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Alternative :A Book Dedicated to Our Youth,The Undefined Love,The Mightiest Little Peasant,Undeniable Commitments,Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration
Latest Release : My Offers For You 06/09/2020




She was a Pediatrician . He was a CEO . They got married . Things were going well . They were happily living in Country X .  But one day all her happiness turned into sadness and her heart shattered into pieces . She felt that her heart stopped beating and she had wished never to see this again .  But her wish was untrue when she got to know that her husband was already married. She demanded for a divorce and he gave her .  When she reached to her parents house they threw her out of the house . She had nowhere to go . Up of that she was pregnant . So she decided to leave this country and settle somewhere else And went to Country Z . She settled in Country Z got a job and met with a doctor . He requested her to stay in one of his bungalows . She was new and knew nothing of this country so she accepted it . She thought that he is doing it because of her pain but she never new that this guy was planning on marrying her and making her his . She gave birth to a baby boy and 2 years later a baby girl . He proposed her . She accepted it . Things went well They were happy until he was nowhere to be found .  Meanwhile her ex came to Country Z . He wanted her back .  Will she leave her nowhere to be found husband and go for him or will she deny him ?? And if she denies him how will she stay without anyone ?? How will she stay without her kids ??  How will she leave her life without them ?? Where did her present husband go ??  Did he leave her just like his ex ?? Or is he in some trouble ??  ........ Find out the truths by reading the novel This is an Original novel made by me (Aadin) . This is my first time writing a novel so please don't hesitate to comment on my mistakes or errors ...  Thank you for reading it ... The chapters are still in progress and don't have any fixed time of release as I'm a student So the chapters will be released whenever I get time .