should be the third time we’d meet. I had an intuition that we still wouldn’t get along this time. As for how unpleasant it would be, I dare not think about it, and I didn’t want to think about it. the train my mother-in-law took finally arrived. I shouted to my husband while staring at my mother-in-law among the crowd, “Mom! We’re here. Mom…”Suddenly I stopped crying, because I saw a woman also carrying a lot of packages right behind my mother-in-law. That woman was my husband’s sister Lanhua, the child bride my mother-in-law had matched for my husband years ago. What would happen after they came…